Final Season and Complete Series Set of ‘Poldark’ Among Titles Coming to Disc and Digital From PBS in November

The final season and the complete series set of “Poldark,” The Chaperone and the documentary Flint’s Deadly Water are among the titles coming to disc and digital from PBS Distribution in November.

Due Nov. 12 is Poldark: Season 5 on DVD, Blu-ray and digital and the complete series set on DVD and digital. The critically acclaimed series, starring Aidan Turner (The Hobbit) as the Ross Poldark and Eleanor Tomlinson (Death Comes to Pemberley) as the fiery Demelza, follows the thrilling story of soldier Ross Poldark after his return to Cornwall from fighting in the American Revolution. Once he is back in Cornwall he realizes that his life at home has been completely turned upside down — his father is dead, his lands are gone, and the love of his life has agreed to marry someone else.

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The Chaperone comes out on DVD and digital Nov. 26. It follows Louise Brooks, who would become a 1920s silver screen sensation of the Jazz Age, a few years before her fame. A 15-year-old student in Wichita, Kan., she has the opportunity to go to New York to study with a leading dance troupe. Her mother (Victoria Hill) insists there be a chaperone, and Norma Carlisle (Elizabeth McGovern), a local society matron who never broke a rule in her life, impulsively volunteers to accompany Louise (Haley Lu Richardson) to New York for the summer.

The documentary Flint’s Deadly Water hits DVD and digital Nov. 19. While the Flint water crisis has become known for the lead poisoning of thousands of children, this program reveals the story of another deadly problem with the water happening at the same time that few people know about, documenting an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease during the water crisis that has continued to claim lives in the city five years later.

N. Scott Momaday: Words From a Bear, coming to DVD and digital Nov. 26, examines the enigmatic life and mind of National Medal of Arts-winner Navarro Scott Momaday, the Kiowa novelist, short-story writer, essayist and poet. His Pulitzer Prize-winning novel House Made of Dawnled to the breakthrough of Native American literature into the mainstream. The documentary delves into the psyche behind the celebrated author and visually captures the essence of Momaday’s writings.

Unfolding as a love letter from filmmaker and young mother Waad al-Kateab to her daughter, the documentary For Sama, coming to DVD and digital Nov. 19, tells the story of Waad’s life through five years of the uprising in rebel-held Aleppo, Syria. Waad falls in love, gets married and gives birth to her daughter Sama — all while filming the cataclysmic conflict raging around them.

In Odyssey: The Great Music Society in Greece, coming Nov. 5 on DVD and digital, artists of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, led by its artistic directors, David Finckel and Wu Han, embark on a journey to Greece, the country where so many of the classical arts were first developed. Viewers will go on an adventure that shows the unique intimacy of chamber music performances in extraordinary locations, while highlighting the Greek cultural influences that still resonate within our language, arts, philosophy and civic life.

The four-part Life From Above, due on DVD and digital Nov. 19, shows viewers new footage of the greatest, most beautiful and powerful movements on our planet, providing fresh insights into our planet by expanding the range of perspectives from which to look at it. Cameras in space capture events like an elephant family’s struggle through drought, and thousands of Shaolin Kung-Fu students performing in perfect synchronicity. In addition to stunning satellite photography from space, drones were employed to generate footage, while helicopters and cameras on the ground provide more conventional vantage points.

Wild Metropolis, coming to DVD and digital Nov. 26, reveals the world’s most extraordinary wildlife living in the newest and fastest changing habitat on the planet — cities. It features a diverse cast of animals that are adjusting to this new world better than we could have predicted, not only applying their natural born skills and abilities to life in the city, but also making amazing physical or behavioral adaptations. From humpback whales breaching in New York’s Hudson Bay to huge colonies of megabats in Adelaide; from penguins nesting in Cape Town to Burmese pythons living on the streets of Bangkok, the series explores some of the world’s most-loved and familiar cities through fresh eyes: the eyes of the animals that live in them.

Netflix’s ‘BoJack Horseman’ Top Binge, ‘Daybreak’ Top ‘Show on the Rise’ on TV Time Charts

Netflix’s “BoJack Horseman” was the top binge, while the service’s “Daybreak” led the “Shows on the Rise” on the TV Time charts for the week ended Oct. 27.

TV Time is a free TV viewership tracking app that tracks consumers’ viewing habits worldwide and is visited by more than 1 million consumers every day, according to the service. The weekly “Binge Report” ranks shows with the most binge sessions. A binge session is when four or more episodes of a show are watched and tracked in the app in a given day. The “Shows on the Rise” chart is calculated by determining the week-over-week growth in episodes watched for a given program.

