Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Remains Atop U.K. Weekly Home Entertainment Sales Chart

Packaged-media sales of Disney’s erstwhile theatrical release Mulan helped the live-action movie stay atop the U.K. Official Film Chart through Nov. 25. Disney’s first-ever PVOD release exceeded all other movies by 6,600 unit sales (physical and digital), holding off Warner’s Elf at No. 2 and relegating former No. 1, Last Christmas (Universal) to No. 3.

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Chart newcomer Dawn of the Dead (Arrow Films) underscored the dearth of new releases in 2020, with George A. Romero’s 1978 zombie classic entering the chart for the first time at No. 4 following a remastered packaged-media release.

The middle of the world’s No. 2 home entertainment market included perennial chart mainstays such as Disney’s Frozen II at No. 5; eOne’s 1917 at No. 6; 2000’s The Grinch (Universal) featuring Jim Carrey at No. 7; and Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi at No. 8 due to a 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc Steelbook release.

Another chart newcomer at No. 9: sci-fi thriller Tremors: Shrieker Island, starring Michael Gross, Jon Heder and Jackie Cruz. Rounding out the Top 10: Disney’s Onward.

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Lands Atop U.K. Home Entertainment Retail Chart

Disney’s digital/packaged media retail release of the live-action Mulan finished atop the U.K. weekly Official Film Chart through Nov. 18. The title, the studio’s first PVOD experiment, is one of the few new releases in 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, Disney had no home entertainment releases in its most recent fiscal quarter.

Mulan stars Yifei Liu as the eponymous character, who disguises herself as a male soldier in order to save her ailing father from being conscripted.

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The previous week’s No. 1, Last Christmas dropped to No. 2 and is the first of several Christmas entries on the Nov. 18 chart. Comedy Elf climbed 12 places to No. 3, and the 2018 animated The Grinch re-entered the chart at No. 9. Further down the Top 20, The Polar Express (No. 15) and Love Actually (No. 16) returned as viewers gear up for the festive season.

Entertainment One’s 1917 returned to the Top 10, climbing nine places to No. 4, while Disney’s Frozen II dropped to No. 5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens entered the Top 10 at No. 6 following a new 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc re-release, as Onward dropped to No. 7.

Universal’s Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr., zoomed up 25 places to No. 8, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker rounded off the chart at No. 10.

The Official Film Chart Top 10 Nov. 18, 2020:

Rank Last Week Title Studio
1 New Mulan Disney
2 1 Last Christmas Universal
3 15 Elf Warner
4 13 1917 Entertainment One
5 3 Frozen II
6 New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Disney
7 5 Onward Disney
8 33 Dolittle Universal
9 Return The Grinch Universal
10 11 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Disney


British Trade Group Lobbies for Packaged-Media Survival

On the heels of British entertainment retailer HMV’s second time into administration (a form of bankruptcy), trade group British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE) has issued an impassioned plea for the survival of packaged media.

When the His Majesty’s Voice retail chain, operating more than 120 stores in the United Kingdom selling DVD, Blu-ray Disc and music CDs, filed for administration on Dec. 28 – the second such filing in six years – executives cited a 30% year-over-year decline in DVD sales for the move.

BASE, in a statement, said the percentage decline was misleading, and in fact, represented a single week on the British charts when comparing the 2017 retail release of Warner Home Video’s highly touted Dunkirk.

The trade group said year-over-year DVD sales actually dropped 17% and still represent nearly 60% of consumer spending on movies — especially on Top 10 theatrical releases.

“HMV is a key player in physical sales across TV, comedy and special interest genres, allowing consumers to browse the remarkable breadth and depth of titles showcased in-store,” said BASE.

“Standout titles consistently achieve great DVD sales results; in December, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again sold over 1 million DVDs in less than a month, the first title to do so in five years since Despicable Me 2 [both Universal Pictures Home Entertainment] in 2013.”

