Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor’ Top Rising Show, Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons’ Again Top Binge on TV Time Charts

Hulu’s “Love, Victor” was the top rising show and Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” was again the top binge on the TV Time charts for the week ended June 21.

The fourth and final season of “13 Reasons Why” hit Netflix June 5, and the show topped the binge chart for a third consecutive week. As the series ends, the senior class at Liberty High School is preparing for graduation, but before they can say goodbye, they’ll have to keep a dangerous secret buried. No. 2 on the binge chart was the ABC sitcom “Modern Family,” moving up from No. 3. Taking the bronze was Netflix’s supernatural horror series “The Order,” season two of which hit screens June 18.

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Top rising show “Love, Victor” debuted on Hulu June 19. Inspired by the 2018 film Love, Simon, the romantic dramedy shares Victor’s challenges and self-discovery as he adjusts to a new high school and struggles with his sexual orientation.

Netflix swept spots Nos. 2 through 6 on the rising show chart. Taking the silver was “Mr. Iglesias,” featuring comedian Gabrial Iglesias as a high school teacher, with “The Order” at No. 3.

TV Time is a free TV viewership tracking app that tracks consumers’ viewing habits worldwide and is visited by more than 1 million consumers every day, according to the service. The weekly “Binge Report” ranks shows with the most binge sessions. A binge session is when four or more episodes of a show are watched and tracked in the app in a given day. The “Shows on the Rise” chart is calculated by determining the week-over-week growth in episodes watched for a given program. The network displayed is the network where the show first aired (e.g. “Friends” on NBC).

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 Top Binge Shows Week Ended June 21 by Share of Binges:

  1. “13 Reasons Why” (Netflix) — 3.44%
  2. “Modern Family” (ABC) — 2.48%
  3. “The Order” (Netflix) — 2.17%
  4. “Dynasty” (The CW) — 1.88%
  5. “Friends” (NBC) — 1.63%
  6. “The Office” (NBC) — 1.58%
  7. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (NBC) — 1.27%
  8. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) — 1.21%
  9. “The 100” (The CW) — 1.20%
  10. “Love, Victor” (Hulu) — 1.14%


Top “Shows on the Rise” Week Ended June 21 by Rise Ratio:

  1. “Love, Victor” (Hulu) — 100%
  2. “Mr. Iglesias” (Netflix) — 97.6%
  3. “The Order” (Netflix) — 97.5%
  4. “Coronavirus, Explained” (Netflix) — 97.1%
  5. “The Politician” (Netflix) — 95.8%
  6. “Girls From Ipanema” (Netflix) — 95.7%
  7. “Tomorrow Is Ours” (TF1) — 77.3%
  8. “The Sinner” (USA) — 71%
  9. “Power Rangers” (Nickelodeon) — 58%
  10. “One Day at a Time” (Pop) — 50.2%

Apple TV+ Picks Up Script for Julianne Moore Film ‘Sharper’

Apple has picked up the spec feature screenplay Sharper, starring and produced by Academy Award winner Julianne Moore, for its subscription streaming service Apple TV+.

Sharper follows a con artist, played by Moore, set in the world of Manhattan’s billionaire echelon.

Moore will produce Sharper with Bart Freundlich, Brian Gatewood, Alessandro Tanaka and Erik Feig of Picturestart. Gatewood and Tanaka will write the script. A24 will serve as the studio, with Picturestart attached as the production company.

Sharper marks Moore’s second project with Apple, following the upcoming limited series “Lisey’s Story,” a thriller from writer Stephen King and J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television, in which Moore will star and executive produce, to premiere exclusively on Apple TV+.

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In addition to Sharper, Apple and A24’s feature film partnership includes On the Rocks from Sofia Coppola, starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, and The Sky Is Everywhere. Apple will also soon premiere Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks, on July 10; and the Sundance 2020 Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary Boys State with A24 as the distribution partner on the film.

Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’ Top Binge, ‘Baki’ Top Rising Show on TV Time Charts

Netflix’s anime series “Baki” was the top rising show and the service’s “13 Reasons Why” was the top binge on the TV Time charts for the week ended June 7.

The fourth and final season of “13 Reasons Why” hit Netflix June 5. As the series ends, the senior class at Liberty High School is preparing for graduation, but before they can say goodbye, they’ll have to keep a dangerous secret buried. The series also took the bronze on the rising show chart.

