Kino Lorber to Release 1924 Silent Classic ‘Three Women’ on Blu-ray Disc

Kino Lorber on Jan. 18 will release Three Women, a 1924 silent drama from famed German director Ernst Lubitsch, on Blu-ray Disc.

Three Women, also known as Die Frau, die Freundin und die Dirne, stars May McAvoy, Pauline Frederick, and Marie Prevost and is based on the novel Lillis Ehe by Yolande Maree (Iolanthe Mares).

With his third American film, Three Women (made just after The Marriage Circle), Lubitsch continued to endow Hollywood studio films with the European sophistication and graceful storytelling that had become his hallmark while working as a director in Germany. Frederick and McAvoy star as a mother and daughter who find themselves competing for the attention of George, a handsome opportunist (Lew Cody), who yearns to lay hands on the women’s $3 million fortune. Prevost stars as George’s mistress, a sultry femme fatale who threatens to sabotage any romance that may transpire, further testing the strength of the primal mother/daughter relationship.

Lavishly produced, Three Women became one of Warner Brothers’ most-popular films of the 1924-25 season, and is presented in a 4K restoration performed by the George Eastman Museum, with an orchestral score by Andrew Earle Simpson.

The Blu-ray Disc includes an audio commentary by Anthony Slide.