‘Incredibles 2’ Jumps Back Into Top Disc Sales Spot

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s Incredibles 2 returned to the No. 1 spot on the NPD VideoScan First Alert chart, which tracks combined DVD and Blu-ray Disc unit sales, and the dedicated Blu-ray Disc chart the week ended Dec. 1.

That marks the third time the sequel from the Pixar animation studio has topped the charts since its debut. It slipped to No. 3 in its third week, but that coincided with post-Thanksgiving period dominated by deep-discount retail sales that usually skew the charts with surges from older titles. So it’s entirely possible Incredibles 2 could have been the top title for four straight weeks if the run hadn’t been interrupted by special circumstances.

The No. 2 title on both charts was another superhero sequel, 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool 2, which had topped the charts the week before.

Warner’s The Meg swam back to No. 3 on the overall chart and No. 7 on the Blu-ray chart.

No. 4 overall, in its second week, was Warner’s Crazy Rich Asians, which was No. 6 on the Blu-ray chart. The comedy debuted a week earlier at No. 36, another result of the effect Black Friday has on the charts.

Holding onto the No. 5 spot was Fox’s The Greatest Showman, which slipped to No. 9 on the Blu-ray chart.

Disney’s Avengers: Infinity War was No. 3 on the Blu-ray chart, followed by  Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom at No. 4 and Sony Pictures’ Hotel Transylvania 3 at No. 5.

Studios offered a modest new-release slate the week after Thanksgiving, and as a result no new titles debuted among the top 50 sellers for the week.

On the Media Play News rental chart for the week ended Dec. 2, Crazy Rich Asians held onto the top spot for a second week, with The Meg holding onto No. 2.

Sony Pictures’ Searching, the most notable new release of the week, debuted at No. 3.

Universal’s Mile 22 came in as the No. 4 rental, followed by Incredibles 2 at No. 5.

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‘Incredibles 2’ Holds Off ‘The Meg’ to Repeat as Top Disc Seller

Five new releases cracked the top 10 the week ended Nov. 17, but none could unseat Walt Disney Studios’ Incredibles 2 from the top spot on the home video sales charts.

The Pixar Animation Studios superhero sequel spent a second consecutive week at No. 1 on both the NPD VideoScan First Alert chart, which tracks combined DVD and Blu-ray Disc unit sales, and the dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart.

Warner’s The Meg led the newcomers with a No. 2 debut on both charts, selling 76% as many copies in its first week as Incredibles 2 did in its second (and 55% as many Blu-rays). The giant-shark thriller earned $143 million at the domestic box office.

STX Entertainment’s Mile 22, an actioner distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, debuted at No. 3 on both charts after a $36 million domestic box office haul.

Dropping to No. 4 on both charts was another Disney title, Christopher Robin.

Another newcomer, Sony Pictures’ historical adventure Alpha, debuted at No. 5 on the overall chart and at No. 10 on the Blu-ray chart.

The No. 5 Blu-ray was Disney’s Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, a Blu-ray-only release of the 2017 “Frozen” spinoff short (previously released digitally) paired with six vintage ice-themed Disney cartoons.

Another Disney movie, Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp, was No. 6 on both charts.

The other new release to debut in the top 10 was Paramount’s DVD and Blu-ray release of CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery — Season One, which was No. 7 on both charts.

Blu-ray Disc accounted for 50% of The Meg unit sales, 49% for Mile 22, 36% for Alpha and 56% for Star Trek: Discovery.

On the Media Play News rental chart for the week ended Nov. 18, The Meg debuted at No. 1, with Mile 22 at No. 2.

Incredibles 2 slipped to No. 3, with Alpha at No. 4 and Lionsgate’s The Spy Who Dumped Me at No. 5.

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‘Incredibles 2’ Is Super on Home Video Charts

Walt Disney Studios’ Incredibles 2 easily debuted at No. 1 on the NPD VideoScan First Alert chart, which tracks combined DVD and Blu-ray Disc unit sales, and the dedicated Blu-ray Disc chart the week ended Nov. 10.

The animated superhero film is a sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles and the latest blockbuster from the Pixar Animation Studio. Incredibles 2 became the all-time top animated movie at the domestic box office with a $608 million haul, and the No. 2 animated movie worldwide all-time with $1.2 billion.

