Peacock Mounts Pop-Up for Fans to Make Audition Tapes for ‘Love Island USA’ Reality Show

Peacock’s Love Island USA Villa Pop-Up is back and headed to Los Angeles (June 14), Chicago (June 22), and the Jersey Shore (June 29) to give fans a chance to film an audition tape in person for the next season of “Love Island USA.”

Visitors to Peacock’s Love Island USA Villa Pop-Up will have the chance to audition to be on the next season of “Love Island USA,” create their own “hot new bombshell” video, get their make-up done, and show off their “rizz.”

Additionally, guests will have an opportunity to mingle with ex-Islanders from previous “Love Island USA” seasons. 

Within the Pop-Up Villa, Maybelline has partnered with Peacock on a co-branded make-up room where artists will be onsite offering touch-ups with the brand’s newest launches, including Sunkisser Liquid Blush and Bronzer and Firework Mascara.

All participants must be 18 years or older and will be asked to further share details at the pop-up.

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Peacock features more than 198 hours of “Love Island” reality dating show content. Season six of “Love Island USA” joins Peacock’s growing “Love Island” roster which includes seasons four and five, the franchise’s first-ever spinoff “Love Island Games,” the U.K. series “Love Island: All Stars,” and seasons of “Love Island South Africa” and “Love Island Spain.”

Netflix Expands Reality TV Slate to Include Video Games

Netflix subscribers can soon find out what it takes to survive a reality TV dating show or sell luxury real estate in Los Angeles as the Netflix Reality Universe expands with four new fictional interactive games based on the streamer’s most-popular unscripted shows. 

“Netflix Stories: Perfect Match,” “Too Hot to Handle 3,” “The Ultimatum: Choices” and “Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset” aim to put streamers in the worlds of the platform’s notable unscripted series. These titles will join the nearly 100 games already on Netflix including, Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game, its sequel Too Hot to Handle 2, and Netflix Stories: Love is Blind

Each game will launch alongside the new season of its respective streaming series. Gamers can also expect fictional appearances from familiar faces from the Netflix Reality Universe, including Nick Lachey, who hosts both the “Perfect Match” series and game, and Chloe Vietch, OG winner of “Too Hot to Handle,” who hosts “The Ultimatum: Choices” and appears as a workshop guru in “Too Hot to Handle 3.”

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“We’ve seen how much our members love stepping inside the Netflix Reality Universe, making their own choices and creating their own story,” Netflix said in a statement. “Expanding the worlds of beloved Netflix series and films is our greatest opportunity in games, and now members can enjoy four more games based on their favorite unscripted series this year.”

Ampere: Competition-Based Reality TV Shows Defy Industry Viewership Turbulence

Outside of the “Real Wives” franchise, most of competition-based reality TV’s legacy format shows originated outside the U.S., in Western Europe and Asia.

Programs include “The Masked Singer,” “MasterChef,” “The Voice,” “Love Island,” “Bake Off,” “Big Brother,” and “Dancing with the Stars,” among others.

This genre of reality TV is proving to be immune to the decline in commissioning content across wider media industry, according to a new data from Ampere Analysis. While the volume of unscripted titles announced in North America fell by 14% between Jan. – June 2022 and Jan. – June 2023, titles based on competition decreased just 6%.

With competition representing a “safe bet” in a turbulent market, competition-based commissions are decreasingly euro-centric, as global streamers and other non-European commissioners represent an increasing proportion of new shows announced.

Western Europe, and in particular the U.K., still remains the creative engine of competition-based reality TV, including Max’s new dating import, “Naked Attraction,” which showcases completely naked contestants trying to find love.

Between the first half of 2019 and first half 2023, 36% of all competition-based commissions were based on UK shows. However, the emergence of global competitors sees English-language titles represent a decreasing proportion of format-based commissions. While English-language format titles represented 59% of all format-based commissions in H1 2019, this number had dropped to 36% by the same period in 2023.

With 824 titles announced based on its formats between H1 2019 and H1 2023, Asia’s Banijay leads the field with almost twice as many titles than any other owner (ITV Studios was second with 464 titles). Owning a fifth of the top 20 formats globally, the vast catalog includes many titles previously sold by Endemol Shine, acquired by the company in 2020. These include “MasterChef,” “Big Brother,” “The Voice,” “Robinson” (previously Expedition Robinson) and “Lego Masters”.