Dropping to No. 2 on the binge chart after a two-week reign at No. 1 was “Dynasty,” a reboot of the 1980s soap opera, with ABC sitcom “Modern Family” landing at No. 3.

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Top rising show, the anime “Baki,” follows Baki Hanma, who trains to become strong enough to surpass his father, the strongest fighter in the world. Season three hit Netflix June 4. “Fuller House,” the fifth and final season of which debuted on Netflix June 2, took the No. 2 spot on the rising show chart. The series ended its run without Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky), who became embroiled in the college admissions scandal.

TV Time is a free TV viewership tracking app that tracks consumers’ viewing habits worldwide and is visited by more than 1 million consumers every day, according to the service. The weekly “Binge Report” ranks shows with the most binge sessions. A binge session is when four or more episodes of a show are watched and tracked in the app in a given day. The “Shows on the Rise” chart is calculated by determining the week-over-week growth in episodes watched for a given program. The network displayed is the network where the show first aired (e.g. “Friends” on NBC).

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 Top Binge Shows Week Ended June 7 by Share of Binges:

  1. “13 Reasons Why” (Netflix) — 5.21%
  2. “Dynasty” (The CW) — 3.49%
  3. “Modern Family” (ABC) — 1.70%
  4. “Space Force” (Netflix) — 1.62%
  5. “Friends” (NBC) — 1.59%
  6. “The Office” (NBC) — 1.58%
  7. “Fuller House” (Netflix) — 1.50%
  8. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (NBC) — 1.36%
  9. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) — 1.21%
  10. “The 100” (The CW) — 1.11%


Top “Shows on the Rise” Week Ended June 7 by Rise Ratio:

  1. “Baki” (Netflix) — 96.1%
  2. “Fuller House” (Netflix) — 94.8%
  3. “13 Reasons Why” (Netflix) — 94.4%
  4. “Queer Eye” (Netflix) — 92.3%
  5. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (E!) — 87.1%
  6. “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” (VH1) — 80.5%
  7. “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” (HBO) — 72.9%
  8. “Dear White People” (Netflix) — 72.3%
  9. “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” (Netflix) — 58.5%
  10. “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Bravo) — 57%

New Seasons of ‘Grantchester’ and ‘Seaside Hotel,’ ‘Wuthering Heights’ Streaming on PBS Masterpiece in June

New seasons of “Grantchester” and “Seaside Hotel” and the Emily Bronte adaptation Wuthering Heights are streaming on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in June.

The subscription rate for the channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Streaming starting June 5 is Wuthering Heights. Tom Hardy (InceptionMad Max: Fury Road) stars as Heathcliff and Charlotte Riley as the heroine Cathy in this adaptation of Emily Bronte’s classic love story. Set against the stark beauty of the English moor, the mysterious gypsy boy Heathcliff, adopted by the Earnshaw family, discovers his soul mate in his stepsister Cathy. But as a man unable to have the love of his life, he seeks vengeance against anyone who comes between them.

Also debuting on the channel June 5 is the documentary Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History. Historian Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb unfolds the extraordinary story of the tumultuous love affair between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and asks: Was it really love that brought them together? And was it love that tore them apart? Using first-hand accounts from the time and visiting the places where Henry and Anne lived and stayed, the program delves into this passionate and volatile relationship — one which would send a queen to her death, amputate England from Europe, and lead to hundreds of years of religious conflict. Suzannah argues against many of the established theories and notions on Henry and Anne, revealing a very different story of their tragic marriage while attempting to answer many of the questions that are still fiercely debated.

The seven-episode “Walter Presents: Monster” also hits screens June 5. In the Norwegian crime thriller, a brutal murder reveals a mass grave which links old cases to missing people. Local policewoman Hedda is put on the case with special investigator Joel Dreyer, who comes from the metropolitan south. Their different backgrounds, personalities and methods immediately set them against each other. But when the investigation begins to spiral out of control, both detectives resort to questionable tactics in order to stay on the case and protect their secrets.

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Due June 12 is season five of the drama “Walter Presents: Seaside Hotel.” It’s the summer of 1932 and like clockwork the regular guests of the hotel arrive to escape their everyday lives and relax for the summer. But when two new guests, the celebrity couple the Molins, check in, their presence interferes with the regular guests’ activities and their daily routines are disrupted. As always, the guests have their own drama and scandals that they need to resolve before the summer ends.