The fifth season of top binge “BoJack Horseman” debuted Oct. 25. The irreverent animated comedy, which was also No. 7 on the Shows on the Rise chart, follows BoJack (Will Arnett), a failed sitcom star from the favorite family sitcom “Horsin’ Around” who has been trying to find his way through a muddle of self-loathing, whisky and failed relationships. Following catalog hit “Friends” on the binge chart at No. 3 was Netflix’s global original “Baby,” the second season of which debuted Oct. 18. The Italian series is a coming-of-age story that explores the unseen lives of Roman high schoolers.

Top rising show “Daybreak” debuted on Netflix Oct. 24. Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the wake of a nuclear blast, the series follows marauding high schoolers in the city of Glendale, Calif. Netflix’s “Brotherhood,” which hit screens Oct. 25, took the silver on the rise chart. The global original from Brazil, set in the mid-90s, follows Cristina, an honest and dedicated lawyer, who discovers that her estranged brother has been in prison and is a leader of a rising criminal faction. Coerced by the police, she is forced to become an informant and work against him.

Hulu’s Stephen King multiverse show “Castle Rock” made an appearance at No. 6 on the Shows on the Rise chart. Its second season debuted Oct. 23.

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Top Binge Shows Week Ended Oct. 27 by Share of Binges:

  1. “BoJack Horseman” (Netflix) — 2.50%
  2. “Friends” (NBC) — 2.44%
  3. “Baby” (Netflix) — 2.38%
  4. “Insatiable” (Netflix) — 2.23%
  5. “Greenhouse Academy” (Netflix) — 2.08%
  6. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) — 1.61%
  7. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (NBC) — 1.53%
  8. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) — 1.36%
  9. “Daybreak” (Netflix) — 1.36%
  10. “Peaky Blinders” (BBC One) — 1.33%


Top Shows on the Rise Week Ended Oct. 27 by Rise Ratio:

  1. “Daybreak” (Netflix) — 100%
  2. “Brotherhood” (Netflix) — 99.9%
  3. “Il Collegio” (Rai 2) — 97.4%
  4. “Greenhouse Academy” (Netflix) — 96.7%
  5. “The Kominski Method” (Netflix) — 96.7%
  6. “Castle Rock” (Hulu) — 93%
  7. “BoJack Horseman” (Netflix) — 91.3%
  8. “EastEnders” (BBC One) — 87.6%
  9. “Silicon Valley” (HBO) — 75.5%
  10. “Will & Grace” (NBC) — 72.6%

Nielsen: Time-Shifted Viewing Increases Program Popularity

With so many options available to consume video in the home, it is no possible to determine a hit TV show by only counting the audience that watches on the day it airs, according to new data from Nielsen.

Nielsen contends different types of programming hold sway over different types of viewing behavior, from the live, must-see action of a sporting event to the carefully curated dramas sitting on that DVR “shelf” as a viewer waits for the perfect moment in the week to watch it.

When the media industry — be it the critics weaving in viewing metrics to complement their POV to programming decision-makers weighing the ratings—considers defining a hit in measurement terms, it’s crucial that the full viewing audience is considered.

“Anything less would be a short-sighted slight to the content creators operating in a $72 billion advertising gauntlet as well as to the fans who simply might not be able to make the live airing and opt for this delayed viewing,” Nielsen wrote.

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In the first quarter of the year, adults (18+) spent nearly four hours each week watching delayed, or time-shifted, viewing (via VOD or DVR).

Among all genres of programming at the beginning of the last television season (Oct. 1 to Dec. 30, 2018), video consumption up to 35 days after live or same day broadcast, generated a 10% lift in viewing — or an average of 2.7 million more viewers for a particular show.

Among viewers 18-49, time-shifting upped ratings 14%, or 1.1 million viewers, respectively.

This trend becomes more pronounced, however, depending on specific genres of programming and the viewer demo using time-shifted options.

In Q4 2018, delayed viewing helped drive ratings 40% higher for primetime dramas and 65% higher among consumers 18-49. The trends continued for less popular shows, which saw viewership increase 20% through time-shifted access.

“Content owners or those looking to leverage data from research teams to media outlets, have an impetus to take into account the added value that delayed viewing often brings and not discount the full viewing picture,” Nielsen wrote in a post.

TV Time: CW’s ‘Batwoman’ Most Anticipated New Show, Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ Most Anticipated Returning Show in October

The CW’s “Batwoman” is the most anticipated new show and Netflix’s “Insatiable” is the most anticipated returning show coming in October, according to TV Time’s “Anticipation Report” chart.

