WWII Film ‘Iron Cross: The Road to Normandy’ Headed to Digital and DVD June 14

The war film Iron Cross: The Road to Normandy will be released on digital and DVD June 14 from 123 GO Films and Distribution Solutions.

In the film, Captain Klaus Muller struggles to survive during World War II on the Eastern front fighting back-to-back with his brother and friends. As D-day unfolds, more than one score is settled, and a running battle now puts American soldiers and our German Captain on the same path. 

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The epic action-drama is directed by and stars Tino Struckman (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Colony”) and Oliver Gruner (“The Circuit 2020,” “Code Name: Eternity”).

Iron Cross: The Road to Normandy (Trailer) from Distribution Solutions AEC on Vimeo.


Russian Netflix Subs Sue Over Service Shut Down

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in Russia against Netflix by the streamer’s subscribers angered by the shutdown of service last month. The suit, which represents Netflix’s reported 1 million Russian subs, is seeking 60 million rubles ($726,000) in compensation, according to the RIA news agency.

“Today, a law firm representing the interests of Netflix users filed a class action lawsuit against the American Netflix service with the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow,” reported RIA, citing the law firm Chernyshov, Lukoyanov & Partners. “The reason for the lawsuit was a violation of Russian users’ rights due to Netflix’s unilateral refusal to provide services in Russia.”

Netflix, along with most Western companies, halted service and all operations in Russia in response to President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked Feb. 24 invasion by the Russian army into neighboring Ukraine.

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Netflix Streaming ‘Servant of the People’ Comedy Starring Beleaguered Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

Netflix has begun streaming the 2015 comedy series “Servant of the People,” which stars former actor/comedian and current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy playing a Ukrainian school teacher, who is unexpectedly elected the country’s president after complaining about government corruption. The series ran until 2019 when Zelenskyy actually entered politics on an anti-corruption platform and was elected to the top position in the country.

Of course, today Zelenskyy finds himself in the crosshairs of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the latter’s unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. The ongoing war has wreaked havoc on Ukraine, destroyed cities, killed thousands of Ukraine and Russian soldiers, in addition to innocent civilians. Zelenskyy remains defiant surrounded by armed resistance fighters in the capitol of Kyiv.

U.S. President Joe Biden today pledged more military aid to Ukraine, which includes sending 9,000 anti-armor systems, 7,000 small arms, 800 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, 20 million rounds of ammunition, and 100 drones to the country.

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