Another Disney title, Christopher Robin, bowed at No. 2 on both charts. The live-action take on “Winnie the Pooh” featuring a grown-up version of the bear’s childhood friend earned $99 million at the domestic box office. Christopher Robin sold 26% as many copies as Incredibles 2.

A third Disney-owned movie, Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp, dipped to No. 3 on both charts in its fourth week.

Universal Pictures’ Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, which topped the overall disc sales chart the previous two weeks, dropped to No. 4 on both charts.

Sony Pictures’ Hotel Transylvania 3 took No. 5 on the overall sales chart, while Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was No. 5 on the Blu-ray chart.

Disney’s Hocus Pocus, which had been entrenched in the No. 3 spot for more than a month, dropped to No. 12 now that Halloween has passed. Now Christmas titles are starting to re-appear with that holiday just around the corner, such as Warner’s The Polar Express re-entering the charts at No. 17. And Warner’s animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas climbed to No. 19, thanks to a recent re-issue of the 1966 special on DVD and Blu-ray.

Netflix has released the second season of “Stranger Things” on disc available exclusively at Target stores, and it debuted at No. 15 on the overall chart and No. 7 on the Blu-ray chart. The only retail configurations of Stranger Things 2 are a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray combo pack. The UHD version accounted for 23% of its total unit sales.

Blu-ray Disc accounted for 79% of first-week Incredibles 2 unit sales, with 9% of its tally coming from 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. Christopher Robin had 71% of its first-week sales come from Blu-ray.

The Media Play News rental chart for the week ended Nov. 11 also saw Incredibles 2 take the top position, pushing Lionsgate’s The Spy Who Dumped Me to No. 2.

Ant-Man and The Wasp was No. 3, followed by two movies from Universal Pictures — BlacKkKlansman at No. 4 and Skyscraper at No. 5.

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Incredibles 2


Street 11/6/18;
Box Office $608.14 million;
$29.99 DVD, $39.99 Blu-ray, $44.99 UHD BD;
Rated ‘PG’ for action sequences and some brief mild language.
Voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Huckleberry Milner, Catherine Keener, Bob Odenkirk, Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Bird, Jonathan Banks.

Judging from the various anecdotes related in the Blu-ray bonus materials, one of the biggest challenges to crafting the long-awaited sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles was simply figuring out how to begin the film.

In fact, a significant chunk of the 40 minutes of deleted scenes included on the bonus disc are devoted to this challenge, with scene after scene of discarded ideas that just seem to be expanding on various story points established in the first film (such as a funeral for all the heroes killed by Syndrome) without contributing much to making the story of the second film a cohesive piece on its own.

So, after a 14-year-gap between the films, director Brad Bird and the filmmakers at Pixar finally decided to just pick up where the first film left off, with the Parr family preparing to battle the Underminer’s invasion of the city.

And that really was the best way to go, as it sets up a great action sequence right away while providing a clean entry into the story of the second film, which involves the efforts of a wealthy industrialist (voiced by Bob Odenkirk) to make superheroes legal again. Not to mention it pays off the tease of the Underminer’s attack, which I always wanted to see.

The sequel then settles into a formula similar to the first film, only this time it’s Helen (Holly Hunter) who takes up the task of superheroism, leaving Bob (Craig T. Nelson) to watch the kids. A new wrinkle is how Jack Jack develops his newly discovered powers, much to the surprise of the rest of the family. One of the highlights is bare-knuckle brawl between the baby and a raccoon that wanders into the backyard (a sequence originally created for the first film and based on an experience Bird witnessed between a raccoon and his dog).

And of course there’s a new villain who hates superheroes and wants to stop them all and the family has to unite to stop the evil scheme and yada yada. It’s a worthy sequel to the original that tries to freshen up the concept a bit with a story that when combined with the first film really ends up feeling like the second half of a whole.

The animation is an advancement from the first film, maintaining the same basic style but with improved detail as a result of more sophisticated techniques in CGI. And some of the character designs have been updated a bit as well.

The centerpiece of the extras is the fun new five-minute short film Auntie Edna, which details the events hinted at in the film in which superhero costumer and supplier Edna Mode babysits Jack Jack and creates a super-suit that can handle his powers. This makes it somewhat of a parallel piece with the Jack Jack Attack short created with the first film that details another babysitter dealing with the baby’s powers while the family is off the adventure from that movie.

Incredibles 2 can also be played with an optional audio commentary with the animators, so its focus is more on the visual designs and the experience of working on the film in general.

