Former Fox Exec Hanno Basse Joins Live Planet

Live Planet, creator of systems for virtual reality and blockchain tracking of entertainment content, has appointed Hanno Basse, former chief technology officer at 20th Century Fox Film Corp., president of its Decentralized Media Solutions division.

“Basse brings Live Planet his extensive expertise in driving the adoption of emerging technologies to catalyze new media experiences and services, expanding the company’s innovations in immersive and linear video production, distribution and monetization,” according to a Live Planet press release.

Basse will expand the company’s global footprint, building on its end-to-end virtual reality video streaming and publishing solution and its blockchain-based video infrastructure platform, the VideoCoin Network.

He will be based in Los Angeles, reporting to Live Planet founder and CEO Halsey Minor.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to mark the next stage of growth for Live Planet with the addition of Hanno to our world-class team of media and technology experts. Hanno brings a truly unique level of senior experience to Live Planet that will be extremely valuable to us as we help our customers meet the increasing demands of streaming video and next-generation on-demand services,” said Minor in a statement. “The addition of a technology pioneer of Hanno’s caliber is emblematic of Live Planet’s strategic direction and I look forward to an incredibly exciting journey ahead.”

“The media processing and distribution technologies Halsey and his team have built are among the most groundbreaking I’ve seen. They provide the basis for a new generation of solutions that media, telco and corporations will eagerly embrace as our world moves toward increased decentralization, higher-speed communication and edge-based compute,” said Basse in a statement. “I cannot wait to show the world what we will deliver next.”

Basse was appointed chief technology officer at 20th Century Fox Film Corp. in 2012, At Fox, Basse was responsible for technology strategy for the film studio, covering production/post-production, theatrical distribution and home entertainment. He created partnerships with Samsung, Ericsson and Barco, among others, which led to the founding of the Fox Innovation Lab. While at Fox, he also served as the first chairman of the UHD Alliance where he helped launch the 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc format and, in partnership with Samsung, established High Dynamic Range technology as a consumer product. He also served as the Fox board member of Movielabs.

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Prior to joining 20th Century Fox, Basse was with DirecTV, where he served as SVP of broadcast systems engineering. In that role, he was responsible for the design and implementation of DirecTV’s broadcast infrastructure and served as the technical lead for the introduction of many technologies to DirecTV’s platform, including HD, 3D and on-demand services.

Basse studied radio communications technology at the Engineering College of the Soviet Air Defense Forces in Kiev, Ukraine, and received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Officer’s College of the Air Force in Kamenz, Germany.

The Live Planet VR System is an end-to-end solution for easily creating and delivering live and recorded picture-perfect stereoscopic VR video programming and applications, according to the company.

The VideoCoin Network provides video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled internet, delivering decentralized video encoding, storage and content distribution.

UHD Alliance, Blu-ray Disc Association Tout 4K UHD at CES

The UHD Alliance and the Blu-ray Disc Association were at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas to tout the success of the 4K Ultra HD format and new promotional efforts.

The UHD Alliance currently has 43 members — comprised of electronics manufacturers, film and television studios, content distributors, and technology companies — with such companies as Charter Communications and Google joining last year to better understand how to deliver high dynamic range (HDR) content, said UHDA president Mike Fidler.

“Google of course brought out the Pixel 3 and that is a certified Mobile HDR Premium product,” he said.

The group also continues to certify products as Ultra HD Premium, with 46 new products added in 2018 to bring the total to 63 products (TVs, computer monitors, mobile devices and Ultra HD Blu-ray Players) and 10 companies offering certified products. The UHDA has also offered new broadcast recommendations to facilitate broadcast of Ultra HD Premium certified content.

The group continues to educate at such events as IFA, the 4K Summit, MWC, CEDIA and, of course, CES.

“We’re out at trade shows on an ongoing basis,” Fidler said.

Its educational website,, which launched in 2017, has been upgraded in the past year. It offers “how to” home theater set up information; educational information on HDR, 4K resolution, wider color spectrum, color bit depth and immersive audio; and social media links. Its biggest reach is with Millennials and Generation Z, according to Fidler.

Educational information on interoperability of different products went up on the site in October 2018.

“We are spending considerable resources,” Fidler said, to identify interoperability problems and offer steps on the website to fix them. The UHDA buys product at retail to test.

For instance, the website shows consumers how to set up TVs with screen shots of menus.