The group said retail still offers the best avenue for impulse purchases of movies and TV shows. Indeed, 20% of home video consumption in 2018 was done on impulse, contributing £70 million ($90 million) to the market. BASE said 30% impulse buys of packaged media occurred at HMV stores.

Analyst Kantar Worldpanel reported that in-store sales accounted for 60% of all spend over the year, and research conducted by Vista found that 81% of UK consumers continue to see the physical store as vital to the shopping experience.

“Impulse purchases add significant value to the physical market, and HMV, accounting for one in three impulse entertainment buys, plays a huge role,” Ian Foster, managing director, NBC Universal, said in a statement. “For this, and many other reasons, HMV’s place on the high street is vital for the category and we are very keen to see a positive outcome.”

BASE said HMV and brick-and-mortar retail have contributed to 4K UHD Blu-ray sales accounting for 13% of BD sales, with Blu-ray now representing 24.3% of the total physical disc market value.

The group said the potential customer base for 4K content continues to grow, with Futuresource Consulting projecting a UHD TV installed base of 8.5 million households and 2.2 million capable 4K Blu-ray players across the U.K. at the end of 2018.

Indeed, 41% of U.K. shoppers went to a store specifically to buy 4K Blu-ray titles, compared to 27% for Blu-ray titles in general.

“The growth of 4K UHD within the market has helped increase the average price paid for a Blu-ray up to £14.21, a year-on-year increase of the average Blu-ray selling price of 5.3%, attesting to the fact that consumers are willing to invest more in a high-quality home entertainment experience,” said BASE.

The group said that despite media reports suggesting younger consumers largely covet digital and streaming video services, the demo still purchases video content on physical formats. Citing Kantar Worldpanel data, 18.4% of 16-24-year-olds bought a disc in 2018, and 16-25-year-olds accounted for 11% of all disc consumption, which was equal to 2017.

BASE said that since news of HMV’s administration broke, there has been a “groundswell” of affection for packaged media on social media and op-ed pieces.

“Personal accounts of outstanding service, recommendations from knowledgeable staff members leading to new favorites in music and film, as well as accidental finds in the store’s extensive catalog highlight the true value of HMV, with experiences that cannot be replicated via online purchasing,” said the group.


Roll Over, Shakespeare! Brits Spend More on Home Entertainment Than Print

British love for the printed word is apparently over.

Consumers spent more on music, streaming video, movies and video games in 2017 than on books, magazines and newspapers, according to new data from the Entertainment Retailers Association. It is the first time revenue from home entertainment exceeded print media.

Key drivers included digital services such as Spotify, Steam, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Deezer, Sky, Apple and Google.

According to research prepared for ERA by the Leisure Industries Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, Britons spent £7.2bn ($9.91 billion) on music, video and games compared to £7.1bn ($9.77 billion) on books, magazines and newspapers.

“It is an extraordinary testament to the appeal and resonance of digital entertainment services that they have helped home entertainment to hit this milestone nearly 550 years since the invention of the printing press,” ERA CEO Kim Bayley said in a statement.

While entertainment sales reached an all-time-high for the third year, spending on print was stagnant and substantially down on its 2007 peak of £8.3bn ($11.4 billion).

The entertainment growth rate (8.8%) exceeded that of virtually every sector monitored by the Leisure Industries Research Centre, including dining (up 7.7%), alcohol (up 6%), foreign travel (up 4.4%) and gambling (up 1%). Total leisure spending was up 5.2%.

“The 2008-2009 recession hurt both the entertainment and reading markets,” said Dr. Themis Kokolakakis with Leisure Industries Research Centre. “Since 2012, the entertainment market has recovered very strongly producing record 2017 results. [Print] media is under pressure, partly because of the growth of streaming services, partly because there is so much competition for people’s time and attention. Entertainment has grown while reading has stagnated.”