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Hitting screens June 14 is season five of “Masterpiece Mystery!: Grantchester.” It’s 1957, and Will Davenport (Tom Brittney) has settled into his role as the vicar of Grantchester, preaching to a packed church. His best friend, Detective Inspector Georgie Keating (Robson Green), has come to accept his wife Cathy’s commitment to her job (just about). Mrs. C. happily juggles her roles as the vicarage housekeeper and being a well-to-do married woman, and after a trip to Marrakech, even Leonard has managed to carve out some happiness with Daniel. But Will’s faith will be thoroughly tested as he and Geordie are reminded once more that there’s darkness lurking in their little corner of Cambridgeshire. In addition to Brittney and Green, returning members of the acclaimed ensemble include Tessa Peake-Jones, Kacey Ainsworth and Al Weaver.

Available June 19 is the six-episode crime drama “Walter Presents: Trauma.” Adam Belmont is a brilliant and admired cop and has been investigating a series of deaths of young girls thought to be the work of a serial killer. As Adam gets closer to the identity of the killer, he is shot in the head but miraculously survives. With the bullet still lodged in his brain, Adam now suffers from amnesia. As he begins to recover, he discovers a young woman tied up and tortured in his basement. With no memory of his past, Adam is now faced with a terrifying thought: is he the killer?

Due June 22 is the six-episode documentary “Lucy Worsley’s Royal Myths and Secrets.” In each 60-minute episode, host and historian Worsley takes viewers across Britain and Europe to visit incredible locations where royal history was made. During Worsley’s tour through European history, viewers learn the true stories behind Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada, Queen Anne and the information of Great Britain, Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution, and more.

Finally, hitting screens June 26 is the drama “Walter Presents: The Berlin Dance School.” Conservative mother Caterina Schollack runs the prestigious dance school Galant in 1956 Berlin during Germany’s economic boom after WWII’s strict and authoritative attitudes begin to loosen. Caterina’s main concern is marrying-off her three daughters, Monika, Eva and Helga, to wealthy or well-established gentlemen. The sisters do their best to live up to their mother’s expectations and prudish morality while struggling with adulthood and first experiences as women.

HBO Max Acquires U.S. SVOD Rights to ‘Young Sheldon’

HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s newly launched streaming platform, has acquired the exclusive U.S. SVOD rights to the comedy “Young Sheldon” in a deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.

HBO Max is also the streaming home of the entire library of “The Big Bang Theory,” which introduced the character of Sheldon Cooper.

“We now feel like our ‘Big Bang’ offering is complete,” Kevin Reilly, chief content officer of HBO Max and president TNT, TBS and TruTV, said in a statement. “We are so proud to be the home of this beloved franchise and the place where new and existing fans can learn about young Sheldon Cooper’s roots.”

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“In order for Sheldon Cooper to visit his younger self, he would need to manipulate spacetime. All you actually need is HBO Max,” said “Young Sheldon” creators/executive producers Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro. “We are so pleased that ‘Young Sheldon’ will once again be reunited with his future self on HBO Max, and we are excited for fans, new and old, to be able to binge both ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Young Sheldon’ for the first time.”

Apple TV+ to Bow ‘Hedy Lamarr’ Starring Gal Gadot

“Hedy Lamarr,” an eight-episode limited series starring and executive produced by Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman” franchise), will premiere globally on Apple TV+.

The series is written and executive produced by Golden Globe Award winner Sarah Treem (“The Affair,” “House of Cards,” “In Treatment”).

Hailed as “the most beautiful woman in the world,” Hedy Lamarr was first exalted and iconized, then destroyed and eventually forgotten by American audiences, all the while keeping her brilliant mind active through a series of inventions, one of which became the basis for the spread spectrum technology used today. The series will follow the life story of the Hollywood glamour girl, spanning 30 years from Hedy’s escape from prewar Vienna, to her meteoric rise in the Golden Age of Hollywood, to her fall and eventual disgrace at the dawn of the Cold War.

The notion for the historical drama originated from Gadot and producing partner Jaron Varsano (“My Dearest Fidel”), who then partnered with Emmy and BAFTA Award winner Warren Littlefield (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) and Treem, the latter of whom created the series, according to an Apple release.

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In addition to Gadot and Treem, “Hedy Lamarr” will be executive produced by Littlefield and Katie Robbins (“The Affair”). Gadot and Varsano will produce through their production company, Pilot Wave. Adam Haggiag (Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story) and Alexandra Dean (Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story) will serve as co-producers, with Hedy Lamarr’s children Anthony Loder and Denise Deluca consulting on the series.

