Walmart Streaming Service Hires Former Epix CEO Mark Greenberg, Targeting ‘Roseanne’ Crowd?

Walmart’s secretive subscription streaming video service is reportedly targeting consumers not catered to by traditional content distributors — and at a price point below Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

The Wall Street Journal — citing sources familiar with the situation — said the pending SVOD service — which Walmart has not officially greenlighted — is working with former Epix CEO Mark Greenberg.

The executive, who helped bow multilevel (online, linear) distribution platform Epix with MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount Pictures in 2008, left last September after MGM acquired majority ownership. Greenberg previously worked at HBO and Showtime.

Specifically, Greenberg is looking at programming that would appeal to consumers living in middle America – away from traditional bi-coastal markets. Sources told The Journal the service would target viewers attracted to the short-lived “Roseanne” TV reboot.

“They’re catering to that Americana base,” said the source.

Whether Walmart plans to rival original content spending by Netflix ($8 billion), Prime Video ($5 billion) or HBO ($2.7 billion) remains to be seen. Not doing so would limit the service to licensing content already available on other OTT video services.

The platform would also operate separate from, the digital retail and transactional VOD service Walmart acquired in 2010.


2 thoughts on “Walmart Streaming Service Hires Former Epix CEO Mark Greenberg, Targeting ‘Roseanne’ Crowd?”

  1. Rosanne is not my middle America and never was.I wouldn’t shop at Wal-FLEAMart to save,it stinks it’s dangerous,where I am in Ca. anyway.Looks like shit,crap all over the floors damn near broke my back slipping on spilled detergent there.All I heard as laughter over the intercom as I landed in a beach ball cage!

    1. It’s far from true that not producing original content “would limit the (prospective Walmart) service to licensing content already available on other OTT video services.” There is an abundance of vintage television product that has never been licensed to ANY OTT service. One outstanding example is in the genre of musical variety series such as The Dean Martin Show. When select episodes of the latter program were reissued on DVD, sales were robust, and both the show and its star remain wildly popular on YouTube, Facebook and other social media. What’s more, this is exactly the kind of programming that would seem likely to appeal to the Walmart audience. Mark Greenberg, are you listening?

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