TikTok App Now Available on Vizio Smart TVs

Vizio June 23 announced that the TikTok app is now available on its branded Smart TVs. This integration allows TV users to discover videos from their favorite TikTok creators and topics directly from the Vizio home screen.

In support of the launch, Irvine, Calif.-based Vizio is highlighting TikTok content on a dedicated carousel showcasing popular trending genres so users can more easily discover their next favorite videos.







TikTok, one of the fastest growing entertainment platforms, allows users to discover short-form videos across every entertainment genre. The TikTok app has been specifically created for a TV home-viewing experience, allowing audiences to view the most popular videos across a huge range of categories, from gaming and comedy to food and animals. In addition, Vizio users with a TikTok account can link their accounts to enjoy content from their ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds.

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“Extending this unique app off the mobile phone and onto the biggest screen in the home is an important evolution of the Vizio experience,” Katherine Pond, VP of business development at Vizio, said in a statement.

To get started, Vizio users can check out the TikTok TV app with a few clicks on the home screen or sign in with their existing account details. TikTok’s big-screen software is optimized for a TV home-viewing experience, making it easy to watch content on the big screen. Enjoy TikTok “For You” and “Following” feeds or check out the ‘Discover’ page and find more of your favorite content, creators, and categories on TikTok. The best part, the TV app offers AutoPlay, which serves a continuous content feed without interruptions between TikTok videos.

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