Breaking Glass Sets Oct. 26 Home Release Date for Ninth ‘Bad Ben’ Found Horror Film

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the Oct. 26 release of Bad Ben: Benign, the ninth installment of the “Bad Ben” found footage horror series from director Nigel Bach, who also stars in the films.

The film will be available on available on DVD and video-on-demand (VOD) platforms including iTunes/Apple TV, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, Vimeo. It also will be available through local cable and satellite providers.

Bad Ben: Benign begins right where the series left off, as Tom Riley wanders out of the woods behind his home on Steelmanville Road, and must climb through a window to get inside. He is baffled when he sees objects in the house that aren’t his, things moving on their own, and soon finds himself dealing with evil forces. To figure out how to rid the house of evil, he must rely on the help from others and eventually faces the most powerful demon he has ever come across.

The Bad Ben series began in 2016, and has since seen eight installments: Bad Ben, Steelmanville Road, Badder Ben, Bad Ben: The Mandela Effect, The Crescent Moon Clown, Bad Ben: The Way In, Bad Ben: The Haunted Highway, and Bad Ben: Pandemic.