Doc ‘I Am the White Tiger’ Available on DVD and Digital From Random Media

The martial arts documentary I Am the White Tiger is available now on DVD, on demand and digital from Random Media.

Directed by Lei Chiu, the film follows stuntman, action director and martial artist Mark Houghton, who tells his story of breaking into the Hong Kong film industry, his struggle with injuries and depression, and the promise he made his teacher, the legendary filmmaker Lau Kar Leung. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Houghton learned martial arts after seeing the films of Bruce Lee. He befriended a young Chinese man named Willie Wong, who told him that if he wanted to learn kung fu, he’d need to go to Asia. As a teenager, Houghton left the United Kingdom and went to Malaysia to learn kung fu from a sifu named Ho Kam Wei. He returned to the United Kingdom and opened a Kung Fu school of his own. He traveled to Hong Kong and met his idol, legendary director Lau Kar Leung. Impressed by his knowledge of Hung Gar kung fu, Lau offered Houghton a supporting role in an upcoming film. Houghton closed his school in the United Kingdom and made the permanent move to Hong Kong to start his career in film. The life of a foreign stuntman in Hong Kong took a toll on Houghton’s body. Not able to do what he once could, he left the industry and battled his demons. However, a promise he made to Lau Kar Leung gave him the purpose and vision to build a new and better future.

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Filmed in Hong Kong, I Am the White Tiger has collected multiple awards including Best Action Film at the Iron Dragon TV Action Fest 2018 and Best Editing (Feature Documentary) at Nice International Film Festival 2018.

Doc ‘Hot Doug’s: The Movie’ Due on DVD, Digital and VOD June 25 From Random Media

The documentary Hot Doug’s: The Movie is coming to DVD, digital and VOD June 25 from Random Media and Markos Films.

The film follows chef Doug Sohn, who has a love of “encased meats” and a desire to create a sausage superstore. Hot Doug’s opened in 2001 and quickly became a phenomenon, ushering in the era of gourmet-casual dining and attracting fans from around the world, including Anthony Bourdain, who included it as “one of the 13 places to eat before you die.’’  Love for Doug and his crew, who operated like family, made the restaurant an institution, with fans waiting in line for hours to try culinary delicacies that transcended the average hot dog, made with ingredients including foie gras, venison, curry pork and escargot and bearing names such as The Joe Strummer, The Anna Kendrick and The Elvis.

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The film follows Sohn from being at the top of his game to a decision to close his restaurant at the height of its popularity, after 13 years in business.

Hot Doug’s: the Movie – Trailer from Christopher Markos on Vimeo.


Drama ‘Wasted’ Headed to DVD, Digital and VOD June 11 From Random Media

The drama Wasted is coming to DVD, digital and VOD June 11 from Random Media and Homebird Films.

The minimalist film with limited dialogue is directed and produced by Lee Price. It’s an urban tale of a young homeless man (George Welton) struggling to survive, as he demonstrates the need for human connection. This leads him into conflict with people he may or may not have known in the past. Ultimately, his need to find a place in the world drives him to extremes.

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The film also stars Paul James Mackenzie, Tristan March, Adrienne Mackenzkie and Connor Biggs.

Wasted Official Trailer from Random Media on Vimeo.


Thriller ‘Unwritten’ Coming to Digital and DVD May 21 From Random Media

The psychological sci-fi thriller feature film Unwritten will come out on digital, DVD and on demand May 21 from Random Media.

Starring Gabriel Burrafato (“Criminal Minds”), Brittany Hoza (Annabelle Comes Home), Mark Justice (The Immortal Wars), Ben Stobber (Bus Party to Hell), Lorenzo Lamas (“Falcon Crest”) and Abraham Rodriguez (Power Rangers Beast Morpher), the film follows Albert (Burrafato), an agoraphobic, failed writer who lives in a used bookstore. He becomes convinced that a mysterious customer is actually the villain from a story that he never finished writing. When no one believes him, he is forced to overcome his fears in an attempt to save his estranged daughter and also the world. Is this character real or only a figment of Albert’s imagination?

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Filmed in a Las Vegas family-run bookstore, Unwritten has picked up several film festival awards including Best Feature, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Thriller.

Thriller ‘Eyes and Prize’ Coming on Digital and DVD From Random Media May 14

The British drama-thriller Eyes and Prize will be unveiled on digital, DVD and on demand May 14 from Random Media.

The film, skewering the cult of instant celebrity, follows four contestants who one by one arrive to the set of a brand-new reality show beaming live 24/7 over the internet. There’s no stage manager there to meet them, no-one to tell them what to do and, locked inside, no-one tells them how long they’re going to be there.

The film stars Alanna Flynn (Anuvahood), Jackson Bews (Black Mirror), Gerard McDermott (Set the Thames on Fire) and Nick Blakeley (Goodbye Christopher Robin).

