Parrot Analytics Launches Data Subscription Service

Data tracking firm Parrot Analytics July 8 announced the launch of TV360 Monitor, a new subscription service that presents global demand data for tens of thousands of TV shows across all TV networks and OTT platforms worldwide.

TV360 brings together myriad TV content analytics and exclusive deep-dive reports and insights. Individual annual subscriptions to the entry-level TV360 Monitor service are available at $59 per month.

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“In the current dynamic environment, access to on-demand TV metrics and insights is more important than ever. We are democratizing our data for all media industry professionals so they can make better content-related business decisions,” Wared Seger, CEO of Parrot Analytics, said in a statement. “With TV360 Monitor, we are also making that access affordable. This product is designed with the individual user in mind, so even if colleagues are working remotely, they can obtain easy-to-understand data and insights to help them inform decisions along the entire content development and monetization lifecycle, from IP assessment to content investment decisions, distribution, acquisitions, programming and marketing strategies.”

Speaking to The New York Times, Seger says the company’s mission is to “unlock the magic of content” by better connecting creators with consumers. Almost seven years after its founding, Parrot Analytics is making available audience insights collected from more than 2 billion people around the world to content creators worldwide. A TV360 Monitor subscription includes access to global content trends across all content platforms, show-specific metrics such as content travelability and demand distribution, exclusive industry reports, curated industry insights and regularly updated genre and platform share reports published by the company.

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Alejandro Rojas, Director of Applied Analytics for Parrot Analytics with additional responsibility for overseeing the company’s Latin American partnerships, said “Dramatic changes and subsequent opportunities in the media industry inspired us to launch a comprehensive strategic review of our business over the past few months. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we wanted to ensure that we were constantly iterating and improving our products and services. Being able to offer a thin layer of our global TV data alongside incredible insights from our analysts, at a fraction of the cost of our enterprise level engagements, means we can continue to be among the top innovators in our industry.”

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