Report: More Than 1.2 Million Households Streamed ‘Tom & Jerry’ on HBO Max

Warner Bros. Pictures’ live-action animated movie Tom & Jerry tracked $14.1 million in its opening weekend at the domestic box office. The movie also streamed across 1.2 million households on subscription streaming service HBO Max, according to new data from Samba TV — on par with other Warner titles that have streamed simultaneously on Max during their box office launch.
That’s 200,000 fewer households than the 1.4 million households that streamed Warner’s The Little Things during its opening weekend. The studio, which is streaming its entire 2021 theatrical slate concurrently with their box office launch, tracked more than three million Max households (2.2 million opening weekend) through the end of the year for the Christmas debut of Wonder Woman 1984.
Samba TV tracks viewer recommend program data — called “automatic content recognition” — from more than 13.5 million smart TVs in the United States. The company said Tom & Jerry viewership peaked Feb. 27 with 550,000 households, after 408,000 households streamed on Feb. 26, the day the movie was added to Max’s platform.
When compared nationwide, viewership over-indexed (+4%) among women, Blacks, Hispanics, households with minors and adults under the age of 44 making less than $75,000.

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