Entertainment Rights Platform Rightsline Acquires Real Software Systems

Rightsline, a rights and finance management platform for the media and entertainment industry, has acquired Real Software Systems.

The move extends Rightsline’s core IP rights management services to fully support end-to-end financial and royalties workflows while simultaneously expanding its market from media and entertainment into gaming, publishing, consumer products, life sciences and high tech, among other global industries, according to the company.

“Before this acquisition, Rightsline was already the established leader for managing Hollywood’s global IP rights,” Patrick Arkeveld, CEO of Rightsline, said in a statement. “With this acquisition, we’ve assembled a product suite designed to manage the entire lifecycle of IP monetization for nearly any company, in any industry, anywhere in the world.”

Rightline’s entertainment customers include nearly every major studio and streaming platform, according to the company.

Since its founding in 1993, Real Software Systems has grown to become a leading provider of IP commerce software globally, with its Alliant platform managing more than $12 billion in royalties annually across multiple industries. Alliant automates the contractual rights, royalties accounting, revenue-sharing and profit sharing of more than 70 companies with a wide range of underlying IP.

“We’re incredibly proud of Real’s success as software engine builders and pioneers in the IP Commerce space,” Real CEO Kent Sahin said in a statement. “We’re equally proud to be teaming up with Rightsline to fulfill a longstanding goal of providing a comprehensive, unified, and flexible platform for IP commerce businesses. We’re confident that our combined team and product offerings will do just that.”

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Real’s clients span pharmaceutical and life science firms including Gilead and Merck; tech leaders including Dell and Infor; game creators such as EA and Ubisoft; publishers such as Getty Images and Thomson Reuters; media and entertainment leaders such as Legendary and MGM; and consumer-focused companies such as Hallmark and American Greetings.

“The wide range of industries using Real’s Alliant platform reflects two essential takeaways,” Rightsline chief revenue officer Kira Baca said in a statement. “First, it shows that the Alliant platform is highly adaptable to customers’ unique business models. And second, it underscores just how critical monetizing IP rights and managing royalties are across the entire economy. Whether you’re in life sciences, consumer products, gaming, or entertainment, effectively managing the IP lifecycle provides an increasingly essential competitive edge in today’s information economy.”

The integration of Rightsline’s and Real’s systems will provide expanded capabilities for existing customers, including BBC Studios, AMC and the Public Broadcasting Service, according to a press release. Seamless data exchange and complementary feature build-outs will provide operational efficiencies to teams already using both Rightsline and Alliant, allowing them to replace time-consuming, multi-system workflows with higher value strategic activities, according to the press release.

“Combining Rightsline and Alliant from a product standpoint allows us to bring to market the first truly horizontally-integrated IP Commerce platform supporting robust Contract Lifecycle Management functions, availability and library maximization algorithms, as well as the myriad complexities of IP-based financial calculations on a scale never before achieved,” Rightsline chief technology officer Matt Bricker said in a statement. “We have been signaling our commitment to unify the IP supply chain by focusing on increasing our financial capabilities. This transaction demonstrates the reality and scope of that commitment.”

In November 2020, Rightsline was acquired by Klass Capital, a Toronto-based investment firm, in a majority transaction. 

The terms of Rightsline’s acquisition of Real were not disclosed. Real’s employees will join Rightsline.

EMA Adds Seven New Members

The Entertainment Merchants Association has added seven new members: Bitmax, iNDEMAND, Movies Anywhere, Rev, Rightsline, TV Time and Vision Films.

Bitmax is a digital media management company that supports leading content owners and digital distributors, helping them monetize content – from TVOD/EST to SVOD to AVOD.

iNDEMAND distributes premium VOD and PPV entertainment to more than 200 North American TV operators, with a total reach of more than 60 million homes. Jointly owned by Comcast, Charter Communications and Cox, iNDEMAND’s content portfolio features every major Hollywood film studio, top boxing providers and sports leagues.

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Movies Anywhere is a digital movie collection service, bringing together purchased movies from retailers such as iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, FandangoNOW and Xfinity. It is backed by content from Disney, Universal, Warner and Sony.

Rev is a provider of on-demand transcription, closed-captioning, and translation solutions.

Rightsline is a multi-tenant, software-as-a-service rights and contract management platform, offering real-time avails, pipeline management, contract visibility and inventory management.

TV Time is a TV tracking platform, on which nearly a million people worldwide daily keep track of the shows they’re watching, discover what to watch next and engage in a global community of more than 12 million registered TV fans. TV Time offers business solutions through TVLytics, providing data and insights to media companies, talent agencies, advertisers and the content ecosystem.

Vision Films is a worldwide distribution company with a library of more than 800 independent feature films, TV movies, documentaries and music specials.