Tubi Supports New Internet Identity Initiative ‘Unified ID 2.0’

Tubi, the AVOD platform owned by Fox Entertainment, June 22 announced it would be the first CTV (connected TV) publisher to implement Unified ID 2.0, an Internet identity software that preserves the value of relevant advertising across digital ecosystems, while safeguarding user data.

Unified ID 2.0 is an upgraded alternative to third-party cookies and serves as a connective tissue in cookie-less environments, such as CTV apps. The technology aims to address consumers’ desire for more transparency and control of their user data with marketers. has agreed to serve as an independent operator for Unified ID 2.0 later this year.

Tubi said it supports expanding the footprint of Unified ID 2.0 on the largest screen in the room, as well as all the devices where consumers stream TV content. As advertisers look for ways to target the right audiences, the technology helps to solve for addressability while making advertising relevant to consumers.

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“As an ad-supported streaming platform, addressability has always been important functionality for Tubi,” Mark Rotblat, chief revenue officer of Tubi, said in a statement. “Our ability to reach audiences at scale across an increasingly fragmented ecosystem is enhanced by our integration with Unified ID 2.0. And as the first CTV publisher to implement [the software] in the market with this capability, we provide brands a means for more scale to the audiences they want to reach across platforms, higher-quality measurement, and ultimately, a path towards better outcomes.”

Tim Sims, chief revenue officer with The Trade Desk, which is helping with the Unified ID 2.0 rollout, said the collaboration among everyone within the advertising ecosystem helps marketers connect with audiences, while keeping consumer control and privacy in mind.

“We can further enhance the once-in-a-generation experience happening in CTV,” Sims said.

This Fall, Tubi will offer 140-plus hours of original content, including documentaries from Fox Alternative Entertainment, animated titles from Bento Box Entertainment, and independent-minded titles across the Black Cinema, thriller, horror, sci-fi, romance and Western genres.

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