Tubi Inks Deal With LiveRamp Data Connectivity Platform

Fox Entertainment’s free streaming service Tubi has entered into a partnership with data connectivity platform LiveRamp to resolve what the AVOD contends are “addressability” issues attracting marketers with connected televisions.

LiveRamp’s “Authenticated Traffic Solution” software helps platforms directly connect authenticated inventory with advertiser demand. Tubi is looking to create an addressable marketplace — described as the the total amount of demand that exists in the market for a product or service — for brands and agencies helping to better measure ad spend.

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Tubi’s collaboration with LiveRamp allows for addressability on all OTT video devices and maintains the ability to reach a large percentage of first-party audiences. Benefiting consumers as well as advertisers, the ad experience will remain relevant to viewers’ interests while putting their privacy first, according to Tubi. By signing up for a free account, viewers are able to tap into Tubi’s personalization engines, which provide tailored recommendations around what to watch. For advertisers, brands now have the ability to more efficiently target people-based audiences with increased addressable reach and ROI, while also allowing them at scale to transact with consent.

“TV viewers are now well-accustomed to streaming, but for advertisers, the different streaming platforms are fragmented,” Mark Rotblat, chief revenue officer at Tubi, said in a statement. “This makes the brand’s challenge of reaching and measuring a target audience multi-dimensional, and having a people-based identifier is important to ensure that advertising campaigns are relevant across channels and devices.” 

This new partnership with LiveRamp underscores how how Fox’s media portfolio is bringing data-driven market options to advertisers. For streaming in particular, LiveRamp’s technology can be leveraged across Tubi’s content footprint, making it easier than ever for brands to transact using their first party data.

“Simply put, ATS places publishers and marketers in control of their data. It generates better results for marketers, higher yields for publishers and provides the opportunity for greater transparency,” said LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe. “Over 100 brands use ATS, including clients through agency partnerships, and we expect this number only to grow.”

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