Horror Film ‘Final Summer’ Available on Digital From Distribution Solutions

Distribution Solutions has released the Trinity horror film Final Summer on digital.

In the film set in late summer 1991, tragedy strikes on the final day of summer camp at Camp Silverlake. As the counsellors try to shut the camp down for the season, they find themselves fighting for their lives against a masked killer.

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Written and directed by John Isberg, the film stars Thom Mathews (Return of the Living Dead), Carl Bailey (Revealer) and Bishop Stevens (The Pineville Heist).

Horror Anthology ‘Tell Me a Creepy Story’ Due Digitally May 9 From Distribution Solutions

The horror anthology Tell Me a Creepy Story will be released through digital retailers May 9 from Trinity and Distribution Solutions. 

The beekeeper who accidentally kills his wife before nervously burying her body under his vegetable patch. The child born with an insatiable and increasingly inhuman appetite. The seemingly harmless couple who are serial killers and the home alone woman who is petrified someone is out to kill her. These terrifying tales come together in one anthology.

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The cast includes Laura Bayston (“Killing Eve,” “Doctors,” “Slow Horses”), Conleth Hill (“Game of Thrones,” “Vienna Blood,” “Magpie Murders”), Joe Sims (“Broadchurch,” “Doctor Who,” “London Kills”) and Paul Kennedy (“Marcella,” “The Fall,” “Outlander”). Directors are Samuel Dawe, Félix Dobaire, Stuart Graham, Paul Holbrook and Luke Konopasky. 

Crime Thrillers ‘A Small Fortune’ and ‘Essex Boys Retribution’ Headed to Digital May 2 From Distribution Solutions

Two Trinity crime thrillers, Essex Boys Retribution and A Small Fortune, will be released on digital May 2 in the United States and Canada from Distribution Solutions.

In the British thriller Essex Boys Retribution (2013), 20 years after the Range Rover murders, which saw three of the country’s most notorious killers shot dead in a desolate field, the next generation of Essex Boys vie for control of the local drug trade, as revenge is sought by all sides. Directed by Paul Tanter (Age of the Living Dead, Escaping Paradise), the film stars Billy Murray (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 video game, “Ransom’s Law,” Renegades), Ian Virgo (Black Hawk Down, The Raven, Blood on The Crown), Vas Blackwood (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, The Loss Adjuster, Red Devil) and Ryan Winsley (“Robin Hood” TV series, We Go in at Dawn, Bone Breaker).

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In A Small Fortune (2021), Prince Edward Island becomes a crime scene when a desperate man finds a bag of lost money off the shores of the island and keeps it secret. Directed by Adam Perry (Jiggers, A Blessing from the Sea), the film stars Andrea Bang (“Kim’s Convenience” TV series, “A Million Little Things” TV series, “Running With Violet” TV series), Liane Balaban (Definitely, Maybe, One Week, New Waterford Girl), and Joel Thomas Hynes (“Little Dog” TV series, “Orphan Black” TV series, Cast No Shadow). The film won Best Screenplay at Manchester International Film Festival (MANIFF).

‘Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist’ Headed to Digital and Disc March 21 From Distribution Solutions

The faith-based thriller Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and digital March 21 from Distribution Solutions and Trinity.

In the film, in the wake of the sudden disappearance of millions of people around the world, the prophesied “Great Tribulation” has begun. A charming new leader rises to the head of the United Nations, but does he bring hope for a better future or is it the end of the world? As the Antichrist spreads his web of lies, everyone must choose a side.

Directed by and starring Kevin Sorbo, the film also stars Corbin Bernsen, Mark Bellamy, Mary Armstrong and Neal McDonough.

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Drama ‘Purple Beatz’ Available on Digital From Distribution Solutions

The romantic drama Purple Beatz is available now on digital from Trinity and Distribution Solutions.

In the coming-of-age love story set in London in the 1990s, Sarah Jane is an aspiring signer-songwriter who moves to London to pursue her music career. There, she meets two industry professionals who take her down a dark path, from which it would be difficult to return.

Written and directed by Lola Atkins, the film stars Aron von Andrian, Richard Bobb-Semple, Grae Minors, Steve Shirley, Michael Lincoln and Izzy Adams.

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