Talk of Replication Backlog Recalls Good Ol’ Days

I’m hearing rumblings from various quarters about a replication backlog on discs.

Whether it’s because of the enormous demands of the game business or just an unrecognized and continued demand for physical media during the holidays, it reminds me of the glory days of disc, when replicators could not keep up with orders.

More than one industry insider, including one from a major studio, has noted that street dates are being pushed back as major replicator Technicolor is backlogged.

The Twitter-ing is starting to show, as wondered what was up with preorders for Batman: The Complete Animated Series on Blu-ray, which was due out Oct. 30 but Amazon had listed as no longer available.

“Pressing delay. They can’t fill orders by that date, so it’s getting bumped. This plant issue is starting to cause a pile-up,” came the reply on Twitter from Troy Anderson of the blog. “Right now, it seems like everyone is just trying to meet retail demands. Black Friday should be a lovely mess this year.”

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