Meanwhile, five years ago more than 80% of revenue was generated by buy-to-own formats such as discs or downloads. In 2017, 56% of revenue came from music and streaming video, transactional VOD or subscriptions to online multiplayer games, digital micro-transactions and in-app purchases on mobile devices.

“The success of the entertainment business is a testament to the power of innovation, creating new ways for people to enjoy the music, video and games they love,” Bayley said.

Notable packaged media growth included boxed software for consoles such as the new Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4, which generated their first growth in 10 years – up 5% to £750m ($1 billion); and vinyl albums, with sales up 34% to £87.7m ($120 million).

“Digital services may be grabbing the headlines, but physical retailers continue to identify new opportunities to showcase and drive sales of discs,” said Bayley. “Vinyl is a prime example of retailers nurturing demand for a product most people had long written off. It would be foolish to underestimate the consumers continuing affection for physical product.”

Finally, Ed Sheeran’s album Divide was the best-selling music, video or game title in the UK in 2017, achieving sales of more than 2.7 million units.

In 2017, 33 music, video or game titles sold over half a million units. Of these, 10 sold over 1 million units and three over 2 million. Of the Top 40 biggest sellers, seven were music albums, 10 were video games and 23 were videos, led by a trio of titles from Walt Disney Studios – Beauty & The BeastRogue One – A Star Wars Story and Moana.


ERA Entertainment Chart 2017
Position Category Title Artist Company Units sold
1 Albums Divide Ed Sheeran Warner Music 2,702,839
2 Video games FIFA 18 Electronic Arts 2,696,721
3 Video games Call of Duty: WWII Activision Blizzard 2,442,416
4 Video Beauty and The Beast (2017) Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 1,484,565
5 Video Rogue One – A Star Wars Story Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 1,380,402
6 Video Moana Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 1,293,787
7 Video Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Warner Home Video 1,279,850
8 Video games Grand Theft Auto V Take 2 1,080,022
9 Video Bridget Jones’s Baby Universal Pictures Home Entertainment 1,052,753
10 Albums Human Rag’n’Bone Man Sony Music 1,001,913
11 Video Guardians of The Galaxy – Vol 2 Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 873,825
12 Video Trolls 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 872,586
13 Video Sing Universal Pictures Home Entertainment 805,342
14 Video Dunkirk Warner Home Video 753,429
15 Video games Assassin’s Creed Origins Ubisoft 679,965
16 Video games Destiny 2 Activision Blizzard 673,551
17 Video games Star Wars Battlefront II Electronic Arts 658,814
18 Video games Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Activision Blizzard 651,354
19 Video Despicable Me 3 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment 631,748
20 Video Logan 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 614,631
21 Video Doctor Strange Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 612,745
22 Albums Now That’s What I Call Music 96 Various Artists Sony Music/Universal Music 601,906
23 Albums Now That’s What I Call Music 97 Various Artists Sony Music/Universal Music 595,547
24 Video Wonder Woman Warner Home Video 591,316
25 Video games Tom Clancey’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands UBISOFT 574,889
26 Albums Now That’s What I Call Music 96 Various Artists Sony Music/Universal Music 560,286
27 Video Spider-Man – Homecoming Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 551,227
28 Video Pirates of The Caribbean – Salazars Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 538,735
29 Video The Girl on The Train 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 525,996
30 Video La La Land Elevation Sales 525,342
31 Albums The Thrill of It All Sam Smith Universal Music 501,952
32 Video The Boss Baby 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 501,453
33 Video Fast & Furious 8 Universal Pictures 500,617
34 Video The Lego Batman Movie Warner Home Video 494,446
35 Video games Gran Turismo: Sport Sony Computer Ent. 484,933
36 Albums Glory Days Little Mix Sony Music 468,173
37 Video Fifty Shades Darker Universal Pictures 466,119
38 Video Hacksaw Ridge Elevation Sales 465,138
39 Video games Horizon Zero Dawn Sony Computer Ent. 456,374
40 Video War For The Planet Of The Apes 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 435,440