Whip Media Launches Management Solution for Streaming Services

Whip Media, an entertainment software platform and data provider, has announced a new solution for streaming services to manage performance tracking and revenue for their subscription apps. 

Whip Media’s new performance tracking and revenue management solution for subscription streaming apps consolidates and centralizes performance data across global platforms and automates accounting processes to manage revenue. 

“For streamers struggling to keep pace with the high-volume of reporting from direct and partner app subscriptions, Whip Media can automate these time-consuming manual processes while also improving reporting and control,” Michael Sid, chief strategy officer at Whip Media, said in a statement. “Whip Media currently manages performance tracking and revenue management for more than 60% of VOD and EST transactions annually for the largest film studios and distributors across 1,100-plus global platforms — this is a natural extension of our business.”

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The program includes real-time subscription app reporting; automation of financial processes to reduce royalty processing time, improve accuracy and eliminate manual processes; and easier scaling.

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