MVD Adds Six Titles to its ‘Rewind’ Retro Collection

Independent home entertainment supplier MVD Entertainment Group has announced the spring and summer release schedule for its camp/cult/retro MVD Rewind Collection, launched in December 2017 with the Blu-ray Disc release of D.O.A.

Six titles are in the pipeline, including The Return of Swamp Thing, a superhero film based on the DC Comics character. Due May 8 in a Blu-ray Disc/DVD combo pack at a suggested list price of $39.95, the movie revolves around Dr. Alec Holland, a noble scientist who in a powerful explosion is coated him with a bio-restorative formula that sets him ablaze. Jumping into a nearby swamp for relief from the flames, Holland is transformed into the muck-encrusted, half-human/half plant Swamp Thing.

In the 1989 sequel, Dick Durock reprises his role as Swamp Thing as he falls in love with Abigail Arcane (Heather Locklear), step-daughter of a mad scientist, Dr. Anton Arcane. Arcane owns a plant store and is more comfortable talking to her plants than to men in the local singles bar. When she meets Swamp Thing she falls in love as well. Swamp Things winds up rescuing her from the the evil Dr. Arcane, his security forces, and his army of mutant creatures.

Also due May 8 is Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God … Be Back by Five (Blu-ray Disc only, $29.95), 1998 indie that was co-written, produced and stars 1980s icon John Cryer. The film is about a pair of friends looking for a third childhood friend whom they fear may be homeless and mentally ill, and is loosely based on a true story involving Cryer and a former classmate.

Due May 22 is director Pierre De Moro’s Savannah Smiles (Blu-ray Disc/DVD, $34.95), a family comedy from 1982 in which the young daughter of a politician runs away in an effort to get some attention from her parents. She ends up hiding in a car that belongs to a pair of two-bit criminals, and the result is a unique and unlikely bonding experience.

Two more films are coming on June 12, 2006’s Abominable and 1990’s Lionheart, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, both in Blu-ray Disc/DVD combo packs at suggested list prices of $34.95 and $39.95, respectively.

The final summer MVD Rewind Collection release is 1986’s Windrider, starring a 19-year-old Nicole Kidman 1986, The romantic comedy, which costars Tom Burlinson as an enthusiastic surfer attempting to develop a new, high tech surfboard, has never before been released on a home video format in North America. It will be out July 24 in a Blu-ray Disc special edition priced at $29.95.