TV Time is a free TV viewership tracking app that tracks consumers’ viewing habits worldwide and is visited by more than 1 million consumers every day, according to the company. TV Time’s “Anticipation Report” is based on data from those users.

The second season of “Insatiable” hits screens Oct. 11. The black dramedy stars Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts and Alyssa Milano. It follows Patty (Ryan), who has been bullied, ignored, and underestimated because of her weight. Now she finds herself suddenly thin, and she is out for payback. Bob Armstrong (Roberts), a disgraced attorney whose true passion is coaching beauty pageant contestants, is the only one who sees Patty’s potential, and takes her under his wing — first as a legal client, and then as a pageant contestant. But Bob and his wife Coralee (Milano) have no idea how deep Patty’s rage goes.

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“Batwoman,” which premieres Oct. 6, is the latest superhero drama from The CW. It takes viewers to Gotham three years following billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne’s a.k.a. Batman’s disappearance. His cousin, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose), must overcome her demons to seek justice and protect the citizens of Gotham City.

The only streaming entrant on the “Anticipated New Shows” chart in October is Hulu’s “Looking for Alaska,” based on John Green’s bestselling novel. The romance drama follows teenager Miles, who enrolls in boarding school to try to gain a deeper perspective on life. After an unexpected tragedy, Miles and his friends try to make sense of what they have been through.


Most Anticipated New Shows for October:

  1. “Batwoman” (CW) — Oct. 6
  2. “Watchmen” (HBO) — Oct. 20
  3. “Nancy Drew” (CW) — Oct. 9
  4. “Looking for Alaska” (Hulu) — Oct. 18
  5. “Almost Family” (Fox) — Oct. 2


Most Anticipated Returning Shows for October:

  1. “Insatiable” (Netflix) — Oct. 11
  2. “Mr. Robot” (USA) — Oct. 6
  3. “Baby” (Netflix) — Oct. 18
  4. “Big Mouth” (Netflix) — Oct. 4
  5. “Riverdale” (CW) — Oct. 9

‘Charlie’s Angels,’ ‘The King of Queens’ Series Sets on Mill Creek October Disc Slate

Complete series sets of the classic 1970s TV show “Charlie’s Angels” and “The King of Queens” are among the titles on the October disc slate for Mill Creek Entertainment

Due Oct. 15 is the complete series of “The King of Queens,” starring Kevin James and Leah Remini, on DVD. The series, which ran for nine seasons, stars James as Doug Heffernan, a lovable regular guy with an adoring wife, Carrie (Remini), and a frustrating father-in-law (Jerry Stiller) under his roof. The set is priced at $74.98.

Oct. 29 comes the complete series set of “Charlie’s Angels” on Blu-ray Disc for the first time at $169.98. The 1970s detective show stars Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts. The series, about three girls who go to work for Charles Townsend, a mysterious man they never see, at his Beverly Hills detective agency, ran for five seasons. The set includes the 2011 TV reboot starring Rachel Taylor, Anne Ilonzeh and Minka Kelly.

Also due Oct. 29 is the double feature Blu-ray of Little Women and Marie Antoinette at $14.98. Little Women stars Claire Danes, Winona Ryder (“Stranger Things”) and Kirsten Dunst in the class Louisa May Alcott story. Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola, stars Dunst as the famously fashionable and villainous queen who purportedly told her starving people, “Let them eat cake.” Dunst portrays the ill-fated child princess who married France’s young and indifferent King Louis XVI (Jason Schwartzman). Feeling isolated in a royal court rife with scandal and intrigue, Marie Antoinette defied both royalty and commoner by living like a rock star, which served only to seal her fate.

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Finally, on Oct. 29, Mill Creek releases the horror thriller The Thing (2011), a prelude to John Carpenter’s 1982 classic film, at $14.98 on Blu-ray. When paleontologist Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) travels to an isolated outpost in Antarctica for the expedition of a lifetime, she joins an international team that unearths a remarkable discovery. Their elation quickly turns to fear as they realize that their experiment has freed a mysterious being from its frozen prison. Paranoia spreads like an epidemic as a creature that can mimic anything it touches will pit human against human as it tries to survive.

TV Time: Amazon’s ‘Carnival Row’ Most Anticipated New Show, Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ Most Anticipated Returning Show in August

Amazon Prime’s “Carnival Row” is the most anticipated new show and Netflix’s “Mindhunter” is the most anticipated returning show coming in August, according to TV Time’s “Anticipation Report” chart.

TV Time is a free TV viewership tracking app that tracks consumers’ viewing habits worldwide and is visited by more than 1 million consumers every day, according to the company. TV Time’s “Anticipation Report” is based on data from those users.

