Kino Lorber Sets March 22 Date for Edgar G. Ulmer Sci-Fi Trilogy on Blu-ray Disc

Kino Lorber on March 22 will release a Blu-ray Disc collection of three vintage sci-fi classics from director Edgar G. Ulmer.

The “Edgar G. Ulmer Sci-Fi Collection” includes The Man From Planet XBeyond the Time Barrier and The Amazing Transparent Man.

The trilogy will be issued as part of the independent film distributor’s Kino Lorber Studio Classics line.

The Man From Planet X, released in 1950, is set on the foggy coast of Scotland. An astronomer discovers an alien landing has actually occurred. He soon realizes that the creature,  the “Man From Planet X,” has definite plans — not for friendship, but for domination.

Beyond the Time Barrier, from 1960, follows U.S. Air Force Major William Allison as he pilots the X80 jet, which is capable of speeds up to 5,000 miles an hour, more than 100 miles above the Earth.  Upon nearly reaching outer space, Allison is unaware that the X80’s tremendous velocity has propelled him through a time barrier and into the post-apocalyptic year of 2024. He soon finds himself held captive in an underground city known as the Citadel, whose inhabitants have been menaced by mutants and a deadly virus. 

The Amazing Transparent Man, also from 1960, finds safecracker Joey Faust getting snatched out of prison and made invisible with an atomic ray gun, for the sole purpose of stealing nuclear fuel for a villain named Krenner and his beautiful moll Laura. But when Faust realizes his radiation-generated new look is slowly poisoning him, the tables are quickly turned.