Netflix Ending Subscriber Content Reviews

Netflix has begun phasing out the ability for subscribers to write personal reviews of TV shows and movies on the SVOD pioneer’s website.

Long a Yelp-like crowd-sourced feature as Netflix evolved from by-mail disc rental service to subscription streaming video, subscriber reviews had seen declining usage in recent years, according to Netflix.

“We have notified members who have used the feature recently that they will no longer be able to write reviews by the end of July and will no longer be able to read reviews by mid-August,” a spokesperson said in an email.

Subscriber reviews – which were never available on Smart TVs and mobile app – are separate from Netflix’s ongoing “thumbs up/down” rating system and do not affect the service’s content recommendation engine.

“The thumbs rating system helps formulate personalized recommendations for a member and saw heavy usage in testing, before being rolled out across the service,” said the representative. “The written reviews on the site, while viewable to others, had no impact or connection to personalized recommendations.”