Doc on Children’s TV Titan Gerry Anderson Coming to DVD Jan. 10

The MPI Media Group on Jan. 10 will release, on DVD only, Gerry Anderson: A Life Uncharted, a documentary on the man who created some of the world’s most beloved children’s TV series, including “Thunderbirds,” “Stingray,” “Captain Scarlet,” “Space:1999,” “Terrahawks” and “Space Precinct.​”

Anderson’s successful career spanned 60 years. Released a decade after his death, this documentary  uses a wealth of intimate audio archive combined with deep fake technology to allow Anderson to tell his story on screen for the first time. The film features additional new interviews and commentary from friends, family, and colleagues, and traces Anderson’s life from a poverty-stricken childhood through a lifetime of personal struggles.

The 92-minute film carries a suggested retail price (SRP) of $24.98.