‘Little Bird,’ Season Two of ‘Hotel Portofino’ Headed to PBS Platforms in October

The series premiere of “Little Bird” and season two of “Hotel Portofino” are headed to PBS platforms, including the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel, in October.

Inspired by true events, “Little Bird,” premiering Oct. 12, follows the story of Indigenous woman Bezhig Little Bird on a journey to find her birth family and uncover the hidden truth of her past. It stars Lisa Edelstein and Darla Cointois.

Set in the beautiful Italian seaside town of Portofino, season two of “Hotel Portofino,” debuting Oct. 15, begins in the summer of 1927. The Hotel Portofino has overcome its early troubles and is starting to prosper. Bella must decide whether to accept her no-good husband Cecil back into her life in the face of her growing friendship with a handsome architect. The series stars Natascha McElhone, Mark Umbers, Oliver Dench and Louisa Binder.

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Season Two of ‘Hotel Portofino’ Headed to PBS Platforms Oct. 15

Season season of “Hotel Portofino” headed to all PBS platforms, including PBS Masterpiece Prime Video, in the United States Oct. 15.

The British period drama series, starring Natascha McElhone (“Californication,” “The Crown”), follows an elite yet dysfunctional British family who open a hotel for upper-class travelers on the Italian Riviera during the Roaring ’20s. Set in the Italian village of Portofino, season two begins in the summer of 1927 as Bella Ainsworth is still devoting her energy to Hotel Portofino, which has overcome teething troubles and is starting to prosper. Aside from her hotel duties, Bella is concerned for her children — Lucian, whose marriage to Rose might be facing trouble, and Alice, who needs a break from her responsibilities at the hotel. Bella’s husband Cecil has not been seen since returning to England at the end of the previous summer. With Cecil’s unannounced return to Portofino, the messy private lives of her children, and a visit from a travel guide that could make or break the hotel’s future, Bella does her utmost to keep all the plates spinning.

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‘Tom Jones’ Among Titles Headed to PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in April

“Tom Jones,” a new adaptation of Henry Fielding’s classic novel, headlines the upcoming releases on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in April.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Four episodes of the “Masterpiece” dramedy “Tom Jones” start streaming April 30. In the series, Solly McLeod (“House of the Dragon”) stars as the handsome, resourceful title character, with Sophie Wilde (“You Don’t Know Me”) as the beautiful and bright, seemingly unattainable love of his life Sophia Western. He is a foundling of uncertain parentage, while she is an heiress. In 18th-century England, their class differences make their journey to find each other complicated and treacherous. Emmy-winning actress Hannah Waddingham (“Ted Lasso”) plays the seductive and vengeful Lady Bellaston, who comes between Tom and Sophia. 

Season two of the crime drama “Before We Die” begins streaming April 10. Lesley Sharp (“Scott & Bailey,” “Three Girls”) returns to head up the cast as Detective Hannah Laing, who joins forces with maverick detective Billy Murdoch, played by Vincent Regan (Troy, 300) in a desperate bid to protect her son Christian, played by Patrick Gibson (“The OA,” Guerrilla). The second installment of the series will not follow the same storyline of the original Swedish series, which the first season is based on, but will see Hannah pitched directly against Dubravka, played by Kazia Pelka (“World’s End,” “Casualty”), the matriarch at the head of the Mimica Croatian crime family.

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Twelve episodes in season two of the “Walter Presents” Italian crime dramedy series “Mafia Only Kills in Summer” start streaming April 14. The second season picks up when the Giammarresis decide not to flee and to instead return home, risking the possibility of mafia retaliation. The secret that Pia has concealed will begin to eat away at her and at her marriage; the reluctant mafioso, Massimo, would like to leave the Cosa Nostra; and the situation for the Giammarresi family becomes more complicated with each passing day. It is the time of the high-profile mafia killings, and the specter of an incredibly violent mafia war hangs over the Sicilian capital. While this bloody cowl enshrouds the city, the Giammarresi family must find the strength to stay united and survive.

Other titles coming to the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in April include season two of “Walter Presents: The Silence of Water,” due April 7; “Walter Presents: Transfer,” due April 28; “Walter Presents: Carmen Curler,” due April 28; and “Walter Presents: Malaka,” available April 28.