Although Banijay leads in terms of the total number of titles, most of these do not represent new international versions. Between H1 2019 and H1 2023, 59% of all commissions based on Banijay-owned titles were renewals in existing markets. South Korea’s MBC-owned “The Masked Singer” commissioned in more markets than any other show.

While streamers have a long way to go to compete with more established players in the competition-based reality landscape. VOD commissions made up just 15% of all format-based commissions announced between H1 2019 and H1 2023.

International production capabilities also give global streamers a competitive advantage over their linear TV competitors. While linear commissioners carry out negotiations to import a format from elsewhere, streamers can easily recreate their own formats in multiple markets. Global streamers, Discovery+, Netflix, Amazon, and Discovery+ made up three of the top 15 commissioners of format-based titles between H1 2019 and H1 2023, and VOD commissions represent an increasing proportion of format-based commissions overall.

“With [content] commissioners facing more stringent spending limits, format-based titles offer an opportunity for companies to reduce risk by recreating shows that have a proven track record,” Olivia Deane, senior analyst at Ampere, said in a statement. “Formats also give global commissioners an advantage, as they can easily replicate successful formats in different operating markets. The future will represent unprecedented competition for Western European format owners, as more international and global players increase their focus on format-based titles.”

Hulu Orders ‘Survivor’-Like Series Set in Mansion Rather Than the Wilderness

Hulu has ordered a new original social experiment and competition series from Wheelhouse that will test the loyalties of a group of strangers vying for a major payday. Created by Glenn Hugill, president of Wheelhouse’s UK arm, and produced by Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios, “Got to Get Out” (working title) will consist of 10 hour-long episodes.

Glenn Hugill

The new series will feature participants living together in a mansion for 10 days, competing for a cash prize that increases by $1 every second. Various completed physical and mental challenges will add money to the pot, with a total of $1 million at stake. Participants can stick together and take an equal share of the prize money at the end of their stay, or go rogue and attempt to steal the full pot of money for themselves.

To take the pot, all they have to do is escape the mansion via its single exit: the front gate. However, in this game, getting out is easier said than done. At various times, both day and night, the gate will open and a getaway car will arrive, presenting an opportunity for cast members to betray their comrades and make off with the cash. However, competitors can block each other’s run for the money via a red button that immediately closes the gate. Temptations, including secret escape intel, taunt players at every turn, upending strategies and threatening allegiances.  

While “Got to Get Out” incorporates physically demanding and mentally taxing challenges, the competition hinges on the group’s constantly evolving social dynamic and hierarchy. 

“Got to Get Out” will be produced for Hulu by Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios with Brent Montgomery, Ed Simpson, Glenn Hugill, Pam Healey and Liz Fine serving as executive producers. Charles Wachter will serve as executive producer and showrunner.

Roku Channel Unveils Trailer for Original Series ‘Reptile Royalty,’ Due July 21

The Roku Channel has released the trailer for the first season of its original reality series “Reptile Royalty,” which starts streaming July 21.

In the six-episode season, running the world-renowned Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, Calif., is a neverending adventure for social media sensation Jay Brewer and his team. Viewers will encounter one scale-covered tale after the next, as Brewer cares for more than 600 of the rarest and exotic reptiles on Earth alongside his daughters and fearless fellow animal lovers. Get an all-access pass to the famous zoo, jam-packed with laugh-out-loud adventure and unavoidable chaos.

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FilmRise Venturing Into Original Reality-Based Competition Content

New York-based film and television studio and streaming network FilmRise and Venture 10 Studio Group have partnered with candy manufacturer Mars Wrigley to produce a new reality competition TV series, “Follow Me,” that aims to show viewers what it takes to become famous in the social media age.

Hosted and executive produced by Bethany Mota, and debuting on May 3,
the series will bow on The FilmRise Streaming Network, which includes branded OTT and YouTube channels before expanding on the company’s AVOD and FAST partner platforms.

In the eight, 60-minute episodes, eight aspiring social media stars compete in business-themed challenges with the goal of building their follower bases. Throughout the series, contestants will be tasked with creating engaging content inspired by Mars brands such as M&M’S, Skittles, Snickers and Orbit.

“This is truly one of our most mainstream co-productions to date,” Max Einhorn, SVP of acquisitions and co-productions at FilmRise, said in a statement. “The series’ format combines two of the most-popular mediums — social media and reality competition.”

With a grand prize of $50,000, along with branded moments from ancillary sponsors, show participants compete in various social media-based challenges. Contestants will also have access to current influencers including Charlotte McKinney, Alan Bersten (“Dancing With the Stars”), Courtney Revolution (“The Circle”), Emily Mei, and Taya Miller, among others, who will serve as mentors.

