Vizio Smart TVs Add ‘Midnight Pulp’ Horror, Thriller, Action Movies App

Vizio SmartCast Televisions have added the Midnight Pulp app, offering a mix of all things strange across the horror, thriller and action genres. Now SmartCast users have round-the-clock access to an expertly curated selection of cult and genre titles that include movies such as Ringu, Detective Chinatown and The Changeling.

Chris Tanquary, director of business development at Vizio

Irvine, Calif.-based Vizio aims to use Midnight Pulp to build audience engagement via ad-supported video-on-demand and SVOD apps on Smart TVs, mobile and connected TV devices; on the web; and/or as linear, free ad supported television (FAST) channels.

It is one of seven OTT channels owned and operated by DMR that have become destinations for their respective genres and is now available as a streaming app on Vizio.

“Midnight Pulp has added new genre-bending content, while evolving over the last two years engaging audiences with its niche content stew of the horror, thriller and action entertainment, Matthew Kiernan, Midnight Pulp channel manager for DMR, said in a statement.

“With the addition of Midnight Pulp, Vizio continues to expand its entertainment options for the modern consumer, giving viewers on-demand, instant access to the content they love,” said Chris Tanquary, director of business development at Vizio.

One thought on “Vizio Smart TVs Add ‘Midnight Pulp’ Horror, Thriller, Action Movies App”

  1. 10, count em, 10 commercials at a time. I get the need to advertise but 10???? At first I thought “Awesome. They’re running a bunch of ads before the flick so as to not interrupt as much” but, no such luck. I guess Midnight pulp is doing what it needs to do to keep physical media alive.

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