LGBT Road Trip Film ‘Drive Me Home’ Heading Home on DVD, VOD

Breaking Glass Pictures has set a Sept. 24 DVD and VOD release date for Drive Me Home, an Italian LGBT road trip film that follows a man returning home to reconnect with his childhood, only for his life to be changed forever.

Directed by Simone Cantania, Drive Me Home premiered at the 36th Edition of the Torino Film Festival, and went on to play the Outshine Film Festival.

The film stars Vinicio Marchioni alongside Marco D’Amore, best known for playing ruthless mobster Ciro Di Marzio in the “Gomorrah” TV series, who takes a pivotal turn as a gay truck driver.

The film follows a pair of reunited old friends whom embark on a journey of self discovery on a truck ride through Europe, only for old conflicts and new revelations to change their lives forever.