There are also more than 70 minutes of behind-the-scenes featurettes spread across the two Blu-ray discs. (Depending on the combo pack, the DVD or 4K UHD disc represent a third disc in the package). And a number of the 10 aforementioned deleted scenes do expand on sequences that did make it into the final cut. And there are other goodies such as character theme song videos and toy commercials that are good for a moment of amusement.

The disc also comes with the poignant short film Bao, which accompanied Incredibles 2 in theaters, and a behind-the-scenes featurette about the short.

There are also two digital exclusives that can be accessed by redeeming the digital copy code at Movies Anywhere. The first involves extensive breakdowns of two key sequences in the film (the raccoon fight and some action scenes with Helen) that run 21 minutes total. More interesting is “The Coolest Guy in the Room,” a three-minute biography of Samuel L. Jackson, who discusses what drew him to comic books.

Vudu offers an additional featurette (that seems culled from footage found in other included videos) as well as the Jack Jack Attack short, which was previously available separately at the site and not part of the digital extras of the first Incredibles.

Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google Among Top Brands in Survey

Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Samsung placed among the top brands in a new survey from global consultancy firm Prophet.

The firm released its fourth annual Brand Relevance Index, in which it surveyed 12,694 consumers in the United States across 299 brands in 37 categories.

The top 10 in order were Apple, Amazon, Pinterest, Netflix, Android, Google, Samsung, Kitchen Aid, Spotify and Nike.

Among the top 25, media and entertainment companies included YouTube (No. 12), PlayStation (No. 13), Disney (No. 14), Pixar (No. 15), Sony (No. 21) and Xbox (No. 25).

“It’s clear that to be successful, brands need more than size and ubiquity,” said Scott Davis, chief growth officer, Prophet, in a statement. “They must create a product that people love enough to integrate into their everyday lives. The brands that inspire this level of loyalty will ultimately grow the fastest because they are relevant in the moments that matter most to consumers.”

Netflix and Pixar were among top brands that were most “customer obsessed,” according to the survey, while PlayStation, Marvel and Google were most “pervasively innovative.” Netflix was the category leader in the “Media” segment, PlayStation led in “Electronics & Gaming,” Apple led in “Computing & Software,” Amazon led in “Retailers” and Verizon led in “Telecommunications.”

Apple, Netflix, Pinterest, Amazon and Android were the top brands, in order, among females. Amazon, Apple, PlayStation, Spotify and Samsung, in order, were the top brands among males.

Among millennials, the top brands, in order, were Netflix, Amazon, KitchenAid, Apple and Google. Among non-millennials, top brands, in order, were Apple, Amazon, Pinterest, Android and Netflix.

Facebook (No. 205) was the “biggest mover” in the negative direction.

‘Incredibles 2’ Home Video to Include ‘Auntie Edna’ Mini Movie

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release Pixar’s Incredibles 2 digitally Oct. 23 and on Blu-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Nov. 6.

The sequel, which picks up directly after the events of the 2004 original film, finds Helen (voiced by Holly Hunter) recruited to be the face of a public relations effort to restore the legal status of superheroes, leaving Bob (Craig T. Nelson) to deal with keeping track of their super-powered children, including the emerging powers of baby Jack-Jack.

In his Twitter feed Sept. 5, director Brad Bird announced the in-home release of the hit animated superhero film will include the short film Auntie Edna, detailing the events of the night Edna Mode babysat Jack-Jack.

“Many of you have suggested we show what transpired the night E babysat Jack-Jack. Well, we were WAAAY ahead of you!” Bird tweeted.

The new short, which will be available with the Blu-ray and digital versions of the film, would parallel a mini-movie called Jack-Jack Attack that was included with the DVD of the first Incredibles in 2005, which chronicled the baby’s night with a babysitter during the events of that film.

Incredibles 2 has earned more than $602 million at the domestic box office and $1.17 billion worldwide.

The Blu-ray, DVD and digital versions of the film will include audio commentary and the short film Bao.

