Cinedigm’s Viewster Inks Deal With Foxxum

Cinedigm’s ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) service, Viewster, Feb. 10 announced a partnership with Foxxum — a marketer for Internet-connected televisions, to expand Viewster’s device support to include TCL, Sharp, Hisense and Vestel televisions.

The Viewster app was developed using Cinedigm’s proprietary software application development platform.

The agreement aims to establish Cinedigm as an emerging player in the international over-the-top video marketplace, making the company’s roster of content accessible to viewers on televisions from most major manufacturers.

In addition to the Foxxum-supported Smart TV devices, Cinedigm’s digital networks now have distribution across TV manufacturers, including Samsung, Vizio, Philips, and LG, among others.

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This move not only increases Cinedigm’s global footprint, but also allows the company to utilize Foxxum’s expertise in the areas of content and channel development, operations and marketing by providing access to the platform’s global ecosystem of connected Smart TV devices, according to Tony Huidor, SVP of product and technology.

The Viewster app is powered by software that enables content distributors and content owners to create compelling ad-supported and subscription-based video streaming services.

The software — dubbed “Matchpoint Blueprint” — will play a crucial role in the international rollout and market expansion of the Viewster app.

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“Foxxum is an international Smart TV marketplace, providing dynamic and innovative services to a wide array of connected devices across the industry,” Huidor said. “This partnership is a vital piece of Cinedigm’s continued mission to redefine the traditional television experience — expanding Cinedigm’s global footprint even further while also allowing us to introduce the tremendous capabilities of our Matchpoint Blueprint service to additional markets through Foxxum’s extensive reach on Smart TVs.”

“It is great to keep growing with partners like Cinedigm who add value to the Foxxum App store through Viewster and offer our viewers a huge variety of films and series all over the world. Such kind of cooperation strengthens our App Portfolio and boosts user engagement on our Smart TV platforms,” added Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

Cinedigm’s Viewster AVOD Service on Philips TVs

Cinedigm’s relaunch of its AVOD service Viewster is available worldwide via global television manufacturer Philips, the content supplier announced.

The Viewster app was developed using Cinedigm’s proprietary Matchpoint Blueprint application development platform.

The partnership establishes Cinedigm’s entry into the international marketplace. In addition to the ZEASN-supported Philips televisions, Cinedigm’s roster of digital networks have distribution across top-tier TV manufacturers, including Samsung, Vizio, Hisense, and LG, among others.

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“Cooperation with ZEASN to relaunch the Viewster App is a meaningful milestone, and it also presents Cinedigm with an incredible opportunity to distribute our unique programming offerings to one of the major television manufacturers in the world,” said Tony Huidor, Cinedigm’s SVP of product and technology, in a statement. “Philips’ wide distribution of their television hardware across major international territories will be integral to our strategy as we work to establish a global footprint, introducing both our digital networks as well as our proprietary Matchpoint Blueprint platform to new markets on one of the world’s leading television brands.”

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Jason He, CEO of ZEASN, said in a statement, “We are excited that the Viewster App has been successfully relaunched with the help of ZEASN’s services. ZEASN has been committed to providing the best smart home services for Internet users around the world. The Viewster App newly built by Cinedigm will bring a better user experience to Philips’ smart TV users and will help ZEASN to build a more complete Whale Ecosystem in the smart home industry.”

Cinedigm Closes Acquisition of Viewster and Subsidiary Viewster Anime

Cinedigm Feb. 5 announced the acquisition of video-on-demand service Viewster and its subsidiary Viewster Anime, in a deal that bolsters Cinedigm’s extensive OTT content portfolio.

The Los Angeles-based home entertainment distributor immediately takes over ownership and management of all Viewster and Viewster Anime content, augmenting the platforms’ roster of offerings into Cinedigm’s library of channels and content, with select programming debuting on the latter’s lifestyle network CONtv.

Cinedigm will also overseeing operation of all content, applications and social assets belonging to both platforms. Ad sales will be handled in-house and through Cinedigm’s network of partners.

Viewster Anime will continue to exist as a subscription channel on Amazon Channels as well as on The Roku Channel. Cinedigm also plans to bring ad-supported, linear and subscription offerings of Viewster to additional OEM, cable, telco and digital partners over the next several quarters.

“Viewster and Viewster Anime are perfect complements to our growing base of premium content networks,” Erick Opeka, president of Cinedigm Digital Networks, said in a statement. “The acquisition of Viewster strengthens our market position in the fandom space, dramatically increases our global footprint, and greatly accelerates our plans to grow our ad-supported businesses.”

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007, Viewster has emerged as a competitive force in the global VOD industry — delivering digital content, and establishing a branded presence in more than 30 international markets, a combined 256,000 subscribers across YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, as well as more than 1.1 million monthly active viewers globally.

The acquisition expands Cinedigm’s OTT video customer base, which achieved over 370% year-over-year growth in ad-supported user base across linear and ad-supported VOD platforms in 2018 alone.

Cinedigm will continue to distribute Viewster Anime as a standalone brand, featuring films and series from Japan.

Acquired content includes movies such as Jin-Roh: The Wolf BrigadeFist Of The North Star, and Galaxy Express 999, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and Night On The Galactic Railroad, as well as series such as “Street Fighter II: The Animated Series,” “Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!,” “Gunslinger Girl,” “GATE,” and “Food Wars,” among many others.


Cinedigm Acquires Ad-Supported VOD Service Viewster

Home entertainment distributor Cinedigm Dec. 11 announced the acquisition of global over-the-top video service Viewster and its subsidiary Viewster Anime.

The services’ eclectic programming will be combined into Cinedigm’s library of OTT channels and content, with the company taking over operation of all content, applications, and social assets belonging to both platforms.

Ad sales will be handled in-house and through Cinedigm’s network of partners. Cinedigm expects the acquisition to be consummated in January 2019.

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007, Viewster has emerged as a competitive force in the AVOD industry. Cinedigm plans to make Viewster a core part of its ad-based content strategy, integrating the platform’s library featuring over 5,000 films and series curated by a community of video creators and pop culture enthusiasts.

Viewster offerings span across a wide array of genres, spotlighting cult classics, horror, comedy, gaming, documentaries, action, and more, including Night of the Living Dead, Fists of Fury, Gamers: Beyond The Game, American Grindhouse, Visioneers, Maricraft, Sparkles, Honest Trailers, and Happy Tree Friends.

Cinedigm will continue to distribute Viewster Anime as a standalone brand, featuring a selection of films and series from Japan.

Highlights include films such as Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and Fist of the North Star, as well as series such as “Mononoke,” “From the New World,” and “Gate,” among others.

“In the OTT marketplace, there is an incredibly strong desire for the type of content [Viewster] specialize[s] in, and this presents a great opportunity for future growth, especially in the quickly expanding ad-supported realm, where we are focusing much of our growth efforts,” Erick Opeka, president of Cinedigm Networks, said in a statement.

Viewster and Viewster Anime are the latest offerings to join Cinedigm’s digital networks group, which plans, launches and manages both owned-and-operated networks as well as partner networks. Currently, the company operates factual network Docurama, fandom lifestyle network CONtv, K-pop and Asian pop culture outlet Hallypop, gaming lifestyle network Wham, family-focused Dove Channel, and combat-sports network Combat Go.