Two Campy 1970s Adventure Films Coming to DVD, Blu-ray Disc on June 7

Kino Lorber on June 7 will release two campy 1970s action-adventure films on DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Savage Sisters ($24.95, Blu-ray only) is a 1974 actioner directed by Filipino filmmaking legend Eddie Romero that stars Romero, Gloria Hendry, Cheri Carraro, Roseanna Ortiz, Sid Haig, Vic Diaz, and John Ashley. The film follows three of the world’s deadliest women as they plan a spectacular jailbreak, a million-dollar robbery and an island revolution. The film was prepped for home release from a new 2K master, and both the DVD and the Blu-ray Disc come with new audio commentary by’s James G. Chandler and Ash Hamilton.

Stunt Rock! ($29.95 Blu-ray, $19.95 DVD) is a 1977 film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Grant Page, Monique van de Ven, Margaret Gerard, Curtis Hyde, Paul Haynes, Curtis Hyde, and Greg Magie. Australian stunt man Page (Mad Max) goes to Los Angeles and meets up with a theatrical rock band called Sorcery. He impresses the rockers so much with his daredevil antics that they hire him for their act. While his first stunt lands him in the hospital, the reckless Page defies his doctors’ orders, escaping out of the ward’s fifth-story window to get back to the band. Page soon finds himself the focus of the ladies, attracting both a newspaper reporter (Gerard) and a television star (van de Ven), much to the annoyance of her manager (Richard Blackburn, Eating Raoul). 

The DVD and Blu-ray Disc of Stunt Rock! feature a new 4K restoration, audio commentary by Trenchard-Smith, and various other extras.