MoviePass Seeks to Improve Customer Relations

MoviePass has a customer relations problem.

The subscription ticket service March 5 announced it inked a partnership with TaskUs to improve relations with subscribers. It also hired former Jake Petersen, former senior manager of client services at TaskUs, as the company’s VP of customer experience.

Since cutting the monthly sub price six months ago to $9.95, MoviePass has generated more than 2 million members – with a goal of 5 million by yearend.

At the same time, the New York-based company has endured myriad complaints from subs unable to get membership cards and/or being denied access to screening in select markets, among other complaints.

“We want to ensure that all MoviePass subscribers feel that they are being heard and cared for,” CEO Mitch Lowe said in a statement.

Lowe, who has been making the media rounds promoting the service, reiterated MoviePass has been overwhelmed by consumer interest in seeing a theatrical screening daily for a month for less than the cost of standard ticket in a major market.

TaskUs, which as worked with startups such as Tinder, Periscope, Hotel Tonight and Hootsuite, is tasked with providing consultative solutions and scaled support systems to improve MoviePass’ bottom line.

Indeed, the service pays theater operators full value of every ticket acquired by subscribers – an untenable business model without revenue sharing agreements with theaters or millions of infrequent movie-going subs.

At TaskUs, Petersen was responsible for building and running customer experience operations for a number of hyper-growth companies. Prior to TaskUs, Petersen served as the head of professional support and acquisition for Houzz, where he helped grow the service team to over 60 members, while the company grew from 5 to 40 million users.

“We have a massive opportunity here to create something special within the entertainment industry,” said Petersen.