“It’s been really popular from a usage standpoint,” Fidler said, adding that every year the menus change “so we continue to do this.”

Sometime in the first quarter, the UHDA plans to put test patterns on the sight to help consumers see if they are getting true HDR.

The UHDA collaborated with Amazon on a section of the online behemoth’s site — which also offers a link to — to better educate consumers about the format. That product launched in August 2018.

“Other retailers have gotten in touch with us recently [about helping with sites],” Fidler said.

The group also unveiled a dynamic typograph asset at CES (developed in collaboration with the Digital Entertainment Group Europe), available for retailers and partners.

The UHDA is expanding its efforts into Europe, especially Germany, France and the United Kingdom, Fidler said.

In another initiative, the UHDA surveyed the creative community, getting close to 400 responses from cinematographers, colorists, directors, digital imaging specialists, editors, producers, VFX supervisors, writers and others on their preferences for and the importance of the format. The effort was recognized at the fall 4K UHD summit. In the survey, 86.1% answered “Most Important” to the question: “How important is it to you to have a simple way to get your home TV setup similar to monitors in the color grading suite for viewing content that YOU created?”

Actor Tom Cruise’s recent Twitter missive about motion smoothing was inspired by the survey, Fidler said.

Meanwhile, the 4K UHD market continues to grow with all 55-inch and larger panels available in UHD only and 100% of 50-inch and larger TV shipments expected to be in the format by the end of this year, according to IHS Markit data cited by the UHDA.

On the content side, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) noted that Ultra HD Blu-ray, both hardware and software, experiencing approximately 40% and 60% growth, respectively, in 2018, with catalog, local/regional and episodic TV titles increasingly joining new release theatricals on the format.

Standalone Ultra HD Blu-ray player sales for 2018 are expected to surpass 2017 by 44%, and growth of another 30% is anticipated for 2019, according to Futuresource data cited by the BDA. Meanwhile, 15% of all Blu-ray players shipped worldwide in 2018 are expected to be Ultra HD Blu-ray, with 25% projected in 2019 (excluding Xbox One sales), according to data cited by the BDA. The worldwide UHD Blu-ray player installed base is expected to reach 4.5 million by the end of 2018. As of December 2018, there were 29 4K UHD BD player models and 11 4K UHD recorder/player models for a total of 40, according to the BDA.

Global 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray sales continue to grow steadily, with an 83% increase in 2018 vs. 2017, and a further growth of 45% forecast for 2019, according to the BDA. Ultra HD Blu-rays are expected to account for 11% of Blu-rays sold worldwide in 2018, rising to 22% by 2020 and 40% by 2022, according to the BDA.

About 430 4K UHD Blu-ray titles were available in the United States by the end of 2018, the BDA reported, with such notable recent catalog releases as 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and such episodic TV releases as “Game of Thrones,” “Planet Earth 2” and “Dr. Who: Twice Upon a Time.”

BDA president Victor Matsuda was especially impressed with Lionsgate’s decision to release Twilight, which skews to a younger audience, on 4K UHD Blu-ray.

“Recognizing the business possibilities in reissuing that type of title was really encouraging,” he said.

With streaming 4K UHD still dependent on the pipeline to the home (Netflix recommends 25Mbps for 4K), the fact that most users’ service is less robust makes the physical disc more compelling, he said. Only 21% in the U.S. manage to meet the Netflix standard, while such European countries as Germany, France and the United Kingdom manage even less of a percentage.

To tout the benefits of 4K UHD Blu-ray, the BDA also unveiled a sizzle reel at CES for members.

DEG, UHD Alliance to Present 4K Ultra HD Summit

DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group and the UHD Alliance have partnered to present the 4K Ultra HD Summit from 2 to 6 p.m. Nov. 6 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

The 4K Ultra HD Summit will advocate and educate about the benefits of 4K Ultra HD televisions and content while highlighting the latest 4K news. The stated goal of the half-day summit is to “highlight consumer benefits of 4K Ultra HD with high dynamic range and provide information about new hardware and software products for the holiday buying season,” according to a press release announcing the event.

The program will focus on advancements in 4K UHD technology, increasing consumer adoption of the technology, ease of operation for consumers and the widening availability of content, while promoting “that the pairing of 4K Ultra HD devices and content provides the single best home viewing experience available to consumers.”

