‘Violent Night’ Takes Top Spot on Redbox Digital Chart

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment’s Violent Night jumped to No. 1 on the Redbox On Demand chart the week ended Dec. 25.

David Harbour stars in the thriller about a team of mercenaries who take a group of people hostage on Christmas Eve, only for Santa Claus to come to the rescue.

Universal’s Ticket to Paradise remained No. 1 on the Redbox disc rental chart, which tracks DVD and Blu-ray Disc rentals at Redbox’s thousands of red kiosks. The rom-com stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney as exes who find themselves on a shared mission to stop their lovestruck daughter from making the same mistake they once made.

Sony Pictures’ The Woman King stayed No. 2 on the Redbox disc rental chart, but dropped to No. 6 on the Redbox On Demand chart, which tracks digital VOD and sellthrough transactions. It had topped the digital chart the previous week. The historical drama stars Viola Davis as the titular character and is inspired by true events that took place in the Kingdom of Dahomey, one of the most powerful states of Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The No. 3 disc rental was Lionsgate’s Paradise City. Bruce Willis and John Travolta face off in the actioner.

Paramount Home Entertainment’s Top Gun: Maverick was No. 4 on the disc rental chart and No. 5 on the digital chart.

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Paramount’s Smile slipped to No. 5 on the digital chart No. 9 on the disc rental chart. The film stars Sosie Bacon as a therapist who begins to experience an overwhelming terror that takes over her life after witnessing a patient’s bizarre suicide.

Universal’s 2018 animated The Grinch slipped to No. 3 on the digital chart, but also rose to No. 10 on the disc rental chart. The 2000 live-action How the Grinch Stole Christmas, also based on the Dr. Seuss book, was up a spot to be the No. 2 digital title.

The No. 4 digital title was Lionsgate’s Knives Out, the 2019 mystery from director Rian Johnson, which got a bump from the newly released sequel, Glass Onion.


Top DVD and Blu-ray Disc Rentals, Redbox Kiosks, Week Ended Dec. 25:

  1. Ticket to Paradise — Universal
  2. The Woman King — Sony Pictures
  3. Paradise City — Lionsgate
  4. Top Gun: Maverick — Paramount
  5. Smile — Paramount
  6. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile — Sony Pictures
  7. Secret Headquarters — Paramount
  8. The Minute You Wake Up Dead — Lionsgate
  9. The Grinch — Universal
  10. Bullet Train — Sony Pictures


Top Digital (VOD + Sellthrough), Redbox On Demand, Week Ended Dec. 25:

  1. Violent Night — Universal
  2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) — Universal
  3. The Grinch — Universal
  4. Knives Out — Lionsgate
  5. Top Gun: Maverick — Paramount
  6. The Woman King — Sony Pictures
  7. Elf — Warner
  8. The Polar Express — Warner
  9. Smile — Paramount
  10. Mindcage — Lionsgate


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