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Apple TV+ is available on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac, select Samsung and LG smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices, as well as at, for $4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial. The Apple TV app will be available on Sony and VIZIO smart TVs later this year, according to the release.

HBO Max Greenlights ‘Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020’

WarnerMedia’s newly launched streaming service HBO Max has greenlighted Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020.

Laura Benanti (Photo by Jenny Anderson)

Inspired by Tony Award winning actress Laura Benanti’s (“Younger,” “Supergirl,” “Nashville,” and Broadway’s “My Fair Lady” and “She Loves Me”) online movement #SunshineSongs, in which she offered to be an audience for the students around the country whose spring musicals were canceled because of COVID-19, the show will give students the opportunity to sing and dance from the safety of their homes.

Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020 will explore themes of classic teen movies through the lens of a world turned upside down by the global pandemic. The cast, featuring a diverse group of student actors with compelling backstories, will play seniors from the same high school. While the pandemic may have shut down their school, the drama and romantic intrigue live on.

“As a mom of teenagers, I know that this time has been a struggle for them. High school seniors in particular have been hit hard by this pandemic, their dreams of homecoming, prom, spring performances and even graduation being cancelled,” Jennifer O’Connell, HBO Max EVP, original non-fiction and kids programming, said in a statement. “Laura’s brilliant idea to give these kids an audience and a platform has blossomed into this unique opportunity for us to not only celebrate their talent, but to entertain many other families across the country sharing their experience.”

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“Our school shows are more than just entertainment,” Benanti said in a statement. “At the very least, they bring our communities together to revel in the talent of our young artists. At their best, they are a life changing experience that these kids will bring with them into the rest of their lives. I am thrilled that the #SunshineSongs initiative has put the spotlight on so many incredible young performers; grateful to World of Wonder for its grand vision and to HBO Max for providing a global platform on which America’s youth can shine.”

Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020 is executive produced by Benanti along with Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey and Tom Campbell for World of Wonder Productions (“RuPaul’s Drag Race”). Leland (Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”) will write and produce the original songs and score.

Subscriptions to HBO Max are $14.99 per month.

‘The Last Dance’ Draws 23.8 Million International Household Viewers for Netflix

The Last Dance, the documentary series about basketball star Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls championship team, attracted 23.8 million households outside the United States on Netflix, the service announced May 20.

The miniseries, a co-production of Netflix and ESPN Films, aired on ESPN in the United States April 19 through May 17 with each episode being made available the day after airing to international audiences via the SVOD service.

“23 was always his lucky number! 23.8 million households outside the U.S. checked out The Last Dance in its first four weeks on Netflix,” the service tweeted.

Jordan’s jersey number was 23.

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HBO Max Reveals More Coming Content

HBO Max has revealed the second slate of Max Originals available to viewers after the streamer’s May 27 launch.

The next wave of titles coming to the platform begins June 18 with the debut of the entire first season of the unscripted kids adventure competition series “Karma,” led by YouTube host Michelle Khare.

June 25 HBO Max will premiere an original second season of DC Universe’s “Doom Patrol”an original second season of Sesame Workshop’s animated series “Esme & Roy,” taking preschoolers on learning adventures through Monsterdalea brand new third season of the comedy thriller “Search Party” (the first two seasons will be available on the platform at launch May 27); and Adventure Time: Distant Lands — BMO, the first of four hourlong specials resurrecting the Emmy and Peabody award-winning franchise “Adventure Time.”

July 9 is the premiere of the three-part documentary series Expecting Amy, an unfiltered and intimate view into comedian Amy Schumer’s life on tour creating a stand-up special during her difficult pregnancy, and the adult animated comedy “Close Enough,” a look at the surreal life of a millennial family living with roommates, from J.G. Quintel, creator of the Emmy-winning “Regular Show.”

July 16 comes the multi-generational family docusoap “The House of Ho.”

July 23 HBO Max will debut Cartoon Network Studios’ animated children’s series “Tig n’ Seek,” following 8-year-old Tiggy and his gadget-building cat Gweeseek.

July 30 HBO Max presents the U.S. premieres of the scripted comedy “Frayed,” which follows a wealthy Londoner as she travels back to the Australian home she escaped as a teenand the unscripted British animal rescue series “The Dog House.”

Aug. 6 Seth Rogen’s comedy feature An American Pickle will have its world premiere as the first HBO Max original film on the platform under the Warner Max label.