During the summit, DEG will present the Vanguard Award to a filmmaker at the forefront of using groundbreaking technology to deliver increased scale and resolution, greater contrast and dynamic range, enhanced color and immersive audio to film audiences both in cinemas and in the home theater environment.

Summit participants will include major studios and leading independent content suppliers; consumer electronics manufacturers; retailers of 4K Ultra HD devices and content; digital distribution services; the Hollywood creative community; and the Blu-ray Disc Association.

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Video and Audio Center Flagship Store Opening, Jan. 25, 2018

Video and Audio Center held a gala opening party Jan. 25 for its new flagship showcase store in the Westfield Century City mall. Video and Audio Center has been introducing new technologies for more than 34 years, and its new store is a new retail concept focused on the customer experience, with towering wall displays and interactive product exhibits.

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Video and Audio Center Opens New Flagship Store

Video and Audio Center held a gala opening party Jan. 25 for its new flagship showcase store in the Westfield Century City mall, which recently underwent a $1.4 billion makeover. Video and Audio Center has been introducing new technologies for more than 34 years, and its new store — tucked in a wing of the mall that also includes an Apple Store, a Rolex store and a Tesla dealership — is a new retail concept focused on the customer experience, with towering wall displays and interactive product exhibits. “This new technology showcase is the most advanced yet consumer friendly store we have introduced. The design of our innovative interactive space allows people to reach out and touch, feel and experience all the latest advancements in consumer technology,” said co-owner Joseph Akhtarzad.

The advanced displays and store layout are so unique that Video and Audio Center has applied for a federal copyright on its design. “This marks a totally new direction in consumer technology retailing, in a store front environment,” said Tom Campbell, Video and Audio Center corporate director and chief technologist.

A visit to the store on opening night was not unlike a visit to the main hall of CES less than a month earlier, just on a smaller scale.

Accordingly, the guest list included top technology, consumer electronics and entertainment industry executives, engineers and experts from companies such as 20th Century Fox, LG Electronics, Samsung North America and Sony Electronics of America, including Mike Dunn,  product strategy and consumer business development president at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Mike Fidler, president of the UHD Alliance;  and Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics of America president and COO.

The new store is Video and Audio Center’s fifth. The regional consumer electronics chain previously had a smaller store in the Westfield Century City mall before the shopping center’s big renovation.

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UHD Alliance Ramping Up Marketing Efforts

LAS VEGAS — With a new president, the UHD Alliance came to CES 2018 with a new directive.

Industry veteran Mike Fidler started in July 2017 with a mission to move the organization beyond technical efforts and grow its marketing activities.

For an organization of companies with disparate interests, the key, Fidler said, is “how do we come up with some consistency in messaging?”

The UHD Alliance aims to come to some industry consensus to give the press and consumers a clearinghouse for information and “to give some confidence to the marketplace as well,” he said.

To gauge consumer pain points, the UHD Alliance looked at negative experiences on the popular AVS Forum website. The Alliance found that 31% of such experiences involved picture quality, 21% peripherals and 18% the content itself.

“We want to make sure we are proactive, instead of reactive,” Fidler said.

To that end, the Alliance in late July formed a new Interoperability Working Group, headed up by Sony’s Don Eklund. The group looks at how the different manufacturers’ products work with each other in part by literally plugging them together, via “plug fests.” The aim is to make sure that when consumers set up their systems, they work and provide the best quality possible.

“For consumers, their expectation is plug and play,” Fidler said. “We want to make sure consumers get the full experience.”

Manufacturers can remedy pain points with flyers in boxes or firmware upgrades.

On the educational and informational front, the Alliance has a new brochure and in October launched a website, Also on tap are five educational videos due in the coming weeks.

In talking to consumers the key is to avoid intimidating terms such as “nits” and “specs,” but to focus on the experience, Fidler said.

“Consumers have to understand what the values are, what the benefits are,” he said.

Fidler is also looking to work with the other trade organizations, such as the Blu-ray Disc Association and DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group, to “make sure we talk the same language” and share resources, he said.

Meanwhile, the UHD Alliance continues to expand. The group added five new members in the last three months: ASUS, Chroma ATE, Google, Synaptics and Arcadian Technologies.

The new members indicate “a broadening of the ecosystem,” he noted.

“That’s always a good sign,” he said.

The Alliance also continues to certify products and software with its Premium logo via independent labs.