‘Walter Presents: All Hearts’ Among Titles Due on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in March

New “Walter Presents” international programs “All Hearts,” “Off Grid” and “The Defence” arrive this March on the  PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Eight episodes of the Italian drama “Walter Presents: All Hearts” start streaming March 24. Set in 1967 Italy, at the dawn of the cardiac medical revolution, the series follows Dr. Cesare Corvara (Daniele Pecci “Hotel Portofino,” “The Tourist”) the head of the Cardiac Surgery department of the Le Molinette hospital, who is tasked with putting together the team that will carry out the first heart transplant in history. He recruits Alberto Ferraris, a rising star of cardiac surgery and Delia Brunello, a cardiologist gifted with the ear for perfect pitch when it comes to the heartbeat. What Corvara doesn’t know is that there was a great love between the two young doctors and the passion between the two is destined to rekindle.

Twelve episodes of the Italian crime drama “Walter Presents: Off Grid” start streaming March 3. In the series, Claudio and Silvia Caruana have money, respectability, a 20-year marriage and two wonderful children. One day Claudio finds himself being investigated not only for the collapse of the bank he works for but for the murder of his friend and colleague Riccardo. Escape seems to be the only option for the family. Claudio accepts the help of the ex-secret-service agent Cosimo Casiraghi, who offers the family the chance to start a new life far from their old one. This starts a journey filled with danger, doubts and suspicions but also with discoveries and rediscoveries about themselves and each other that will eventually lead them to the truth and to the true values that unite them.

Six episodes in season four of the Polish drama “Walter Presents: The Defence” start streaming March 10. In the series, a newly sober Chyłka takes on a hopeless case — the defense of a man, Fahad, who is accused of being a terrorist. Although he maintains that he was targeted by the secret service solely because of his religion, there is no evidence to back this up. As Chyłka and her team begin to search for information that will help their case, Chyłka is attacked in her home and important documents go missing. Then things take a complicated turn when the prosecutor shares shocking information with Chyłka about her client and the judge assigned to rule on the case is not a fan of hers.

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Other titles coming to the PBS Masterpice Prime Video Channel in March include “Walter Presents: Saving Lisa” on March 10; season three of “Walter Presents: St. Maik” on March 17; and “Walter Presents: Neboa” on March 31.

Season Three of ‘Sandition’ Streaming on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel Starting March 19

The third and final season of “Sanditon,” the series based on the last unfinished novel from author Jane Austen, starts streaming on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel March 19.

“Sanditon” wraps up with six final episodes, with the series finale landing on the channel April 23.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

“Sanditon” seasons one and two are currently streaming on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel. Set amid the romantic intrigues of an English seaside resort in the early 1800s, the first two seasons of “Masterpiece” series, true to themes from other Austen novels, raised and dashed various matrimonial prospects for the heroines, played by Rose Williams (Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris) and Crystal Clarke (Empire of Light).

Williams appears as Charlotte Heywood, a young woman from the country whom fate has thrust into the social scene in Sanditon, which is vying to become the go-to spa for fashionable aristocrats and gentry. Although her father intends her to marry local farmer Ralph Starling (Cai Brigden, “Summer of Rockets”), Charlotte has attracted the attention of some of Sanditon’s most eligible bachelors — among them the enigmatic Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes, “The Crown”), a landowner with a mysterious past.

Clarke’s character, Georgiana Lambe, faces an entirely different problem. A mixed-race heiress from the West Indies, she can’t trust any of her suitors, because in all probability they are only interested in her fortune. The two women bond over these courtship dilemmas as well as their resolve to forge their own destinies.

The returning cast includes Flora Mitchell as Colbourne’s tomboyish young daughter Leonora and Eloise Webb (“The Queen’s Gambit”) as his rebellious niece Augusta, who falls for a questionable admirer. Kris Marshall (“Death in Paradise”) reprises his role as Sanditon’s tireless promoter Tom Parker, joined by Kate Ashfield (“A Confession”) as his principled wife Mary and Turlough Convery (Les Misérables) as his ebullient brother Arthur.

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Also back are Anne Reid (“Last Tango in Halifax”) as the imperious Lady Denham, Jack Fox (“Cheaters”) as her dissolute nephew Edward, and Sophie Winkleman (“The Chronicles of Narnia”) as Charlotte’s high-society friend Lady Susan, who happens to be the king’s mistress.

Romantic possibilities this season are enhanced by new cast members, including Emma Fielding as the financially distressed Lady Montrose, who arrives in Sanditon to snare matches for her grown children: Lydia (Alice Orr-Ewing, The Theory of Everything), who is an independent-minded young woman; and Lord Henry Montrose (Edward Davis, Emma), a duke whose title alone is an attractive selling point, if he is perhaps less suitable in other ways. James Bolam (The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner) plays Rowleigh Pryce, a crusty investor whom Tom Parker is courting to bankroll a new hotel in Sanditon, subject to Landy Denham’s approval, of course. It turns out that Pryce and Lady Denham share a very interesting past.

