Whip Media: ‘The Last of Us’ Top New Show, ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Top Returning Show, ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ Top Movie Anticipated in January

HBO’s “The Last of Us” was the top anticipated new show, Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia” was the most anticipated returning show, and Paramount+’s Teen Wolf: The Movie was the top anticipated movie on the Whip Media charts for January.

“The Last of Us,” which debuts Jan. 15, is a post-apocalyptic drama series based on the 2013 video game.

“Ginny & Georgia” returns for its second season Jan. 5. The comedy-drama follows teenager Ginny and her mother Georgia who settle in a New England town for a better life.

Teen Wolf: The Movie, debuting Jan. 26 on Paramount+, is a continuation of the MTV series “Teen Wolf” and features most of the cast reprising their roles. It follows werewolf Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) as he protects his California town.

Other top anticipated January movies available to stream include You People, a comedy starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy, streaming on Netflix starting Jan. 27, and Jung-E, a post-apocalyptic story about a researcher at an AI lab who clones a heroic soldier’s brain (her mother’s), streaming on Netflix beginning Jan. 20.

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TV Time, a Whip Media company, is a free TV and movie viewership tracking app with 21 million global users, according to the company. TV Time’s “Anticipation Report” is based on data from those users.

Most Anticipated New Shows for January:

  1. “The Last of Us” (HBO) — Jan. 15
  2. “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches” (AMC) — Jan. 8
  3. “That ’90s Show” (Netflix) — Jan. 19
  4. “Alert: Missing Persons Unit” (Fox) — Jan. 8
  5. “Accused” (U.S.) (Fox) — Jan. 22


Most Anticipated Returning Shows for January:

  1. “Ginny & Georgia” (Netflix) — Jan. 5
  2. “Hunters” (2020) (Prime Video) — Jan. 13
  3. “Vikings: Valhalla” (Netflix) — Jan. 12
  4. “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” (Disney+) — Jan. 4
  5. “Your Honor” (U.S.) (Showtime) — Jan. 15


Most Anticipated Movies for January:

  1. Teen Wolf: The Movie — Jan. 26
  2. Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre — Jan. 12
  3. Plane — Jan. 13
  4. You People — Jan. 27
  5. Jung-E — Jan. 2o
  6. Infinity Pool — Jan. 27
  7. Alice, Darling — Jan. 20
  8. Missing — Jan. 20
  9. House Party — Jan. 13
  10. The Old Way — Jan. 6

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