Verizon’s +Play Platform Offering 12 Months Free Netflix Premium Service

Verizon announced that beginning March 12 for a limited time that its wireless, 5G Home and LTE Home subscribers can get one year of Netflix’s Premium plan ($240 annual value) free through +Play, Verizon’s attempt to emulate Amazon Prime Video Channels platform for third-party streaming services.

The promotion follows Verizon’s separate high-profile offering of free access to Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Discovery and AMC+ to its wireless subscribers.

To get the special offer, customers must purchase an annual subscription from a selection of +Play partners, including AMC+, Calm, MasterClass, Paramount+, the Peloton App, Starz, Hallmark TV, Paramount+ and Super Duolingo, among others.

“+Play is a marketplace for our partners to leverage even broader direct-to-consumer reach and engagement, and it advances Verizon’s strategy building new business models on our network,” Erin McPherson, chief content officer of Verizon Consumer Group, said in a statement.

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Verizon Begins Testing +Play Streaming Platform With Free Netflix Access

Verizon Dec. 14 announced early access to its branded “+play” content hub, which includes one year of Netflix’s premium ($19.99) subscription plan when paired with the purchase of select third-party subscriptions on the platform.

Verizon, which has no proprietary streaming service, is launching +play to its mobile and 5G Home and LTE Home customers, as a conduit to third-party streaming services and content — similar to Amazon Prime Channels.

Free Netflix access is predicated on the purchase of a 12-month subscription to NFL+, NBA League Pass, AMC+, and the Peloton App, among others.

“As one of the largest direct to consumer distributors in the U.S., Verizon is the partner of choice for content and subscriptions services, and we’re positioned to move the industry forward by offering customers more choice, and enabling a seamless billing and management experience,” Erin McPherson, chief content officer for Verizon, said in a statement.

The +play platform builds on third-party content providers Verizon already offers wireless subscribers, including Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Discovery+ and AMC+. New services include HBO Max, A+E Networks (Lifetime Movie Club, History Vault, and A&E Crime Central), The Athletic, Calm and Duolingo, among others.

“The exclusive relationships Verizon has with the top subscription services and content providers, coupled with our distribution scale and customer retention, differentiates us and makes us the partner of choice for providers and customers alike,” McPherson said. “On +play, customers can get savings and value they can’t access anywhere else and our content providers get vast distribution and stickiness that’s beyond reproach.”

Verizon Adds NBA Streaming Services to ‘+Play’ Platform

Verizon announced that NBA League Pass, the league’s live-game subscription service, and NBA TV, the league’s highlight streaming service, are the latest additions to the telecom’s +play platform affording the telecom’s wireless subscribers a single access point to third-party services.

Similar to Amazon Prime Channels, which give Prime members easier access to other subscription streaming services, Verizon’s +play gives users the ability to access and manage their subscriptions to both NBA League Pass and NBA TV, among others.

“As one of the largest direct-to-consumer distributors in the country, we’re solving for millions of customers’ pain points by providing them with an innovative tool to manage and get exclusive deals on multiple subscriptions all in one place,” Erin McPherson, chief content officer for Verizon, said in a statement.

Verizon Readying New Streaming, Router Devices, SVOD Platform With NFL+ Access

Verizon Communications is preparing to launch +Play, a subscription streaming platform affording users easier access to third-party over-the-top video services.

The telecom, which made the announcement Sept. 28 at the ongoing Mobile World Congress Las Vegas, is also readying the launch of a new proprietary router and streaming set-top box it reports will increase upload speeds by 100% and is waterproof so it can be used outdoors.

Following the $1 billion write-down in 2018 for its failed Go90 streaming platform that had targeted millennial users with access to original content, music and licensed programming, Verizon has looked to fill the void marketing third-party SVOD platforms such as Disney+, and later, the bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu, free to select unlimited wireless subscribers.

Its +Play is designed to be a one-stop-shop for purchasing subscription services across entertainment, gaming, music, wellness and other genres.

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Through new partnerships with Netflix, Peloton, Live Nation’s Veeps and featuring Discovery+, A+E Networks and AMC+, among other services, the hub will give Verizon customers a more efficient way to access and take advantage of exclusive deals from content services.

By 2024, the average streamer will subscribe to more than five services, according to Verizon. With more platforms launching across content, gaming, music, news and lifestyle, the telecom and internet service provider contends +Play offers an easier way to manage subscriptions across any and all devices and is a more effective way to discover new content.

“Through premium content and entertainment relationships, we have a track record as one of the largest and most successful direct to consumer platforms in the country,” said Manon Brouillette, EVP and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, in a statement. “We already support the management of millions of Verizon-offered content subscriptions and +Play will further enhance our Mix & Match plan proposition by scaling choice through aggregation — choice of connectivity, choice of device, and now choice of content and digital services with added perks and offers in a one stop shop.”

Separately, Verizon announced that the NFL’s new subscription service NFL+ will be available for customers to purchase on +Play. Fans can watch football on their schedule with full and condensed replays of every game — for a separate monthly subscription fee. The NFL is the first major sports league to join +Play.

“Our new direct to consumer platform will enable our customers to discover new content, to manage their existing subscriptions and to find exclusive offers and new content bundles,” Erin McPherson, chief content officer of Verizon, said in a statement.

Launching later this year, +Play seeks to offer Verizon wireless subs more choices about their entertainment, gaming and lifestyle content.

“The technologies we unveiled and topics we discussed at Mobile World demonstrate how Verizon is powering and permeating entertainment and productivity alike,” McPherson said.

Verizon to Launch ‘+Play’ Platform, Partners With Netflix

Verizon March 3 at an investor day event announced the pending test launch of +Play, a platform designed to market third-party streaming services to Verizon customers. The telecom reported it signed up Netflix and A+E Networks, among others, to the platform that will also enable Verizon customers to purchase and manage their Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Discovery+ and AMC+ services.

Verizon reported it would test the concept on select customers at the end of the month, with a nationwide rollout planned later this year. The telco, which offers no proprietary streaming options, has become a marketer for SVOD services Disney+, Discovery+ and AMC+ by affording its wireless subs free 12-month access.

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“+Play is a natural extension of our core strengths … [to] further enhance our ‘mix & match’ plan proposition by scaling choice through aggregation — choice of connectivity, choice of device and now choice of content and digital services with added perks and offers in a one-stop shop,” Manon Brouillette, EVP and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, said in the investor presentation.