Samba TV: U.S. Open Golf Streaming/TV Viewing Plummeted

PGA Tour golf typically dominates weekend television viewing due to the popularity of the sport. Add streaming video, and the numbers only get better.
Except this year.
New data from Samba TV found that 2.7 million U.S. households watched/streamed the first round of the 2022 U.S. Open Championship on NBC and Golf TV. That was down a whopping 47% from the 5 million households who watched the first round in 2021, according to new data from Samba TV, which tracks an addressable footprint of 46 million opted-in devices worldwide.
Another 2.8 million U.S. households watched/streamed the second round, down 42% from 4.9 million year-over-year. The numbers got better fro the third round with 5.8 million households, which was still down 22% from 7.5 million in 2021. The fourth and final round generated 6.8 million households, down 25% from 9 million in 2021.
Of the 25 largest designated market areas, Pittsburgh over-indexed the most (+95%), followed by Boston (+73%) and Phoenix (+58%) for first round. Boston over-indexed the most (+73%), followed by Pittsburgh (+63%) and Cleveland (+56%) in the second round. Boston again over-indexed (+64%), followed by Tampa, Fla., (+47%) Denver (+41%) for the third round. Boston remained on top (+84%) in the final round, followed by Minneapolis (+53%) and Pittsburgh (+51%).
Among non-sports content, 317,000 U.S. households, 33,000 British households, 26,000 German households, and 1,000 Australian homes watched “The Summer I Turned Pretty” on Amazon Prime Video over a three-day window.
More than 8,000 U.S. households streamed “Love Victor” on Hulu from June 11-15, a tally that grew to 81,000 homes over five days. Another 4,000 British homes watched the show on Hulu and Disney+.