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Eyes and Prize has appeared at such film festivals as Cinequest, CineExcess, the London Independent Film Festival, the Laughlin International Film Festival and the Ramsgate International Film Festival.

‘Reinventing Rosalee’ Director Found a Captivating Subject in Her Centenarian Mother

Author and media commentator Lillian Glass didn’t have to look far for the subject of her first film. She had a captivating story in her own family, the life of her centenarian mother, whose experiences and positive attitude offered as much drama and inspiration as a fictional saga.

Her documentary Reinventing Rosalee, about Rosalee Glass, who lives life to the fullest, will come out on digital, VOD and DVD May 7 from Random Media in time for Mother’s Day.

Despite having lost family in the Holocaust and labor camps, among other tragedies, Rosalee started taking piano lessons in her 80s, become a successful actress with a Super Bowl commercial in her 90s and, for her 100th birthday, released a book 100 Years of Wisdom and started an online life advice service. She celebrated her 102nd birthday on Jan. 28, 2019, with recognition by the mayor of Los Angeles and city council.

“It’s a lesson that it’s never too late to live your dream,” said the director of her film.

The documentary recounts both good times and bad in the life of Rosalee, who was sent to a Siberian gulag during World War II and lost her family in the Warsaw ghetto. She also lost two children in those early years, one to starvation and one to tuberculosis.

“I didn’t really realize the impact that the children that she lost had on her,” said her daughter. “It was quite severe.”

The director also found out about other struggles, including how Rosalee survived when her husband had tuberculosis and had to be taken to a hospital in Germany.

“She didn’t have money to see him,” her daughter said. “She took off her bra and made a pattern and started selling brassieres to people and was able to have the fare to go back and forth to see her husband. It’s inspiring, the kind of ingenuity that she had, just amazing strength and fortitude.”

For the documentary, Lillian Glass did extensive research on the fate of her mother’s family. In the Russian archives, she found out that Rosalee’s brother was pulled off a train, sentenced to hard labor and then sent into the Russian Army. That’s where the trail stops.

The rest of the family died in the Warsaw ghetto. The director and her mother visited the location of Rosalee’s former home for the film.

“We went to Poland and gave her relatives, her mother, her father, her sisters, who died in the Warsaw ghetto, an honorable burial, taking their photographs and burying them where they had lived,” the director said. “Her home was no longer there, but the area is, so we kind of buried it where the home would have been…. It was very emotional for her because this was the first time that she was able to grieve the loss of that family that she had.”

To recount Rosalee’s early life, the director had to get creative. “There’s no footage from back then, so one of the fun things I did was that Rosalee’s husband Abraham looked just like Cary Grant when he was younger, so I took a lot of public domain footage of Cary Grant movies and applied them appropriately and then I looked at 1926 Russian films where we got the gulags,” the director recalled.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum also helped her locate some of the footage.

“It was just really a lot of research and having been a professor and a researcher early in my life, I really see that those skill sets are very valuable as a film producer and director,” she said.

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Further tragedy in Rosalee’s senior years, the death of her son in a medical malpractice incident after losing her husband of 60 years, almost broke her spirit.

“She became severely, severely, severely depressed,” her daughter recalled. “Then one day kind of like a miracle happened. She woke up and said, ‘I’m going to live life to the fullest,’ and what she did was like amazing. She started taking tango dancing lessons, piano lessons, tai chi, all these kinds of things she never did before, even an acting class and the acting teacher said she was so good that she should get an agent, which she did, and then she became an actress at 86. At 94, she won a beauty pageant, a senior beauty pageant, won Miss Congeniality in the Senior California Pageant. She then at 97 starred in a Super Bowl commercial, and at 99 wrote this book and at 100, she rode the dogsled in Alaska. At 101, she went to the Cannes Film Festival, and now she’s going to premieres and everything regarding her film.”

The film has won more than 40 awards throughout the world, the director said, and it has also inspired moviegoers.

“One person who saw the film hadn’t spoken to his mother in 10 years,” the director said. “He then picked up the phone and talked to her and immediately made a reservation and flew there the next day. Another brother and sister didn’t talk to both of their parents for many, many years and made up after seeing this film.”

Rosalee’s life is a lesson in hope and having a positive attitude, the director said, noting that her mother harbors no hate as she embarks on new experiences.

“It shows you that it’s never too late to just try things, take risks, live your dream and that bad times don’t last forever,” the director said.

Random Media’s ‘Reinventing Rosalee’ Screens in Beverly Hills

Hollywood stars appeared on the red carpet April 2 in Beverly Hills, Calif., for a special launch screening of Random Media’s documentary Reinventing Rosalee, about Rosalee Glass, a 102-year-old Holocaust survivor who transforms her destiny. The film will come out on DVD, VOD and digital May 7.