“Shortly after the initial launch our monthly strategy kicks in, as we introduce great new originals every month throughout the year,” said Kevin Reilly, chief content officer, HBO Max, and president, TNT, TBS and truTV, in a statement.

“We want to provide audiences with a wide-ranging and consistent flow of high-quality programming across all genres,” added Sarah Aubrey, head of original content, HBO Max, in a statement. “From scripted series and intimate documentaries, to premium animation for kids and adults, to feature length films from teams at the top of their game, our creators bring it all, each with their own unique take, building a slate of originals that is nothing short of amazing.”

These new titles will join the previously announced day one Max Originals “Love Life,” a scripted comedy starring Anna Kendrick; Sundance 2020 Official Selection feature documentary On the Record; underground ballroom dance competition series “Legendary”; “Craftopia,” hosted by YouTube’s LaurDIY; the new “Looney Tunes Cartoons” from Warner Bros. Animation; and Sesame Workshop’s “The Not Too Late Show with Elmo.”

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HBO’s summer premieres will be also available on the platform as they debut on HBO, including I May Destroy You, executive produced, written by, and starring Michaela Coel on June 7; the 1930s Los Angeles drama “Perry Mason,” starring Matthew Rhys on June 21; the six-part documentary series I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, based on the best-selling book by Michelle McNamara on June 28; the fourth season of the anthology series “Room 104” airing July 24; and from Misha Green and executive producers Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams, the drama series “Lovecraft Country,” airing on HBO this August.

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Newly announced library series available at launch include TNT’s Emmy Award-winning “The Alienist,” the first four seasons of truTV’s “Impractical Jokers” and Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken.” Additionally, HBO Max has confirmed that as part of its previously announced deal with BBC Studios, shows available on day one will also include the U.S. premieres of “Trigonometry,” a love story about three people who are made for each other; the comedy “Ghosts,” about a group of former inhabitants who haunt a country mansion; “Home,” following an average family and the refugee who escapes in the boot of their car; and the comedy Stath Lets Flats where a rubbish lettings agent aims to take over the family business in North London. At launch, HBO Max will also offer BBC Studios titles including the “Doctor Who” spin-off Torchwood; “Luther,” starring Idris Elba; the nine-part miniseries The Honorable Woman; Ricky Gervais’ original mockumentary “The Office”; and seasons 17-25 of the hit car show “Top Gear.” Additionally, HBO Max will become the home of Stage 13’s series “Independent,” following the lives of four independent hip-hop artists; “Lipstick Empire,” telling the story of the founders of Melt Cosmetics; the horror-comedy feature film Snatchers, an official selection at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival; and the world premiere of “Happily Ever Avatar,” a series following three young couples who find love through playing a video game produced in partnership with Magical Elves.

Adding to the previously announced launch slate of feature films acquired for the platform, HBO Max will offer on day one titles such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, An American in ParisBlade Runner: The Final Cut, Blood DiamondBraveheartCitizen Kane, Friday the 13thGodzilla, Gone with the Wind, the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, the Lethal Weapon series, Monsters Vs. Aliens, the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, North by Northwest, Rebel without a CauseSingin’ in the Rain, The Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen and V for Vendetta. HBO Max will also launch with titles via the HBO service including fan favorites such as the original Alien franchise, the American Pie series, AnastasiaBabeDie HardThe Flintstones, In BrugesThe Indian in the CupboardJawsThe Land Before Time series, Moulin Rouge!, and Teen Witch.

Netflix Picks Up Series ‘Sweet Tooth’ Based on DC Characters

Netflix May 12 announced the series pickup of the drama “Sweet Tooth” from Team Downey and Warner Bros. Television based on characters from DC.

The one-hour, eight-episode series is the family-friendly, storybook adventure of Gus — part deer, part boy — who leaves his home in the forest to find the outside world ravaged by a cataclysmic event. He joins a ragtag family of humans and animal-children hybrids like himself in search of answers about this new world and the mystery behind his hybrid origins.

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It stars Christian Convery (Beautiful Boy, Tiger Rising, Playing With Fire), Nonso Anozie (The Laundromat, Zoo, “Game of Thrones”), Adeel Akhtar (“Les Misérables” TV series, Victoria & AbdulThe Big Sick) and Will Forte (“The Last Man on Earth,” “Saturday Night Live”), with James Brolin (Life in PiecesAmityville Horror, Westworld) as the voice of the narrator.

Executive producers are Team Downey’s Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey and Amanda Burrell; and Linda Moran.