Merchandising: Amazon Celebrating ‘Bourne’ Anniversary

Amazon is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Universal Pictures’ The Bourne Identity with an exclusive gadgets-laden gift set of all five “Bourne” movies on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc.

In addition to the movies, the set, listed at $129.99, includes a full-size backpack, two dog tags, a compass keychain, a monocular and a certificate of authenticity.

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Among other exclusives for the week of Nov. 15, Best Buy is offering an exclusive Steelbook edition of Lionsgate’s Reservoir Dogs 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray combo pack for $21.99.

Best Buy’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’ 4K Steelbook

Target is listing the newly released Blu-ray of the horror prequel Pearl, also from Lionsgate, at $22.99, but discounted the title in its debut week to $14.99. Shoppers could save an additional 15% by using the Target Circle app, brining the price down to $12.74. (Using a Target Redcard to pay would bring the price down another 5%, to $12.10.)

Walmart stores have set up DVD sale displays for Black Friday. The discs are adorned with a color-coded “Promo” sticker to indicate their price, ranging from $3.96 to $12.96.



Merchandising: Get a ‘Bourne’ Collection 4K Steelbook at Best Buy

The big retailers didn’t do much to promote the scant new releases of June 7, but Best Buy had a new 4K Steelbook boxed set of the “Bourne” action franchise starring Matt Damon.

The 4K Steelbook edition of Universal Pictures The Bourne Complete Collection could be had for $64.99. Best Buy’s website indicated copies were still available in stores as of Wednesday evening.

The six-disc set includes 2002’s The Bourne Identity, 2004’s The Bourne Supremacy, 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum, 2012’s The Bourne Legacy (a spinoff without Matt Damon, focused on a new character played by Jeremy Renner), 2016’s Jason Bourne (with Damon returning), and a bonus disc.

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