Netflix Applies for License to Continue Operating in Turkey as Erdogan Government Cracks Down on Media

With President Tayyip Erdogan’s hardline Turkish government eyeing greater oversight on the media, Netflix has reportedly applied for a new license to continuing streaming content to about 200,000 subscribers.

RTUK, the country’s media regulatory agency, was recently granted greater authority over the country’s radio, television and online content — a move some critics contend could turn to censorship, according to Reuters.

Netflix’s license application was first disclosed by RTUK President Ebubekir Sahin in a post on Twitter. Sahin said more than 600 media entities operating in the country — including local streaming services Puhu TV and Blu TV — had applied for licenses.

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In addition to the license, media operators must adhere to RTUK content standards, which haven’t been disclosed. Failure to adhere to the guidelines after 30 days could result in license suspension or cancelation.

Erdogan, who is facing corruption charges and greater voter backlash, holds executive powers to issue executive decrees, appoint judges and heads of state institutions — including the media.