At the end of each episode, the contestant with the least number of social media followers is eliminated. The one contestant with the most followers at the end of the competition will be crowned the winner and receive the $50,000 prize from Mars Wrigley.

Fox Nation Streaming Service to Bow ‘The Real Hatfields & McCoys’ Reality TV Series

The Fox Nation subscription streaming video service April 10 announced it would debut new reality series “The Real Hatfields & McCoys: Forever Feuding” on April 24.

The five-part series spotlights the modern-day Hatfields and McCoys, families whose notoriously violence-ridden relationship has taken a more light-hearted contemporary twist. From the families’ brutal disputes in the 1800s to current 21st century issues, the program, set in West Virginia, highlights their ongoing rivalry.

“This series is a modern day look inside one of the most historic and iconic [family] feuds in American history,” Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation, said in a statement.

Hatfield family members include Nancy Justus (the oldest surviving direct descendent of Devil Anse Hatfield), Missy Lester, Amber Bishop, Chad Bishop and Christopher Champagne. The McCoys include Big Jim, Courtney Quick, Derek DeProspero, Casandra Champagne, James and John Quick.

Additionally, Dean King, author of “The Feud: Hatfields and McCoys: The True Story,” will join the series to detail the families’ history. The series is produced by Flying Scoop Media & Entertainment, with Mark Finkelpearl and Nathaniel Starck as executive producers.

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Part 1

Meet the modern-day descendants of the Hatfield and McCoy families. They’re still feuding, but not with guns. The Hatfields own a distillery and the McCoys an entertainment complex. They’ll each do whatever they can to make sure the other doesn’t succeed.

 Part 2

Tensions fly when a Hatfield and a McCoy decide to get married. Casandra, a McCoy, wants the ceremony at Courtney’s new restaurant. Chris, Casandra’s fiancée and a Hatfield, has to break the news to his family that he is marrying a McCoy.

 Part 3

Courtney, proprietor of McCoy Station, races against the clock to get the occupancy permit she needs to open her business. The only thing standing in her way is Fire Marshal Chris Hatfield. Meanwhile, the Hatfields have their own problems with fire.

 Part 4

The grand opening ceremony for McCoy Station is less than 24 hours away and Courtney still needs to put the finishing touches on her business. The Hatfields have a launch party of their own as they introduce a new variety of moonshine.

 Part 5

The big day has finally arrived with Chris and Casandra ready to tie the knot. Things have been relatively peaceful, but will the stress of merging the two families destroy the truce?

Roku Greenlights Three New Reality TV Shows

Roku announced the expansion of its unscripted original content slate with the greenlight of three new reality adventure series: “Fight to Survive,” “Reptile Royalty” and “UFO Cowboys.”  

Hosted by Akbar Gbajabiamila (“American Ninja Warrior,” “The Talk”), “Fight to Survive” takes viewers to a remote tropical island for an intense survival competition across episodes involving 17 contestants from previous reality survival shows, including “Survivor,” “Naked and Afraid” and “Alone” competing for the $250,000 top prize.

“Reptile Royalty” introduces viewers to the unpredictable world of social media’s Jay Brewer and his Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, Calif. Working alongside his three daughters and a colorful group of animal lovers, Brewer cares for more than 600 of the rare and exotic reptiles across six episodes. 

“UFO Cowboys” follows a group of ranchers, known as the Cowboy Sky Watchers, as they investigate paranormal happenings along the 37th Parallel over eight episodes.  Known as the “UFO Superhighway,” this area is known for UFO sightings and disturbances, with more supernatural and extraterrestrial sightings in the American West than anywhere else in the United States.

“Our latest trio of Roku Originals underscores our commitment to showcasing everyday people in extraordinary circumstances,” Brian Tannenbaum, head of alternative originals, said in a statement. “Each series offers our streamers a glimpse into an almost unbelievable world – with a mix of high stakes, fight, heart, and some humor along the way.” 

The series will exclusively debut later in 2023 on The Roku Channel. 

FilmRise, Blue Ant International Co-Produce, Distribute Original True Crime Series ‘Killers: Caught on Camera’

New York-based film and TV studio and streaming network FilmRise Jan. 24 announced a co-production and distribution deal with Blue Ant International for a new true crime series with a voyeuristic twist, “Killers: Caught on Camera.”