And there is Liam Garrigan (“The Pillars of the Earth”), who appears as Alexander Colbourne’s brother Samuel, a London attorney whose legal help is crucial as the plot approaches its climax. An eligible bachelor himself, Samuel gets caught up in the Sanditon marriage market.

Season Nine of ‘Seaside Hotel’ Among Titles Headed to PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in January

Seasons of three “Walter Presents” series — including the ninth season of “Seaside Hotel” — are headed to the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in January. 

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Season nine of the Danish drama “Seaside Hotel” starts streaming  Jan. 13. In the season, four years have passed and it is now May 1945. Denmark is free from German occupation and Amanda is now a single mother. She has decided to return to the hotel with her young daughter, which has been dramatically changed by the German soldiers that lived there during the war. But after five busy weeks, the doors can finally reopen to the hotel’s regulars, however some are unable to put the occupation behind them. In the midst of it all, Mrs. Fjelds arrives with her Swedish granddaughter, the adorable 16-year-old Sarah, who has never been told that her real father is Edward Weyse.

Season three of English mystery drama “Vienna Blood” starts streaming Jan. 8. In the season, now a published author in the field of criminal psychopathy, Max has finally moved out of his parents’ house and into a plush apartment of his own. Bolstered by his successful investigations with Max, Oskar’s star is on the rise in the department and — for the first time in a long time — he seems open to letting someone into his life.  Season three finds Max and Oskar once again thrust into the dark underbelly of glittering Viennese society, with crimes set in a luxury fashion house, the Chinese antiquities trade and the budding world of cinema.

Season two of the French crime-drama mystery “Astrid” starts streaming Jan. 20. The crime fighting duo are back for more ethereal adventures involving aliens, witchcraft and mythical beasts. This season, Astrid and Raphaëlle must best a magician’s sleight of hand and outwit a witch’s evil spells. They also take on a Japanese yakuza, investigate a potential alien abduction and get to the bottom of an intricate crime that was perpetrated inside a radio station. The cases force Raphaëlle to confront her past for the very first time, while Astrid tries to get used to managing her new existence without supervision.

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Other titles coming to the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in January include “Walter Presents: Luna & Sophie,” season three, due Jan. 6; “Walter Presents: Rocco Schiavone: Ice Cold Murders,” season four, due Jan. 27; and “Walter Presents: Charite,” season two, due Jan. 27.

Season Three of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ Streams Jan. 8 on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel

The third season of Masterpiece’s “All Creatures Great and Small” will begin streaming on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel Jan. 8.

The series is based on the best-selling memoirs by veterinarian James Herriot. Nicholas Ralph stars as the young James Herriot who, in season three, is struggling to balance his growing responsibilities at the veterinary practice with his responsibilities as the newly wedded husband to Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton). Helen, herself, faces difficulties letting go of her old life on the family farm with her father and sister and finding her new place within the walls of Skeldale House.

Callum Woodhouse returns as Tristan Farnon who has at last passed his exams and must now face the world as a qualified vet, while Anna Madeley returns as motherly housekeeper Mrs. Hall who is beginning to open herself up to a future outside of her duties managing the household.

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As war with Germany looms on the horizon, Siegfried Farnon, the irrepressible but unpredictable proprietor of Skeldale House, played by Samuel West, contends with painful memories of his own experiences during the First World War, when he served in combat with the Army Veterinary Corps. And Patricia Hodge is back as Mrs. Pumphrey, the eccentric owner of Tricki, the pampered Pekingese.

Season three begins in spring 1939 as James and Helen prepare to walk down the aisle. With a new stake in the business, James is trying to expand the veterinary practice by joining a government program to test for tuberculosis in cattle. The initiative pays well, but it is looked upon with suspicion by the local farmers who run the risk of their farms being shut down if a positive case is found. 

More ‘Walter Presents’ Series Headed to PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in December

Three new international crime-drama series from “Walter Presents” arrive in December on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Streaming starting Dec. 9 is season two of the Spanish series “La Otra Mirada.” In the season, after spending four months in prison, Teresa is declared innocent of her father’s murder and is released. She meets Ines, a young hustler living on the street and decides to enroll her in the boarding school she teaches at so Ines can get an education. In addition, the boarding school needs funding and Manuela must give into a group of new investors who introduce a new administration with plans of drastically changing the way the school is run.

