‘Walter Presents: All Hearts’ Among Titles Due on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in March

‘Walter Presents: All Hearts’ Among Titles Due on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in March

New “Walter Presents” international programs “All Hearts,” “Off Grid” and “The Defence” arrive this March on the  PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Eight episodes of the Italian drama “Walter Presents: All Hearts” start streaming March 24. Set in 1967 Italy, at the dawn of the cardiac medical revolution, the series follows Dr. Cesare Corvara (Daniele Pecci “Hotel Portofino,” “The Tourist”) the head of the Cardiac Surgery department of the Le Molinette hospital, who is tasked with putting together the team that will carry out the first heart transplant in history. He recruits Alberto Ferraris, a rising star of cardiac surgery and Delia Brunello, a cardiologist gifted with the ear for perfect pitch when it comes to the heartbeat. What Corvara doesn’t know is that there was a great love between the two young doctors and the passion between the two is destined to rekindle.

Twelve episodes of the Italian crime drama “Walter Presents: Off Grid” start streaming March 3. In the series, Claudio and Silvia Caruana have money, respectability, a 20-year marriage and two wonderful children. One day Claudio finds himself being investigated not only for the collapse of the bank he works for but for the murder of his friend and colleague Riccardo. Escape seems to be the only option for the family. Claudio accepts the help of the ex-secret-service agent Cosimo Casiraghi, who offers the family the chance to start a new life far from their old one. This starts a journey filled with danger, doubts and suspicions but also with discoveries and rediscoveries about themselves and each other that will eventually lead them to the truth and to the true values that unite them.

Six episodes in season four of the Polish drama “Walter Presents: The Defence” start streaming March 10. In the series, a newly sober Chyłka takes on a hopeless case — the defense of a man, Fahad, who is accused of being a terrorist. Although he maintains that he was targeted by the secret service solely because of his religion, there is no evidence to back this up. As Chyłka and her team begin to search for information that will help their case, Chyłka is attacked in her home and important documents go missing. Then things take a complicated turn when the prosecutor shares shocking information with Chyłka about her client and the judge assigned to rule on the case is not a fan of hers.

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Other titles coming to the PBS Masterpice Prime Video Channel in March include “Walter Presents: Saving Lisa” on March 10; season three of “Walter Presents: St. Maik” on March 17; and “Walter Presents: Neboa” on March 31.

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