Two New ‘Norm of the North’ Sequels Announced

Two more “Norm of the North” sequels are on the way in 2019 from Lionsgate, Splash Entertainment and Dream Factory.

The franchise kicked off in 2016 with the theatrically released animated movie Norm of the North, which told the story of a talking polar bear that traveled to New York in an effort to save the Arctic from developers.

The first sequel, Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom, arrived on DVD Feb. 12 from Lionsgate after an on-demand release in January.

The next sequels to be released later this year across all platforms include Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure in late spring, followed by Norm of the North: Family Vacation in the fall.

Agreements are now in place for Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Scandinavia for both sequels, with additional global markets to be announced soon.

“‘Norm of the North’ continues to gain steam in territories all over the world,” said Mevelyn J. Noriega, president of distribution for Splash Entertainment. “More than just a series of movies, ‘Norm’ is a full-fledged entertainment brand and we are delighted to share the hilarious and fun antics of the lovable polar bear and his pals with even more kids and families everywhere.”

In King Sized Adventure, Norm, now king of the Arctic, embarks on a journey to China to recover a stolen artifact. In Family Vacation. Norm takes his family on an adventure to recover his stolen crown.

A fifth “Norm” movie is in development, according to a studio press release.

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