Due Dec. 23 is season two of the French crime drama “Munch.” The powerhouse lawyer is still as punchy and offbeat as ever and is always ready to defend a good cause with her unorthodox methods. In order for her to help a dad on the run, she may have to take a legal detour, and the new Attorney General isn’t going to let anything slide. She convinces her favorite associate Bellanger to come back from New York to help keep an eye on the younger members of the group. Now, the whole team is back together again and ready to take on the many challenges in the new season. But could Munch be hiding something about her private life?

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Streaming starting Dec. 26 is season three of the French crime mystery series “The Wall.” In the season, when Detective Sergeant Celine Trudeau returns to her childhood home,  a village near an abbey, the beauty of the Indian Summer is disrupted by a old trauma 30 years ago, when her cousin and best friend Veronique was murdered. Cecile and Alex set out to track down her killer, who was never found. The suspects are old friends and neighbors, an ex-boyfriend — and even members of her own family. In this small, tightly woven village, protected by the silence of the monks, Celine quest shakes the power of those who call the shots in the region. And soon her own life is in danger.

Other titles coming to the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in December include “Tales from the Royal Wardrobe,” “Walter Presents: Love and Sacrifice” and “Walter Presents: Solo.”

Four New International Series Hit PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in November

Four new international series from “Walter Presents” — the new season of the Italian drama “Paradise,” the French crime dramas “The Paris Murders” and “Léo Mattéï — Special Unit,” and the Spanish crime thriller “The Hunt” — begin streaming on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in November. 

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Streaming beginning Nov. 4 is season three of the Italian drama “Paradise.” In the season, the Ladies’ Paradise prepares to reopen amid a swirl of negative press about Mori. Newly promoted to the advertising department, Teresa brainstorms ideas for the store’s opening event while also dealing with the emotional fallout of coming face-to-face with Mori’s ex-wife. 

Streaming beginning Nov. 11 is season five of the French crime drama “The Paris Murders.” In the season, after Chloe leaves for New York, the department is reorganized and adds Adele, the new criminologist. Her sensitivity and exceptional talent for profiling make her an asset to the team. Wanting to move forward after her twin sister was murdered by Argos, she throws herself into her new job and devotes herself to raising her nephew. But fate seems to be working against her. Argos lurks in the shadows waiting to demand from Adele what he thinks is his due: his son.

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Streaming beginning Nov. 18 is the Spanish crime drama “The Hunt.” In the series, five years ago, Ana and Lucía, two 11-year-old girls, disappeared from Monteperdido, a town in the Spanish Pyrenees. After a long and extensive investigation, the case went cold and the small town was scarred by the tragedy. Suddenly, Ana, one of the missing girls, returns. The case is reopened and the police work to find Lucía. Not wanting to be caught in their lies and have their secrets exposed, the people of Monteperdido don’t make the search easy for investigators. One thing is clear: the monster is among them and the detectives begin a hunt that will endanger their lives. 

Streaming beginning Nov. 25 is season two of the French crime drama “Léo Mattéï — Special Unit.” In the season, commander Léo Mattéï, head of the Paris Juvenile Protection Unit continues to fight against child injustices. A highly trained and deeply compassionate former BAC cop, he is committed to the safety and wellbeing of at-risk youth and the reuniting of fractured families across the city. When he needs to bend the law for them, he does.

‘Van der Valk’ Season Two Among Series Hitting PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in September

The second season of Masterpiece Mystery’s “Van der Valk” is among the series streaming on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in September.

The subscription rate for the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is $5.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Season two (six episodes) of the English crime drama “Van der Valk” starts streaming Sept. 25. Marc Warren (“The Good Wife”) reprises his role as Commissaris Piet Van der Valk in the second season of the Amsterdam-set police drama. Each episode tackles a different crime including the grisly and theatrical murder of a lawyer; pieces of a body delivered to the wealthy heirs of a diamond company; and the death of a cellist from a prestigious orchestra.

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Six episodes of the “Walter Presents” French crime drama “The Chalet” start streaming Sept. 23. In the small and isolated village of Valmoline in the French Alps, Manu and his pregnant fiancé Adèle are getting married at a remote Chalet where Manu used to vacation in the summer when he was young. A small bridge is all that connects the Chalet to the outside world. As soon as Manu and his childhood friends attend the wedding cross the bridge, a huge rock falls from a cliff and destroys part of it. They are stranded and completely cut off from the world. Twenty years earlier a family who wanted to start a new life at the Chalet vanished without a trace, and history is about to repeat itself.

Other titles coming to the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in September include “Walter Presents: The Room,” due Sept. 2; “Walter Presents: Truth, Season 1,” coming Sept. 9; “Walter Presents: The Silence of Water, Season 1,” due Sept. 16; and “Walter Presents: Rosy Abate, Season 1,” coming Sept. 30.