The 10-episode true crime series aims to give viewers a front-row seat to footage and analysis of bad decisions and acts of pure evil, according to a FilmRise press release.

“[The series is] captivating … and we are confident that it will be another favorite among this genre’s audience,” Max Einhorn, SVP of acquisitions and co- productions of FilmRise, said in a statement.

The series was co-developed between Blue Ant and back2back productions, with additional financing from CBS Reality, Seven.One Entertainment Group and Viaplay Group. FilmRise secured all exclusive distribution rights in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. CBS Reality secured exclusive broadcast rights in the United Kingdom and Africa.

The series incorporates video footage from home security cameras, CCTV, and dashcams helping detectives catch perpetrators.

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Family members of victims and law enforcement provide first-hand accounts of how the chilling events unfold while experts, including criminal psychologist Dr. Julia Shaw, dissect the darkest corners of the criminal mind. Shaw, a psychological scientist specializing in false memory and criminal psychology, is most notably known as the co-host of BBC Sounds’ No. 1 podcast “Bad People,” which analyzes and tries to understand the behavior of murderers, sex offenders, cannibals and serial killers.

“Shocking, revealing and emotionally charged, [the show] takes the viewer to the very heart of each and every manhunt, as investigators use everything at their disposal to track down the person responsible,” David Notman-Watt, founder/managing director back2back productions, said in a statement.

The deal was negotiated by Einhorn and Ben Barrett, global head of content financing and partnerships of Blue Ant. FilmRise’s Danny Fisher and Einhorn serve as executive producers, alongside Notman Watt, Sam Rowden and Jess Rampling from CBS Reality.

Netflix Renews Realtor Soap ‘Selling Sunset’ for Two More Seasons as Christine Quinn Returns

Netflix has gone all in on the Southern California real estate market.

The streamer renewed the Emmy-nominated docusoap “Selling Sunset” for two more seasons, with production on seasons six and seven set to begin later this summer. 

Set in the world of LA’s high-end real estate, the series follows a team of successful female realtors who all work under the same roof at The Oppenheim Group, which claims to be the No. 1 agency in the Hollywood Hills and the Sunset Strip. The agents work hard and play harder, as they attempt to co-exist in the competitive LA market without backstabbing each other — too much.

The show elevated the profiles of several actor/realtors, including Christine Quinn, Jason Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, her French-born husband Romain Bonnett, Heather Rae El Moussa (who is married to “Flip or Flop” star Tarek El Moussa) and Chrishell Stause, according to an online survey.

Indeed, Tarek and Heather just signed to appear in their own HGTV reality show, “The Flipping El Moussas,” which is sure to complicate matters, while Quinn launched an online realtor service with her husband based on cryptocurrency. Quinn, who masterfully played co-workers against each other for personal gain, was a no-show at the end of season 5 following allegations that she attempted to bribe the client of a follow agent (Emma Hernan) to list with her.

Netflix is set to bow a “Selling Sunset” spin-off show called “Selling the OC,” which features a separate cast of female and male realtors fighting each other under The Oppenheim Group shingle in Orange County. The eight-episode series launches Aug. 24.

Both series are created by Done and Done Productions and Lionsgate, with executive producers Adam DiVello, Sundee Manusakis, Kristofer Lindquist, Skyler Wakil and Jason Oppenheim, among others.

Interestingly, Netflix will also premiere “Buying Beverly Hills,” a real estate soap that follows the agents and clients within Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency in Beverly Hills, Calif., over eight episodes. Mauricio, his daughters, Farrah Brittany and Alexia Umansky, and the talented group of agents highlight the high stakes world of luxury real estate in Los Angeles. The series debuts Aug. 24.

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Separately, Netflix revealed the July 8 premiere of “How to Build a Sex Room,” an eight-episode show based around interior designer Melanie Rose who caters to couples looking for more spice in the bedroom.

“How To Build a Sex Room” (Cr. Caleb Alvarado/Netflix © 2022)

The streamer also announced the  July 27 debut of “Dream Home Makeover” season three, “Instant Dream Home,” which premieres Aug. 10, and “Designing Miami,” which premieres on Sept. 21.

Finally, “Buy My House” is set to premiere this fall featuring homeowners from across America selling their properties, on the spot, to one of four real-estate tycoons, including Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman, Corcoran Group CEO Pamela Liebman, NFL Linebacker Brandon Copeland, and investment property magnate Danisha Wrighster.

The unique homes are up for grabs as the owners share heartfelt backstories and engage in heart pounding negotiations with the tycoons.