Sony Has High Hopes for the ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ In-Home Entertainment Experience

Buoyed by the box office and Golden Globes success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony Electronics used the animated movie as a cornerstone to its CES 2019 presentation Jan. 8 in Las Vegas.

Following opening comments about Sony’s new “communities of interest” company culture, interlinking consumers with creators and technology from CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s motion picture group, spoke about how strong entertainment content and intellectual property are crucial to fulfilling the studio’s vision in the theater and in the home.

“A critical part of the lifespan of movie content is the home entertainment window following its theatrical moment,” said Rothman. “And audiences, watching great films and television content at home, want the best home theater experience.”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has generated $276 million at the global box office and won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Motion Picture.

Using the visuals, storytelling and technology behind Into the Spider-Verse, Kristine Belson, president Sony Pictures Animation, said animated movies generally have a long life at retail in the home entertainment window.

“It’s truly so important to filmmakers and audiences,” said Belson.

She went on to describe how Sony’s technology and products help turn creators’ vision into reality. Belson cited examples such as Sony’s CineAlta Camera Venice and α9 full-frame mirrorless camera that are used in the creation of TV shows and movies.

She also highlighted Sony’s new 8K TV lineup, including the Bravia Master Series that Sony claims adapts the creators’ artistic intent in the home.

The Master Series Z9G (98-inch/85-inch) is Sony’s first series of 8K LCD TVs, featuring the next-generation image processor X1 Ultimate equipped with 8K ultra-resolution algorithm custom database, enabling to up-convert any content to 8K resolution.