Netflix Generates 15% of Global Internet Streaming Traffic

Netflix created the subscription streaming video market. It had more than 130 million subscribers globally at the end of June, including 57.3 million in the United States.

The subscription streaming video pioneer now accounts for 15% of the total downstream volume of traffic across the entire (worldwide) Internet, according to new data from That percentage, which tops 19% in the United States, is up 3% from the previous-year report.

By comparison, Amazon Prime Video ranked 4thin streaming video traffic in the U.S. – and is now available in 200 countries worldwide and is increasing its share of global traffic.

Streaming video dominates global Internet traffic, generating 58% of global Internet traffic – up more than 22% from last year.

The report said the volume of Netflix traffic in North and South America is what propels the service’s worldwide market domination. At peak hour on fixed networks (not mobile), Netflix’s streaming traffic can top 40% on some operator networks.

Netflix also ranks third (up 5.13%) in the Americas top 10 up-streamers (Google is 7th). Sandvine says the service’s internal analytics technology bookmarks subscribers browsing locations on the site, which results in automatic video previews and increased upload traffic.

Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Netflix ranks 10thin streaming video traffic, up 1.7% — but trailing YouTube (up 4%) and Google (9.4%). Sandvine said Google is second in the EMEA region, reflecting the power of the search engine to generate requests and traffic on a wide variety of topics. This is the first region that Google specifically places near the top.

In the Asia Pacific region, which includes Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc., Netflix ranked 3rd(6.3%), behind Facebook Video (6.6%), but ahead of YouTube (4.9%). Sandvine attributed Netflix strong position to improved library of content selections, in addition to delivering more local content.