Warner Releasing ‘Head Full of Honey’ Digitally

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release the family drama Head Full of Honey through digital retailers Aug. 20, and on demand through cable and satellite providers, and on select gaming consoles beginning Sept. 10.

Head Full of Honey stars Oscar nominee Nick Nolte as Amadeus, a recent widower whose strong personality, charm and sense of humor can no longer mask the life-altering onset of Alzheimer’s. When Amadeus expresses a deep desire to revisit the places of his fondest remaining memories, his granddaughter joins him on an unpredictable road trip to Italy that will transform not only their lives but the entire family.

The film also stars Matt Dillon, Emily Mortimer, Til Schweiger (who also co-wrote and directed the film) and Sophia Lane Nolte, making her feature film debut.

Head Full of Honey is based on the German film Honig im Kopf, written by Hilly Martinek and Schweiger and directed by Schweiger.

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2 thoughts on “Warner Releasing ‘Head Full of Honey’ Digitally”

  1. I bought the disk and I am not convinced that I will be watching it again any time soon. Many moments were over the top and they didn’t necessarily help us to relate more to the characters. Nick Nolte is always magnetic to the eye, whatever he does but Emily Mortimer and Matt Dillon somehow seemed ‘pushed’ either into hysteria or into reactions that didn’t always seem that they could easily be followed on the level of genuine emotion.
    They are both gifted actors which makes me wonder if this was at least partially the director’s influence. There were moments in which less overtness may have been more.

    Actors who really pulled it off with consistency were to be found in the supporting cast. Jacqueline Bisset, Greta Scacchi, J. David Hinze, Eric Roberts and Claire Forlani all delivered notable performances but their screen time was incidental.

    If the subject matter interests or moves you, do be aware that this film may not be what you expect.

  2. Love this movie especially since my dad has dementia what i really want is to be able to buy the movie for the U.S!!!!

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