Street Date 1/19/21;
$19.99 DVD, $22.99 Blu-ray;
Rated ‘R’ for some violence, language and sexuality/nudity.
Stars Finn Cole, Margot Robbie, Travis Fimmel, Kerry Condon, Darby Camp.

If it weren’t for the involvement of Margot Robbie, Dreamland would seem like a run-of-the-mill direct-to-video gangster drama.

The film focuses on a young man named Eugene (Finn Cole), who lives on his family’s farm during the Great Depression. His stepfather, a local sheriff’s deputy, is caught up in a manhunt Allison Wells (Robbie), the female half of a Bonnie & Clyde-style team on the run after a botched bank robbery.

One night, Eugene discovers an injured Allison hiding in the family’s barn, bleeding out from a gunshot wound. Claiming she’s not as bad as the press makes her out to be, she explains her partner was killed and convinces him to help her heal. In the process he ends up falling in love with her because she’s a rebellious teenager and she’s Margot Robbie.

When Eugene’s little sister, who narrates the story, starts to suspect he’s hiding something in the barn, he and Allison steal the family truck with a plan to escape to Mexico. With his stepfather leading a posse after them, Eugene begins to question Allison’s sincerity as she tries to steer him away from a life of crime.

The Blu-ray is presented with no extras.

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Paramount Snags Home Entertainment, TV Rights to Three Romulus Entertainment Movies

Paramount Pictures on Sept. 8 announced that it has secured home entertainment and television licensing rights to three feature films from Romulus Entertainment.

The films will be released in select U.S. theaters by Vertical Entertainment in tandem with their release on home entertainment platforms.

“We are delighted to bring these exceptional films to audiences around the world through a combination of home entertainment platforms and television licensing,” said Dan Cohen, president of the ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group. “With top-notch casts and creative talent, these films offer gripping stories that will appeal to a wide array of viewers.”

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The three films included in the agreement are:

Dreamland, starring Margot Robbie as an outlaw bank robber during the Great Depression who becomes involved with a young man who must choose between collecting the bounty on her head or following his heart. Aside from Robbie, the film stars Finn Cole, Travis Fimmel, and Garrett Hedlund. It was directed by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and written by Nicolaas Zwart.

Jungleland, in which Charlie Hunnam and Jack O’Connell play brothers trying to escape their circumstances by traveling across the country for a bare-knuckle boxing match that becomes a fight for their lives. The film, directed by Max Winkler, was co-written by Winkler, Theodore B. Bressman, and David Branson Smith. Jessica Barden also stars.

Gully is about three disaffected teens who roam the streets of Los Angeles, seeking seek revenge for all the ways the world has failed them through a series of increasingly violent crimes. The film stars Amber Heard, Jonathan Majors, John Corbett, Terrence Howard, Charlie Plummer, Robin Givens. Nabil Elderkin directed the film, which was written by Marcus J. Guillory.

The deal was negotiated by Lauren Fisher for Paramount Pictures, Brad Feinstein from Romulus Entertainment and Andrew Kramer of Loeb & Loeb.