Korean Horror Fantasy Sequel ‘The Witch 2: The Other One’ Due on Digital, DVD and Blu-ray Nov. 8 From Well Go

The Korean horror fantasy sequel The Witch 2: The Other One will be released on digital, DVD and Blu-ray Disc Nov. 8 from Well Go USA Entertainment.

In this sequel to the popular Korean sci-fi action thriller The Witch: Part 1 — Subversion, the story moves away from a confined secret lab and out into the real world. After a mysterious girl emerges as the sole survivor of a bloody raid on the research facility behind the top-secret Witch Program, she is rescued by a pair of civilians who soon realize the girl is both very powerful and in very grave danger. However, as the assassins tasked with locating and silencing the girl move ever closer, the lives of everyone around her fall under increasingly great peril.

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 The action-packed drama from director Park Hoon-jung (The Witch: Part 1 — The Subversion) stars newcomer Shin Si-ah, Jo Min-su (The Witch: Part 1 — The Subversion) and Park Eun-bin (“The Ghost Detective”).


Horror Sequel ‘Return to Splatter Farm’ on DVD From MVD

Return to Splatter Farm, the sequel to the 1987 direct-to-video cult horror film Splatter Farm, is available on DVD from MVD Entertainment Group and Wild Eye Releasing.

Thirty years after the infamous “Death Farm” murders in rural Pennsylvania, serial killing is in season once more. A young woman and her friends descend upon the farm to party after discovering that she has inherited the land. Soon after, the strange occurrences and brutal murders begin again.

The film, directed by Mark Polonia (Sharkenstein, Bigfoot vs. Zombies, Feeders), stars Ken Van Zant (Razorteeth, Splatter Beach, Empire of the Apes) and scream queens Mel Heflin (Mrs. Claus, Plan 9, The Profane Exhibit) and Danielle Donahue (Queen Crab, Amityville Island, Jurassic Prey).

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Special features include a director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, a promo video and trailers.