Vizio Expands Curated Content Channels

Vizio Oct. 20 announced a slate of new content available through its branded “Features” offering, including a series of custom-curated channels on the CE manufacturer’s ad-supported “WatchFree+” streaming video service.

The Irvine, Calif.-based company’s “Features” concept aims to leverage its first-party, opted-in viewership data and home screen targeting capabilities to deliver personalized content to viewers via free ad-supported channels, movies and shows across the Vizio SmartCast operating system.

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On the heels of Vizio’s first curated offerings, “Fork & Flight” and “Investigation,” the company is expanding to include a wider selection of content genres. Themes and programming are selected based on what viewers have shown the greatest interest in across millions of SmartCast devices. The result is a curated experience that allows viewers to quickly and easily find content they want.

“‘Features’ is a good business model for Vizio because it solves problems for viewers, advertisers and content partners alike,” Steve DeMain, VP of engagement, said in a statement.

In the coming months, channel updates on home and DIY, holidays, live concerts and nature-scape programming, among others, will be rolled out.

For content creators and media companies, curated channels offer an additional distribution touchpoint for AVOD/free ad-supported TV viewers, while creating an additional revenue stream, and even more insight into what content resonates best with viewers.

“Our programming strategy delivers more of what our viewers love across multiple genres,” DeMain said. “And by developing these passionate audiences, we are not only building great sponsorship opportunities for brands, but we are also helping our content partners generate new revenue.”

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