TiVo Bows Branded OS Integration on Chipsets for Smart TVs

TiVo and Amlogic, a semiconductor company, Jan. 4 announced that they have pre-integrated co-branded 4K and 2K chipsets for the United States and European television markets.

According to TiVo, TV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are under pressure to respond to consumer price sensitivity in the low-margin smart TV market and often lack the scale to develop the content relationships necessary to build their own proprietary streaming platforms.

TiVo reports its operating system is a first-of-its-kind independent media platform that gives OEMs significantly more control over the user experience, access to critical content service providers, and a portable partnership model.

“Smart TVs powered by TiVo are at the forefront of innovation, providing new ways for consumers to enjoy TV with easy setup, an award-winning personalized experience and natural voice navigation,” Benjamin Maughan, GM of smart-TV media platforms at Xperi, said in a statement.

James Xie, SVP of corporate business strategy at Amlogic, said the collaborative TiVo OS on Amlogic 4K and 2K chipsets will make it easier and faster for TV OEMs to deliver a multimedia experience to U.S. and European consumers.

“We believe that the industry will benefit from a partner-oriented, independent media platform that provides the necessary scale, both in technology and content, to satisfy the global media landscape,” Xie said.

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