Troma Comedy ‘Waitress!’ and Action Adventure ‘Divide & Conquer’ Due on Blu-ray Feb. 7 From MVD

The comedy Waitress! and the action adventure Divide & Conquer are being released on Blu-ray Feb 7 from Troma Films and MVD Entertainment Group.

In Waitress! (1981), an actress, a writer and a preppie wait on tables in a New York City restaurant. During their shift, the attractive women have to deal with inebriated customers and a slow chef, as well as mutinous patrons. Directed by Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman, the film features early on-screen appearances from Chris Noth (“Sex and the City”) and Scott Valentine (“Family Ties”). The release features “Chef’s Deliciously Mastered Feature Presentation”; a new intro by Lloyd Kaufman; commentary by Uncle Lloydie; “In the Kitchen” interviews with some of Troma’s staff; a “Foodporn” photo gallery; a “Before There was Toxie” DVD intro; “Gizzard Face 2: Troma Now” promo; and Troma trailers.

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In Divide & Conquer (2021), three women warriors find themselves on the run and kicking in the teeth of every misogynist that dares to cross their path. Lloyd Kaufman calls it, “A feminist movie for the 21st century!” The estrogen fueled grindhouse tribute is written, directed and starring Mercedes the Muse (Honor Killing, Rose & Viktor: No Mercy). Special features include an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman; cast and crew commentary; “Making a Damn Movie: The Making of Divide & Conquer“; “The Three Muses” featurette; the Los Angeles premiere Q&A session; the premiere at the Balboa Theatre; trailers; and American Cinematheque honors Troma.

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