Trilogy of Vintage B-Movie Sci-Fi Films Headed to Blu-ray Disc from Kino Lorber

Trilogy of Vintage B-Movie Sci-Fi Films Headed to Blu-ray Disc from Kino Lorber

Kino Lorber on May 28 will release a collection of three vintage sci-fi films on Blu-ray Disc.

The Sci-Fi Chillers Collection, carrying a suggested retail price of $49.95, includes 1957’s The Unknown Terror, 1958’s The Colossus of New York, and 1966’s Destination Inner Space.

All three films come to Blu-ray from new HD masters (from Paramount Pictures) made from 4K scans of the original camera negatives and feature new audio commentaries by film historians.

The Unknown Terror was directed by Charles Marquis Warren and stars John Howard, Mala Powers, Paul Richards and May Wynn. The film follows a group of explorers who, while searching for a missing man, come across the “Cave of the Dead,” filled with parasitic fungi and foamy, fungus-covered monster men. The film was released theatrically by 20th Century Fox. Its only prior home release was an “unauthorized” version that was issued on VHS and DVD in 2004.

The Colossus of New York, released by Paramount Pictures, was directed by Eugène Lourié and stars Ross Martin, Otto Kruger, John Baragrey, Mala Powers, Robert Hutton, and Charles Herbert. After an accident, Jeremy Spensser’s brain is transplanted by his scientist father into the huge body of an unattractive, frightening cyborg. Soon, the son’s brain becomes transformed by the experimental procedure, losing key attributes that make him human and define his personality. The film was last released on Blu-ray Disc in 2012.

Destination Inner Space, from United Artists, was directed by Francis D. Lyon and stars Scott Brady, Sheree North and Gary Merrill. The film follows a group of scientists as they investigate a flying saucer found in the area of an underwater laboratory. They board the craft and discover a mysterious cylinder, which they take back to the lab for closer inspection. The lab is then attacked by a colorful aquatic humanoid monster who they fear may be the first in an alien invasion. The film was previously released on DVD in 2011.

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