In addition to the Auntie Edna short, the Blu-ray and digital releases will also include 10 deleted scenes with introductions outtakes; a collection of mini-documentaries about the film’s heroes and villains; the featurette “Super Stuff,” about the design of the “Incredibles” world; a profile of production designer Ralph Eggleston; the featurette Strong Coffee: A Lesson in Animation With Brad Bird,” a profile of the director and his history with Pixar;”Paths to Pixar: Everyday Heroes,” a featurette that focuses on the parents who worked on the film and their personal connections to it; “SuperBaby,” a hybrid of documentary and music video that looks at how Jack-Jack came to life onscreen; a “SuperBaby” music video; character theme songs; vintage toy commercial TV spots; a toolkit montage; global Incredibles 2 trailers; and a behind-the-scenes featurette about the making of Bao.

Digital bonus materials may vary depending on the retailer.

Digital versions of the film will include two exclusive extras: “The Coolest Guy in Show Business,” a partially illustrated documentary about Samuel L. Jackson’s love of comic books; and two “SuperScene Breakdowns,” an in-depth examination of the making of two scenes in the film.

Disney CEO Bob Iger: OTT Video No. 1 Priority, Not Competing Against Netflix

With the Walt Disney Co. planning to launch a branded over-the-top video platform in late 2019, the SVOD service, along with digital platform ESPN+ and majority ownership of Hulu will dominate the company’s objectives in the coming year, according to CEO Bob Iger.

Speaking Aug. 7 on the fiscal call, Iger said OTT video is a reality and here to stay. He said the pending Disney services would focus on incorporating core brands, including Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, in an effort to complement, and to a lesser extent, compete with SVOD platforms such as Netflix, which is spending $8 billion this year alone on original content.

“The launch of [direct-to-consumer] product at the end of 2019 is the biggest priority of the company during calendar 2019,” said Iger, adding that the service would initially target core Disney fans.

“There will be significant amounts of support given across all of our assets to see to it that the platform launches successfully,” he said.

The service/app will feature original branded series and movies, including the first-ever live-action “Star Wars” series, and new episodes of the “Star Wars: Code Wars” animated series; a live-action version of The Lady and the Tramp, in addition to other new series based on popular Disney properties.

“The [20th Century Fox Film] acquisition brings even more opportunity to create original programming for this platform,” said Iger, who added Disney plans on walking before running with the new service.

“It’s takes time to build the kind of content library [for the service that] ultimately we intend to build,” he said. “Because the app will feature Pixar, Disney, Marvel, National Geographic, Lucasfilm and Star Wars, we feel that it doesn’t have to have anything close to the volume of what Netflix has.”

“This gives us the ability to not necessarily be in the volume game, but be in the quality game,” said Iger. “It’s not as though the cupboard’s going to bare.”

Iger said the recently launched ESPN+, pending family-oriented Disney service along with the existing Hulu platform appeal to different consumer tastes and audience demographics.

“As we look at the environment today … we don’t want to go to market with an aggregation play that replicates the multichannel [TV bundle] environment, because we feel consumers are more interested in making [channel] decisions on their own,” said Iger. “We can offer that kind of flexibility to consumers because that’s … what consumer behavior demands.”

The CEO reiterated that the Disney OTT service would be priced lower than Netflix to reflect the difference in content offerings. He said that upon closing the Fox acquisition, Hulu would “also fit into our app strategy.”

When asked how the 2019 theatrical slate could impact the streaming service, Iger said existing distribution windows would be configured to benefit the OTT service. Next year’s slate includes Captain Marvel, Dumbo, Avengers 4, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, Jungle Cruise, Artemis Fowl, Frozen 2 and Star Wars Episode 9.

“For 2019, the studio movie slate is clean and unencumbered,” he said.

Disneytoon Studios’ Shuttering Due to John Lasseter’s Exit?

News that Disney is officially pulling the plug on one of its namesake animation units – Disneytoon Studios – is noteworthy since the business segment was considered dead nearly five years ago.

“Disneytoon Studios, as of now, is pretty well kaput, Steve Hulett, with The Animation Guild, blogged at the time.

After Disney laid off hundreds from the Glendale, Calif.-based facility, a skeleton crew of less than 100 continued — rejuvenated in part by Pixar Animation founder John Lasseter’s personal interest in the company.

What followed was a string of box office and home entertainment hits, including Planes and its sequel, Planes: Fire & Rescue. The unit’s last theatrical release was Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, released in theaters overseas in 2015. Disneytoon most recently focused on direct-to-video DVD releases and Blu-ray Disc titles.

Notable home video releases included the Disney “Fairies” franchise, which featured TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue, TinkerBell and the Lost Treasureand TinkerBell and Her Magical Arrival, among other titles.