“Carnival Row,” a fantasy series about mythical creatures starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, debuts Aug. 30. “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance,” a series prequel to the Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal, also debuting Aug. 30, is the No. 2 anticipated new series.

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Among returning shows, the second installment of “Mindhunter,” Netflix’s crime thriller series, debuts Aug. 16. TV Time users also anticipate three other Netflix returning series at No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4, respectively: “Cable Girls,” hitting Aug. 9; “Dear White People,” debuting Aug. 2; and “GLOW,” coming Aug. 9. Starz’s drug kingpin drama “Power,” the sixth and final season of which hits Aug. 25, took the No. 5 spot among returning series.

Most Anticipated New Shows for August:

  1. “Carnival Row” (Amazon Prime) — Aug. 30
  2. “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” (Netflix) — Aug. 30
  3. “Infinity Train” (Cartoon Network) — Aug. 5
  4. “Why Women Kill” (CBS) — Aug. 15
  5. “BH90210” (Fox) — Aug. 7


Most Anticipated Returning Shows for August:

  1. “Mindhunter” (Netflix) — Aug. 16
  2. “Cable Girls” (Netflix) — Aug. 9
  3. “Dear White People” (Netflix) — Aug. 2
  4. “GLOW” (Netflix) — Aug. 9
  5. “Power” (Starz) — Aug. 25

Season Four of “Grantchester,” Season One of “Walter Presents: Killer by the Lake” Coming in July to PBS Masterpiece’s Prime Video Channel

Two murder mystery crime thrillers, Grantchester: Season 4 and Walter Presents: Killer by the Lake — Season 1, will begin streaming in July on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel.

The fourth season of “Grantchester,” streaming starting July 15, marks the final appearance of James Norton as crime-solving Vicar Sidney Chambers and introduces Tom Brittney (“Outlander,” “Call the Midwife”) as new cast member Reverend Will Davenport.

Walter Presents: Killer by the Lake, Season 1

“Walter Presents: Killer by The Lake” is the follow up to the hit French thriller, “Vanished by the Lake.” The series revisits troubled detective Lise who has started a new life with her husband and baby. The happy, rural idyll is suddenly shattered with the discovery of two dead women. Season one starts streaming July 19.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Nielsen: Out-of-Home Viewership Boosting Linear TV News Consumption

Despite living in an over-the-top video ecosystem, linear TV remains a primary source of news for young U.S. adults — even outside the home (OOH), according to Nielsen.

News viewing OOH attracts both men and women adults equally across the general population. Notably, Nielsen found that more women (56%) 18-24 watch news remotely than men (43%).

Survey respondents said restaurants and bars are among the most popular places to view news. And this pattern continues among general population respondents aged 25-34 and 35-plus as 59% and 52%, respectively, reported viewing in a restaurant or bar.

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Meanwhile, 61% of younger adults aged 18-24 reported viewing in someone else’s home, while 43% reported watching in a restaurant or bar followed by 40% who reported watching at work and 39% at the gym.

The viewing habits among young adults support the common perception that they like to view content in social environments and in a variety of places.

“While most of us would consider watching the news at a bar, someone else’s home or even at the gym as doing so during our own time, our survey results found that viewers seek out the news at other times too. In fact, they’re going out of their way to catch the latest headline—even during work hours,” read the report.

According to the survey, 40% of the general population respondents age 18-24 reported watching the news while at work. Although the Internet has given consumers the opportunity to get their news on the go, that’s not their only source. Viewers are turning to linear TV out of their homes to catch a glimpse of the news ticker or get the latest weather report before they leave the office.

As more consumers, particularly young adults, take control of how, where and when to watch content, Nielsen contends OOH live news viewing presents advertisers with a great opportunity to be effective with their message and connect with a consumer segment that’s younger and educated.

Study: Online TV Is Second-Most-Popular TV Viewing Choice in U.K., Sweden and Germany

A new survey of TV viewers in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany found that online TV is now the second most popular viewing source behind pay-TV, with usage ranging from just under 40% in Germany to more than 50% in the U.K. and Sweden.

Nielsen company Gracenote and digital media analyst firm nScreenMedia conducted the survey, “TV Universe — U.K., Sweden, Germany: How People Watch Television Today,” in the first quarter of 2019, focusing on pay TV, free-to-air and online TV viewership in the three European countries that account for 31% of the European Union’s total population, according to Statista.

The online TV viewership growth in the three countries “is a remarkable rise as online TV is a relatively new offering,” according to the research firms. In fact, Netflix launched in the United Kingdom in just 2012. Whereas 12 years ago most homes relied on a single-source for TV, today nearly half of viewers in all three of the countries studied are multi-source television households, the researchers noted.

