Tubi Streaming Hours Topped 5 Billion in 2022, Monthly Viewership Up to 64 Million

Fresh off its high-profile Super Bowl LVII commercials, Fox Corporation’s free ad-supported streaming platform Tubi Feb. 14  disclosed it ended 2022 with 5 billion hours consumed and monthly viewership reaching 64 million — up from 61 million viewers in the previous-year period.

Fox acquired San Francisco-based Tubi in 2020 for $440 million as part of an alternative approach to the streaming wars dominated by subscription-based SVOD behemoths Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+ and Peacock.

“As [SVOD] costs continue to rise, nearly one in three streamers plan to reduce spending on streaming services this year,” Mark Rotblat, chief revenue officer of Tubi, said in a statement.

Tubi believes those cost-cutting SVOD subscribers will move to AVOD and FAST platforms.

Tubi said total viewing time on the platform in 2022 jumped 44% over 2021, with viewership of younger diverse audiences up more than 50%. More than 36% of Tubi streamers are between the ages of 18 and 34, accessing more than 50,000 titles from 455 content partners as well as a growing curated FAST offering watched by 20% of AVOD streamers in the past 12 months.

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In a report citing multiple data points collected in 2022, Tubi found that linear pay-TV cord-cutting continues, with 75% of survey respondents contending that AVOD streaming is a practical alternative to cable and satellite TV.

With Netflix clamping down on password sharing among its subscribers, Tubi believes the practice will inflate subscriber churn as 35% of streamers access other people’s accounts and 45% of streamers want to stream without having an account.

Tubi found that 51% of streamers are satisfied with six minutes of standard video ads per hour, instead of split screen, interactive or QR code ads.

As advertisers evaluate the state of streaming TV, more ad dollars are being dedicated to AVOD, FAST and ad-supported SVOD. About 80% of marketers now regard advertising on streaming television as “highly valuable.” The report suggests that the growth in monthly active users, the presence of otherwise hard to reach young and multicultural streamers, and the ability to reach hard to find audiences are  key drivers for AVOD ad spend.

“With consumers turning to AVOD to complement the select SVOD services they choose to keep, Tubi offers a brand-safe environment for advertisers looking to tap into an incremental, young, diverse, and highly engaged streaming audience,” Rotblat said.

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