‘The Office’ Enjoys January Streaming Boost on Peacock

As content goes, NBCUniversal’s exclusive $500 million streaming license acquisition of “The Office” from Netflix was one of the big stories to end 2020. Reruns of the 2005-13 NBC comedy have ranked consistently among the top three streamed programs on living room televisions, according to Nielsen.

So all eyes are on the show’s performance on Peacock in early 2021. Unsurprisingly, “The Office,” which saw an increase in streaming a couple of weeks prior to its Netflix departure, saw an even sharper incline upon its arrival on Peacock (Free + Premium). The share of streams for the series rose 9.2% Jan. 1-7, topping Netflix original “Bridgerton” and the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” on Reelgood’s list of the Top 100 most-watched TV shows for that specific week.

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Since then, the level of “Office” viewing activity seems to have slowed to more sustainable levels, but it’s good news for NBC that the series seems to be living up to its potential and has not dropped below Netflix levels of streaming thus far.

Additionally, the content aggregator with 2 million members found that the number of users with Peacock Free selected as one of their subscription services via Reelgood grew by 17% during the week of Jan. 8 vs. the week of Dec. 25.

Similarly, the number of Reelgood users with Peacock Premium as a streaming service grew by a more conservative 5% within the same timeframe.

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