Technicolor Showcases Advanced HDR Tech at CES

Executives representing Advanced HDR by Technicolor — a collaboration between Philips, InterDigital and Technicolor — showcased their new technology during CES. Advanced HDR by Technicolor automates SDR to HDR and HDR to SDR content conversion, providing both signals in a single stream for live TV and post-production operations.

The automated conversion process of Advanced HDR by Technicolor is especially beneficial for producing live outdoor sports programming and events, according to Technicolor. Solutions from Advanced HDR by Technicolor enable operators to dynamically manage lighting conditions throughout the day without human intervention, delivering optimal color and image quality, the company reported.

“The broadcast and streaming industries are in the process of making the transition from SDR to HDR,” Rick Dumont, senior director of business development of HDR video for Philips, said in a statement. “The single-stream solution from Advanced HDR by Technicolor — included in the ATSC 3.0 standard — plays a critical role in delivering both video formats in a cost-efficient and technically effective manner.”

During the show, Hisense, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Advanced HDR By Technicolor demonstrated the technology. Sinclair Broadcast Group delivered HDR content broadcast over the air to Hisense TVs that have integrated Advanced HDR by Technicolor solutions.

Today, 36 NextGen Broadcast (ATSC 3.0) stations owned by Sinclair transmit over-the-air content in HDR using Advanced HDR by Technicolor solutions.

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“The integration of Advanced HDR by Technicolor into Hisense TVs — a brand that is rapidly growing in the United States — means more viewers will be able to enjoy vibrant HDR content offered by leading broadcasters, such as Sinclair,” Tony Bozzini, head of business development for Advanced HDR by Technicolor at Philips, said in a statement.

“Hisense is committed to providing the best possible picture quality to consumers. With leading broadcasters, like Sinclair, offering a growing array of HDR content, especially live sports, Hisense ensures those in service areas of Sinclair’s increasing number of deployed NextGen Broadcast stations can access and enjoy the full visual benefits offered by the latest technological innovations,” David Gold, president of Hisense USA, said in a statement.

“For broadcasters who put the customer experience at the top of the list, delivering the best visual image is essential. This is especially true when it comes to broadcasting live sporting events. That is why Sinclair Broadcast Group is ensuring that stations implementing ATSC 3.0 do so with Advanced HDR by Technicolor,” Mark Aitken, SVP of technology for Sinclair Broadcast Group and president of ONE Media 3.0, said in a statement.

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