Documentary ‘Reinventing Rosalee’ Coming to Digital, VOD and DVD May 7 From Random Media

The documentary Reinventing Rosalee, about a centenarian who lives life to the fullest, will come out on digital, VOD and DVD May 7 from Random Media in time for Mother’s Day.

A survivor of the holocaust and labor camps, Rosalee Glass didn’t want to go on after she lost her third child and her husband of 60 years. But she decided one day to live the rest of her life to the fullest, taking piano lessons in her 80s, becoming a successful actress in the 90s and, for her 100th birthday, releasing a book 100 Years of Wisdom and starting an online life advice service.

She celebrated her 102nd birthday on Jan. 28, 2019, with recognition by the mayor of Los Angeles and city council.

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Directed by her daughter Lillian Glass, Reinventing Rosalee is having a theatrical run in New York and Los Angeles in April prior to its home entertainment release.

Modern Take on Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ Rides to Digital March 19, Disc April 9 From Random Media

As You Like It, a contemporary Western retelling of Shakespeare’s classic story with an all-male cast, will come out on Digital HD and VOD March 19 and DVD April 9 from Random Media.

The film, from writer-director Carlyle Stewart and shot entirely in Death Valley using the bard’s original language, is a romantic adventure in which the courtship of characters Rosalind and Orlando play out against a backdrop of rivalry, banishment and exile.

The all-male cast — as was the Shakespearean stage tradition and emphasizing themes and ideas in the original work that have been lost in modern adaptations — includes Grant Jordan, Zach Villa, Joseph Haro, Stephen Ellis, Tom Bower and Graham Greene.

As You Like It – Official Trailer from Random Media on Vimeo.


Random Media Unleashes 15 Films on Home Video Through May 2019

Indie distributor Random Media has laid out its release plans for 15 movies for streaming, video on demand and DVD through May 2019, the company’s largest product announcement in its history.

Due Feb. 5 is the thriller Patient 001, about a wife who hopes to give her dying husband a child by cloning him, only for the baby’s birth to unexpectedly bring the husband back to life, unleashing terrifying results.

Due Feb. 12 is the thriller Hunter, about a young man living in the brutal winter streets of Chicago who grapples with the horrifying truth of the supernatural figures that killed his family.

Feb. 19 sees the release of the documentary Doobious Business, a shocking and sometimes hilarious portrait of a pot dealer in Toronto whose world shatters upon the legalization of marijuana.

Arriving Feb. 26 is the comedy Abnormal Attraction, about a fantasy world where fairy tale monsters and humans coexist, and tensions between the races are about to reach a breaking point.

Due March 5 is the thriller Black Ruby, about two musicians whose dreams and friendship is threatened by a seductive young escort.

March 12 sees the release of the comedy Kathryn Upside Down, in which a fashionista’s distorted reality is flipped when she serendipitously meets her biological father, a plumber.

Due March 19 is the Western comedy As You Like It, a contemporary adaptation of the Shakespeare classic that uses the original text with an all-male cast.

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Arriving March 26 is the sci-fi thriller Flashout, in which three young women from a space habitat in a parallel universe play a blind date reality game and are trapped on Earth.

Due April 2 is the Western Baldknobber, based on the true story of a 1880s vigilante group that terrorized Missouri.

Coming April 9 is Destination: Dewsbury, a comedy about four school friends who reunite in middle age for a disastrous road trip when one of them is dying.

April 16 sees the release of the drama Heartbreak, based on the life of an award-winning professional billiard champion who is down on his luck when he encounters a young Korean woman seeking to become the billiard world champion to save her son’s life.

Due April 23 is Yamasong: March of the Hollows, a stop-motion animated film about an automated girl and tortoise warrior who journey with a band of outlaws on a quest to find a legendary relic to defeat a sinister mechanized army and save the creatures of their world.

Arriving May 7 is the documentary Reinventing Rosalee, in which a Holocaust survivor Rosalee Glass shares her story of surviving World War II and transforming her life with an acting career in her late 80s, and riding Alaskan sled dogs at 100.

Due May 14 is the thriller Eye & Prize, about four strangers who move into a small apartment to take part in a reality show.

Arriving May 21 is the sci-fi thriller Unwritten, in which n agoraphobic, failed writer who lives in a used bookstore becomes convinced that a mysterious customer is the villain from a story that he never finished writing.

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to work with such a fantastic assortment of filmmakers on some of the most exciting and diverse indie features we’ve seen come along in years,’ said Random Media CEO Eric Doctorow. “With the great pool of talent creating independent film and wide selection of platforms to showcase them, we enter our fifth year with more fantastic films for a broader audience than ever.”