A planned movie about the future of aviation from director Klay Hall (Planes) and Bobs Gannaway (Fire & Rescue) is now reportedly abandoned.

“After much consideration, we have made the decision to end production activity and close Disneytoon Studios,” a Disney spokesperson said in a statement.

What wasn’t mentioned was the impact of Lasseter’s resignation at Disney last month following allegations of inappropriate conduct in the workplace. Lasseter had been on a six-month leave of absence following the allegations.

In a statement, Lasseter said he would begin “focusing on new creative challenges.”

‘Coco’ Leads Disc Sales in February

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s Coco was the top-seller on the NPD Group’s list of combined Blu-ray and DVD sellers for February 2018.

The Pixar Animation Studios film was released on disc Feb. 27, meaning it managed to take the top spot despite being officially on shelves for only two days during February (though preorders often represent a significant portion of a title’s early sales).

Similarly, Fox’s Murder on the Orient Express, released the same day as Coco, managed to score the No. 5 position.

According to NPD, the February 2018 top 10 were:

  1. Coco (Disney)
  2. Wonder (Lionsgate)
  3. Daddy’s Home 2 (Paramount)
  4. A Bad Moms Christmas (Universal)
  5. Murder on the Orient Express (Fox)
  6. Only the Brave (Sony Pictures)
  7. Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (Lionsgate)
  8. It (2017) (Warner)
  9. The Star (Sony Pictures)
  10. Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (Warner)

Warner’s It, having been released in early January, remains the top seller for the year through the end of Feburary, with Coco at No. 2.

Year-to-date Top 10 (through February 2018):

  1. It (2017) (Warner)
  2. Coco (Disney)
  3. Wonder (Lionsgate)
  4. Blade Runner 2049 (Warner)
  5. Dunkirk (Warner)
  6. Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (Lionsgate)
  7. Daddy’s Home 2 (Paramount)
  8. Despicable Me 3 (Universal)
  9. American Made (Universal)
  10. A Bad Moms Christmas (Universal)

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Sings Its Way to No. 1 on Disc Sales Charts

Just in time for the Oscars, the week that ended March 3 was a big one for new releases:  Five newly issued DVD/Blu-ray Disc titles debuted among the top 10 home entertainment sellers in the week leading up to the Academy Awards ceremony.

Walt Disney’s Coco, the latest animated blockbuster produced by Pixar Animation Studios, easily took the No. 1 spot on both the NPD VideoScan First Alert sales chart, which tracks combined DVD and Blu-ray Disc unit sales, and the dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart.

Finishing a distant second was 20th Century Fox’s Murder on the Orient Express remake, which made roughly half as much as Coco in U.S. theaters ($102.8 million versus $208.6 million) but only sold 17% as many units its first week in stores.

Also popping up in the top five was Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, the 1955 animated classic that was polished up as a lavish “Walt Disney Signature Collection” Blu-ray  Disc, DVD and digital combo pack. The film was last released on disc in 2012 as a Diamond Edition release but has been unavailable for several years.

The Lady and the Tramp re-release debuted at No. 4 on the overall disc sales chart, behind Lionsgate’s Wonder, and No. 3 on the Blu-ray Disc chart.

Paramount’s Daddy’s Home 2, which debuted at No. 1 the previous week, slipped to No. 5 on both charts.

A fourth new release, the Universal Pictures war film Darkest Hour, debuted at No. 6 on the overall disc sales chart and No. 4 on the Blu-ray Disc chart.

And a fifth newcomer, best picture nominee Fox’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, bowed at No. 7 on the overall disc chart and No. 6 on the Blu-ray Disc chart.

Aside from Lady and the Tramp, available only in combo packs, the new release with the highest percentage of Blu-ray Disc sales was Coco at 72%, according to VideoScan, followed by Darkest Hour at 64%, Three Billboards at 58% and Murder at 55%.

At 10%, Three Billboards had the highest percentage of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc sales for the new releases, followed by Murder at 7% and Coco at 5%.

On Media Play News’ weekly rental chart for the week ended March 4, Daddy’s Home 2 remained No. 1 for the second consecutive week.

Coco debuted at No. 2, bumping Wonder to No. 3.

Darkest Hour debuted at No. 4, while the No. 5 went to Just Getting Started, an action comedy starring Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones and Rene Russo and released by Broad Green Entertainment.

Top 20 Sellers for Week Ended 03-03-18
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