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“Consumer behavior relating to TV viewing is changing rapidly in Europe as it is around the world,” said Simon Adams, chief product officer, Gracenote, in a statement.

Pay TV is currently the most popular television source in the U.K. and Sweden with nearly two in three consumers in each market using it, the survey found, but in Germany the most popular source is free-to-air TV, which accounts for the vast majority of viewers at nearly eight in 10.

In all three European markets surveyed, consumers pointed to on-screen program guides and user interfaces as being critical tools for finding content to watch. Six in 10 viewers indicated visual imagery and TV artwork displayed in guides exert important influence on their viewing choices. Among the 18-to-24-year-old demographic, the number jumped up to around 90%. In addition, respondents indicated TV show and movie descriptions that shed light on content are also factors in their tune-in decision-making, with 70% of U.K. viewers, 65% of Swedes and 57% of Germans saying the program descriptions were at least somewhat important.

The study also found free-to-air TV is gaining traction on mobile with more free-to-air viewers using broadcaster apps to supplement viewing than pay TV viewers use their operator “TV Everywhere” apps. In fact, more than half of free-to-air users in each country use broadcaster apps.

The smart TV is the preferred device to watch video content on in all three countries, according to the study. A significant 70% of total viewing time is on the TV screen in the United Kingdom and Germany, while in Sweden, it is 60%. Samsung is the most popular TV brand in all three countries.

Other insights include:

  • 17% of the U.K. study group use all three TV sources available to them, higher than in Sweden and Germany;
  • While the on-screen guide is the dominant way Swedes and Brits find content to watch, newspaper TV guides and channel flipping are the main ways for Germans; and
  • 31% of Swedes consider online TV to be their primary TV source, the highest of the three countries studied.


“The new TV Universe study shows that online TV has become the second most popular source of TV entertainment in a remarkably short period of time,” said Colin Dixon, founder and chief analyst at nScreenMedia in a statement. “Also telling is the fact that, though most online viewing takes place on the television, consumers don’t have the discovery tools they need to efficiently find something to watch there. Features such as voice and cross-service search are thinly used in each country. There is also plenty of room for improvement with content recommendations as a quarter or less think they accurately reflect their interests.”

The consumer research study conducted from February to March 2019 surveyed 1,500 adult TV viewers in the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden. The data was weighted to represent the general population of each country. The full report is available for free download now at

‘Reborn,’ ‘The Court’ and ‘Rough Justice’ From ‘Walter Presents’ Library Streaming in May From PBS

PBS Distribution will begin streaming three international crime dramas from the “Walter Presents” library on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in May.

The channel is available to Prime members for $5.99 a month after a seven-day free trial.

Streaming beginning May 10 is “Reborn,” a French crime-thriller taking witness-protection to a whole new level. Felon Alexis Marceau gives up his criminal friends in exchange for immunity. With his new identity, he also has reconstructive surgery to make him unidentifiable. Six years later, he is known as Matthias Leblanc. He is working in Turin, Italy, as a construction worker when judge Delphine Baron offers to revoke his house arrest, in exchange for three months of service. This means working undercover at his old job where he and his partner ran a small shipping business controlling the traffic of illicit goods. Matthias is hesitant but accepts — no one knows he’s alive or will recognize his new face. But he knows the people, place and methods better than anyone. Once undercover and back in Dunkirk, Alexis struggles to keep away from his ex-wife and son. And to make matters worse, his affection for his old life returns — the camaraderie, the easy money and the adrenaline.

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Streaming beginning May 24 is the second season of “The Court.” The Icelandic legal drama follows the professional and personal lives of three Reykjavik lawyers — Logi, Brynhildur and Hordur. Logi is one of the country’s most brilliant legal minds and the most troubled. He’s determined to uncover the truth about what really happened one night in his youth, an incident that left a man dead and Logi in prison for manslaughter. However, his internal demons threaten to send him spiraling into alcoholism. Standing between Logi and self-destruction are his two lawyer colleagues — Brynhildur and Hordur — whose own private lives are far from simple.

Streaming beginning May 31 is the Belgian crime drama “Rough Justice.” Set in Antwerp, Belgium, the series, based on the novels by Toni Coppers, follows superintendent Liese Meerhout as she leads her close-knit team in the homicide division to the bottom of the city’s darkest crimes. Always seeking to protect the vulnerable and maintain justice, she is not afraid to push the boundaries to get to the bottom of even the most complex cases — usually using unorthodox methods. But when haunting emails from an anonymous sender start appearing in her inbox, a case she thought she had long put behind her resurfaces, and the usually steely and implacable superintendent becomes unnerved.